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Due to the possibility of a Canada Post interuption The Weekly Anchor already has additional distribution plans in place:

We have set up our RED Outdoor Newspaper Boxes in the following locations:
RED Boxes in Edson: beside the Medical Centre; beside Edson Post Office; beside Royal Bank; and beside Treasury Branch.
RED Box in Peers: beside Peers Food Mart
RED Box in Niton: beside Postal Super Boxes across from A&W
RED Box in Wildwood: beside Post office
RED Box Evansburg: beside Post Office
Additional copies can also be found at our usual locations at: Edson Sobeys, Independent Grocer in Edson, Tags North Edson, Husky 4 Ave Edson, Shoppers Drug Mart Edson, Peers Food Mart, Super A Foods Evansburg… and numerous restaurants and businesses throughout the area.

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News: July 25, 2016

Fun and competition at Kinsmen Slo-Pitch Tournament

by Mikaela Kuefler
The 2016 Edson Kinsmen Slo-Pitch Tournament will be held from July 29-Aug 01. So far, 128 teams have registered. The Kinsmen club is also holding an invitational tournament for sixteen more teams.
Proceeds from the tournament continue to pay for the Edson Kinsmen Spray Park. Security and Bar Chair, Mike Baier, stated, "We're holding the tournament to make a profit so we can spend money on the community."
During the tournament, the Kinsmen also 'charity contracts out' as the charity organization carries out certain tasks during the tournament to receive donations to their cause. "The Kinsmen Club tries to include charity groups as often as possible," said Baier.
The tournament also runs the beer gardens and has “Econoline Crush” coming out to play, with the cover band “David and the Titan”, on July 31. Guest DJ's will be playing on July 29 and 30. The tournament will also have concessions on site, such as the Olive Tree and Boston Pizza.
The Home Run Derby will take place on July 30 (men) and July 31(women). Tournament prizes include $30,000 in prize money and division winner jackets.
This year, the nearby campground, Kin Kamper Village, has organized a shuttle to run from the beer gardens and back.
Recognizably, team numbers are down from previous years, possibly due to the economy and new tournaments starting outside of the area. The tournament could also be "settling into a new normal and we're finding out what size of tournament we can hold, given the market size we have. We'll adjust the tournament as it goes on. Keep in mind, there are no other big tournaments on that weekend, in this area. Locally, we still dominate the scene. No one else has the same kind of tournament like ours," says Baier.


News: July 18, 2016

Renewed hope for progress says ACES

Meetings with town administration “very positive”
With the Town of Edson looking at increasing program and facility options at the Recreation Complex it is natural for Edsonites to wonder where that leaves local arts center society ACES.
Over the past nine years ACES developed a plan and has worked towards obtaining approval to build a new theatre facility at the Recreation Complex which would coincide with needed repairs to the facility.
Recent meetings with Town administration have been “very positive” according to both parties.
“ACES only official plan that we have is the attachment of a new theatre to the Rec Complex. That said, ACES is always considering other options as well. If the Town wishes to proceed with an indoor play structure at the Rec Complex then ACES may look at other options. Or perhaps there may be possibilities of combining the two. Everything is still in the very preliminary stages, so all options are always being considered,” said ACES president Peter Taylor. See the July 18, 2016 issue for more detail.

