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News: August 31, 2015

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Prepare to head back to school

by Adrienne Tait
School resumes in Edson and area on September 8.  As parents and students prepare for back to school they are asked to keep a number of safety tips in mind.
The Town of Edson recently passed a bylaw which puts school zones in effect continuously from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The start and end times remain the same as the provincial law but simplifies the in-between times.
Students and parents alike are also reminded not to text and drive or text while walking in busy areas.
With the increased use of technology back to school safety tips can encompass more than traffic laws.  Sandy Axmann, supervisor of curriculum and FNMI for the GYPSD, had the following advice for online safety.
-Remember that if you put something online, or into a text, it is in writing.  Make sure that your words and actions do not hurt others.  If you would not say it to someone’s face, then don’t say it online.  If you would say it to someone personally, then make sure it is respectful.
-Make sure you know the people you are online with.
-Parents need to monitor frequently their children’s online activities.
-Work with your school administration if problems arise.  When adults get involved early on, in an appropriate manner, bullying stops.
Parental and student involvement in school activities is also recommended to ensure a safe and healthy school year.
Axmann said parents may be surprised to learn that the schools want them to be involved at all ages and encourages a community minded approach.  “As students enter middle school, the trend is for parent involvement to taper off.  This doesn’t need to happen- parent involvement just needs to look different.  More behind the scenes involvement ensures that you know what is happening and can support your child as they need it because you are familiar with the staff, and how things work in your child’s school,” said Axmann.
Students in 2015 have more exposure to technology and information than ever before, and the approach to learning may have changed, but some things remain constant said Axmann.  “Back to school routines are basically the same, just with more high tech gadgets - better back packs, better calculators, better computers, better connections.  Students have more engagement and leadership in their education.  It’s about choosing to get involved in your school to ensure that elementary, middle school, or high school is the best experience.”


News: August 24, 2015

Tour of Alberta reaches Edson September 6

by Adrienne Tait
As town staff and residents gear up to host the fifth leg of the Tour of Alberta town council has approved the necessary road closures to allow for set up at the festival site as well as the rolling road closures as the cyclists make their way through town.
Starting on September 5 staff and volunteers will begin set up around Talisman Place.  The road will remain closed until after the tour leaves Edson on September 6.  “As the tour progresses through town we will have rolling road closures much like a parade,” Jim Desautels community services director said at the Tuesday evening town council meeting.
According to the proposed schedule tent crews will arrive to begin clearing the parking lot and setting up tents around 3 p.m. on the Saturday.  The street closure for 11th Avenue between 49 and 50th Streets will start at 5 p.m.
Work for the Sunday morning kick off to leg five is scheduled to start at 4:45 a.m. with vendors and the festival open by 8 a.m. 
Stage 5 of the race will start in Edson on the morning of September 6.  The race will begin following the national anthem at 10:30 a.m. with the festival wrapped up by 11 a.m.
For more information or to volunteer at the event please contact the Town of Edson.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR (full letter here)
‘Will we opt to stay on familiar and stable ground?’


News: August 17, 2015

Armed man shot by RCMP

Investigators seeking public’s help locating witnesses to the incident

by Adrienne Tait
On Friday, August 7 a man was shot by Edson RCMP at the Provincial Building after they responded to a call for assistance.
The 27-year-old male had attended the Edson Probation Office, located in the Edson Provincial Courthouse, in order to speak with a probation officer. The man, who was known to the probation officer as well as RCMP, was “visibly upset, displayed signs of impairment, and engaged in erratic behaviour” according to the media release.
He then produced a weapon and threatened to commit suicide. At that time he was asked to leave and staff members called the RCMP detachment to report the incident and that the man remained at the courthouse armed with a weapon.
RCMP responded to the call for help.  Edson RCMP members located the man in the grassy area north west of the courthouse across from the Tim Horton’s and Sobey’s parking lot.
Efforts to arrest the armed man peacefully were not successful and he was subsequently shot by police.  The man received emergency medical attention on scene to treat the life-threatening injuries he had sustained.
The man was stabilized at the Edson hospital before being airlifted by STARS air ambulance to an Edmonton hospital.  He remains in stable condition.
The officers involved were not physically injured.
The RCMP Major Crimes Unit is investigating the actions of the man involved in the shooting.
The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT), a civilian-led independent investigative unit, has initiated an investigation focusing on the actions taken by police officers and the circumstances of the incident.  An ASIRT investigation is standard procedure when any incident involving Alberta police results in serious injury or death.  The investigative team is also responsible for investigating any serious or sensitive allegations of police misconduct.
As part of the investigation, ASIRT investigators have interviewed some witnesses but are seeking the public’s help in locating and speaking with anyone else who witnessed the incident as it occurred in the busy commercial area.
“In particular, ASIRT investigators would like to speak with any members of a work crew at a hotel across the street from the incident,” said media relations person Dan Laville.
Anyone with information is asked to contact ASIRT at 780-644-1483 or toll-free by first dialing 310-0000.


News: August 10, 2015

Hit and run at Vision Park

On August 1, 2015 at approximately 3 a.m.,  a 23 year old male was hit by an unknown vehicle near the entrance to Vision Park in Edson, Alberta.  The victim was taken to hospital where he has since been taken by ambulance to an Edmonton area Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.
The victim was wearing a black tank top with white stripes on the side and the number 95 in white on the back, dark blue board shorts and a black hat.  Edson RCMP are looking to speak to anyone who may have seen, or have knowledge of the event to please contact them at 780-723-8822 or to contact Crimestoppers.

News: August 3, 2015

Edson airport cleared to move
ahead with security designation

by Adrienne Tait
The federal government announced on July 28 new regulations to allow airports that don’t have access to security screening services from the CATSA to obtain them on a cost-recovery basis.
10 airports across Canada, including Edson, have been approved to move forward with obtaining the screening services.
Only two Alberta airports, Edson and Cold Lake, are among those approved.
Although there is no federal funding available for the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency (CATSA) designation, changes to the regulations will allow the approved municipalities to shoulder the cost of the required security.
The announcement was made by Jim Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, on behalf of the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, at the airport in Edson at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
Eglinski told those in attendance that addressing the CATSA requirements was one of his first orders of business for the newly elected MP when he arrived in Ottawa.
 The partnership between the municipalities and the benefit to the region as a whole showed favourably in the lobbying process. “We have the four communities; we have Edson, our County, Hinton and Jasper.  Three communities and one county getting together with the unique idea of making this a designated airport so that we can bring in traffic from the major areas and fly into the major areas,” said Eglinski. The ability to have commercial service to the region is expected to have positive impact on industry, tourism, and the economy.  (See August 3, 2015 for more information)


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