News: July 11, 2016

Four impaired drivers arrest in Edson

 On July 1, 2016 (Canada Day), Edson RCMP Detachment and Edson Integrated Traffic Unit members removed four impaired drivers from the community’s roadways.
Shortly before 4:00 PM, Edson Detachment members responded to a call concerning youth drinking alcohol in a vehicle at the Edson Skate Park. A 16-year old male youth was subsequently arrested and found to have a blood-alcohol concentration in excess of the legal limit. The youth was charged with Impaired Care and Control of a Motor Vehicle contrary to the Criminal Code.
Between 9:30 PM and 2:00 AM, proactive patrols within Edson by Detachment members and members of the Edson Integrated Traffic Unit resulted in three further impaired driving investigations. In each case, the driver of the motor vehicle was found to have a blood-alcohol concentration in excess of the legal limit. A 28-year old male from Edson, a 36-year old male from Edson, and a 33-year old male from Edmonton have been charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle contrary to the Criminal Code.
Since January 1, 2016, in the Edson area, 38 individuals have been charged with Criminal Code impaired driving offences, compared to 53 individuals during all of 2015.
Impaired Driving is the leading criminal cause of death in Canada each year, outnumbering homicides by nearly 2 to 1. Tens of thousands more each year are injured by impaired drivers.
Members of the Edson Detachment and the Edson Integrated Traffic Unit encourage everyone to make sober driving a priority. If you drink, don’t drive – find a safe and sober way home.


News: July 4, 2016

Colourful future of community newspapers

With our July 4, 2016 issue we welcome our readers and advertisers to a whole new look for The Weekly Anchor. Beginning with this issue you are going to notice a lot more colour. In fact, every page in our issues will now be in full colour. B&W photos will be a thing of the past.
On a weekly basis we have had so many submissions from our schools, clubs and programs, along with our great team of writers we have struggled to include it all each week. Well, now we will be able to open up our pages for bigger photographs and more of them, along with more of the local stories and submissions you love to read.
We will also be able to offer amazingly low prices to add colour to every advertisement, anywhere in the paper without worrying about press limitations.
Also keep an eye out for some great new page layouts and feature pages, including some creative ‘false’ centerspreads we will be showcasing.
These exciting improvements are made possible by the serious multi-million dollar investments being made in newspaper presses in Alberta in recent years. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be and here is why.
The financial and readership plummets of the daily newspaper industry have little to nothing to do with the weekly community newspaper industry. We serve two totally different markets and readers.
In fact, there are more independent weekly newspapers in Alberta than ever before! Why? Community newspapers are really good at staying in touch with what local readers want to read –local pictures and stories about local people. And then connecting an advertiser to these readers is what it’s all about!
The new multi-million dollar press we are printing on now was built in Würzburg, Germany and is among the most technologically sophisticated the newspaper industry has ever seen.
I am no stranger to press rooms as I learned the pre-press trade on a Goss NewsKing as a young man fresh out of school. When I toured this new printing facility near Edmonton I was amazed at the automation and precision. It was more like a 356 tonne mechanical watch than the greasy presses of the past. Even the five foot thick concrete slab this mammoth press sits on was specially designed to maintain perfect press alignment with zero movement.
This high speed double-wide press is what enables us to offer amazing front to back colour with laser-accurate registration second to none in the industry. And with eight page increments, instead of the typical four of smaller presses, we can open our pages up to more of what you pick our newspaper up for! And believe us keeping our newsstands full is no easy task, but thank you for emptying them each week, that’s what it’s all about!
To top it off our new press uses 100% recyclable newsprint made right here in Alberta, creating Alberta jobs!
Ultimately for our readers and our advertisers, it will mean a crisp, full-colour newspaper, free to our readers and affordable for our advertisers. A win-win if there ever was one. And don’t forget our electronic edition is available free on our website as well.


News: June 27, 2016

Charity Ball Tournament planned August 13

Last year a local family stepped up to the plate and organized a charity ball tournament, the first of its kind, and it was a hit.
The Edson Local Charity Ball Tournament Association is expanding their membership this year and will become a society. Last year the tournament brought in 20 teams and raised $12,000. Committee member Natasha Kowalchuk, said, "Last year out of the 12 cash prizes we had 10 of them were donated back to the fund which was pretty awesome. We had a prize for the best dressed team and encouraged teams to come dressed up and we hope to get even more teams playing and dressing up this year. We will be excepting up to 32 teams and registration is open now.”
“This year the plan is to help out a couple of charities rather than just focusing on one. We would like to be able to help more within our community," said Kowalchuk.
The tournament had a lot more than ball going on, there were bouncy houses for kids and contests like wheel barrel races.
This year the tournament will be held on the weekend of August 13. If you would like more information or to make a donation, please contact Chris Valliere Kowalchuk at 780-712-1656, Chad Kowalchuk at 780-712-6612, Laura Kowalchuk at 780-728-6050 or Natasha Kowalchuk at 780-712-6977.


News: June 20, 2016

Council awards $14M waste water
treatment plant construction to Alpha

by Dana McArthur
A Special Meeting of Edson Town Council was held at 9:30 a.m. on June 14 in order to make a motion to move forward with the construction of Edson’s waste water treatment plant.
Chairing the meeting was Deputy Mayor Brian Boyce who introduced the motion that Council authorize Administration to prepare a contract agreement with the Town of Edson and Alfa Construction Inc. in the amount of $14,774,266.83 (excluding contingency) + GST. And that this was the best value bid for the construction of the Edson Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project based on the tender scoring process.
The Deputy Mayor then opened the motion up to questions from Council. Dawit Solomon, Director of Engineering with the Town, briefly outlined the scoring process used to determine best value.
Boyce then asked about the weighting standards used to determine the winning bidder. Solomon explained, “These are very normal standards that the bidders know beforehand.”
There were six bids received for the project ranging from over $14.6 million to over $20.1 million. “Alpha can do this job and they have a very reasonable price,” said Solomon.
Council Gean Chouinard stated, “I’m just surprised that prices aren’t dropping a bit. Obviously contractors aren’t that hungry in today’s economy.” In which Solomon replied, “This is a very specialized project and these types of contractors are specialists that remain busy.”
Council authorized Administration to prepare a contract agreement with the Town of Edson and Alfa Construction Inc. for the project.
Previously, Edson was awarded $4,754,100 from the province for the wastewater treatment facility upgrade. 
The next Council meeting will be June 21at 7:30 p.m.


News: June 13, 2016

Edson Legion raises money to raise the roof

Stephanie Babych
The Royal Canadian Legion in Edson hosted a yard sale on Sunday and is selling raffle tickets for a grand prize, to raise money for necessary upgrades to the building.
The yard sale is one of the fundraisers for the Legion’s “Raise the Roof” event, as the building faces substantial repairs, the most important of which is repairing the building’s roof. The Legion is also running a raffle, with the grand prize being a Honda Fourtrax 4x4 quad, and has printed two thousand tickets in hopes of selling them all by the draw date, June 18, the day before Father’s Day.
“Most of what you see here has been donated by Legion members and community members. We are really grateful for the support from the community,” Bobbi Foulds, the first Vice President of the Legion, said about the yard sale.
“It takes a community to keep this place alive, so we are really happy with all the support,” Foulds said.
Raffle tickets can be found at the Legion and with several Legion members and can be purchased until the day before the draw.


News: June 6, 2016

Barbeque and butterflies help
keep Shandy's Dream for a Cure alive

by Deanna Mitchener
Mark your calendar for an opportunity to be a part of the amazing fundraising event that will be happening on June 25 in Centennial Park from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.
The fundraiser is to bring awareness to pediatric research for Medulloblastoma and Shandy's Dream for a Cure. Medulloblastoma is the same tumour that took the life of young Edsonite Shandy Reichenbacher.
In memory of Shandy and to keep her Dream for a Cure alive, all proceeds will go to the Brain Tumour Foundation Impact Grant. All donations made to this unique impact grant are matched, dollar for dollar, through a partnership with Brain Canada, so plan on stopping by for the barbeque, as every donation counts twice.
Barbie Reichenbacher, Shandy’s mom, said, "We will be doing a walk around Centennial Park in memory of Shandy. We have bought the rights to a town bench which we will be unveiling. The town of Edson is placing a memorial plaque on this bench in Shandy's name.”
Shandy loved Eddie the Squirrel so much as a little girl, they have chosen to place the bench right beside Eddie in Centennial Park. “After the unveiling of the memorial plaque we will be doing a butterfly release," said Barbie.
Shandy battled intensive brain cancer treatments for more than a year.She was only 10 years old when she was first diagnosed. Medulloblastoma cancer has four distinct types, and each type changes in response to treatment and more research is needed to develop personalized care for each child diagnosed.
Help pass the word and let’s keep Shandy's Dream for a Cure alive.


News: May 30, 2016

Virtual classroom discusses dangers
 of concussions in youth sports

On May 17, the Holy Redeemer High School football team participated in a virtual classroom webcast titled ‘Concussion in Youth Sport’ by the National Film Board.
HRH head football coach, Michael Bachinsky, wanted students to hear about first hand experiences because of the message it can hold.
“Contact sports can have a high incident of neck, spinal cord and head injuries. It’s important to be knowledgeable and to understand what can be done to prevent it. Player safety and proper technique are at the core of our program and this is an opportunity to incorporate technology so that students can understand.  It is also in line with our teaching and coaching philosophies,” states Bachinsky.
The webcast focused on the dangers and symptoms of concussions and featured guest speaker, Hayley Wickenheiser. She discussed her experiences with concession in sport and answered questions from student all across the country. Her main focus was on the importance of recognizing a concussion and alerting others.

 The webcast was orientated around hockey and even discussed Eric Lindros’s short career because of reoccurring and undiagnosed concussions. Bachinsky was confident students would still be able to relate to the webcast’s message because “a contact sport is still a contact sport whether it’s hockey, rugby or football. There are a lot of students who play hockey and can correlate between the two sports”. A big difference between the two sports is the size and the weight of a football helmet, which is five times heavier. Another difference is the type of contact used.



News: May 23, 2016

Long-term parking being added at Airport

Construction is underway on some new parking options at the Edson Airport.
As scheduled air service to Calgary is set to begin in June, the need for additional and long term parking options became apparent. Work has begun to extend the current parking lot area to allow for long stay parking.
Integra Air is set to begin scheduled flight service to and from Calgary June 6 with a ribbon cutting ceremony to take place at 8 a.m. that day. Local dignitaries will be on hand for the ribbon cutting and the public is also invited to attend.

2-1-1 partnership approved

Council has approved a partnership between the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County to bring 2-1-1 phone service to the area. Edson's first year funding for the project will be $5,000.00. Yellowhead County has already agreed to support the cause and committed $15,000.00 in funding to initiate the project. It's also hoped the Town of Hinton will partner to make it a true regional project. 2-1-1 is a one stop shop to get connected to appropriate support services in the area.


News: May 16, 2016

Edson Horse Show an ‘awesome’ event

   The 6th annual Edson Horse Show was held on April 30 and they had a large turnout for the event this year.
Christine Davis, a spokesperson for the Edson Horse Show, said, "We had an awesome show this year largely thanks to partnering with 4H this year. We had 49 entries almost double our expectations, which extended the timeline of the show by a few hours. Despite the delays, all attendees were very accommodating and enjoyed the beautiful day."
"Half of the entrants were local riders, with the other half coming from rural area surrounding Edson, and as far away as Spruce Grove,” said Davis.
40% of the attendees were aged 12 and under, and another 40% aged 13 - 17, with the remainder over 18 years of age.
“This was the first show for many of the riders. Our youngest unassisted rider, Rayne Callahan of Edson was just five years old," said Davis.
Winner included: 12 and under champion Rianna Sundlie, 12 and under reserve was Asha Dirks, 13 to 17 champion went to Kaylie McCullough, 13 -17 reserve was Meagan Locke, 18 and over champion was Shawn Gorgichuk, and 18 and over was Brandy Rauckman.
The judge for the event was Darcee Gundlock from New Dayton, Alberta.
It takes a lot of hard work and commitment from many individuals to keep the horse show going for the past six years. Christine said, "The YAS Horse Show committee, office staff, announcers, ground crew, concession, parents, coaches, photographers, ring stewards, and judge all worked very hard to keep everything moving along, we could not have done it without them."

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