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News: May 1, 2017

A week of free activities planned
for National Youth Week

by Deanna Mitchener
National Youth Week is May 1 to 7 and is dedicated to celebrating youth and their active participation in the community.
Through the participation of activities like recreation, art, leadership, and volunteerism youth learn five basic life skills, social, moral, ethical, physical and cognition competence.
Recreation and Culture Programmer Ali Broda, says, "National Youth Week is the opportunity to celebrate youth in our community by helping to reinforce the importance of play in the lives of our youth."
 For National Youth Week this year the Town of Edson Youth Interagency partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Edson to come up with a week’s worth of activities for the youth of Edson.  
Through participation in activities like recreation, art, leadership, and volunteerism youth learn five basic life skills, social, moral, ethical, physical and cognition competence.
"ConocoPhilips has sponsored the events with a generous donation. The activities are free and open to youth ages 11-17," says Broda. "There are lots of activities for the youth to come and enjoy."
Among these activities are free yoga, henna tattoos, glow in the dark Nerf wars, volunteering at long-term care, bowling, and three on three basketball. "The whole week is filled with fun activities that promote youth’s involvement in the community," says Broda.
If you would like more information or have any questions call 780-7523-4403.

News: April 24, 2017

Young adults "Night on the Town" program

by  Mikaela Kuefler
The Town of Edson Community Services is opening up a new program for those who are over 18, called “night on the Town Edson”.
“There's not that much programming for young adults to get together and hang out, so we wanted to get something going for them. It's kind of new to us,” said Recreation and Culture Coordinator Krista Hawboldt.
The program is offered once a month and is geared towards new people, for the transient population, or for anyone looking to have some fun.
“It's kind of for new people or for some of our transient population to try and get them connected to our community and show them how great it is. It also can be for anyone looking to have some fun with their current friends or to make new ones. Really, everyone's welcome,” said Hawboldt.
The first night is on May 6 at the Red Brick and is a paint night called “Beers and Brushes”. Participants will be painting a landscape scene with a canoe on the water looking at the mountains. Those interested must register with the Town.
The next night is on May 25 at Holy Redeemer High School and is called “I like the way you roll”. People wishing to participate in sushi making must register at the Town as well.
Board game pub night is at Galloway Pub on June 8 and gets people together to give them a chance to meet other people while playing board games.
Beer Yoga is on July 13 at Uptown Yoga. Teaching the class will be Lindsay Boxma.
Beer yoga is a fun, goofy, beginner friendly yoga class. “We’re going to drink beer throughout it. You can come even if you don't drink beer,” said Hawboldt.
Finally, the Town plans to have a pool party August 19 before the pool closes for shutdown. Participants can have fun with body paint while the Town provides a DJ and food.
“We’re trying to make it not so formal as the other programming where you have to register by a deadline. It'll be text at (780)517-7055 or email at alicjab@edson.ca to reserve a spot,” said Hawboldt.

News: April 17, 2017

Jasper Park Lodge expected to start
chartering large aircrafts to Edson Airport

by Adrienne Tait
Director of operations for the town of Edson Darin Borysko and airport manager Sam Shine were present at the April 4 Committee of the whole meeting to provide an update and answer questions regarding the Edson airport. 
The Edson airport recently passed Transport Canada’s program validation inspection which is an audit of operational and program administration as well as the safety management system.
The airport has applied to Transport Canada for approval to host an air craft and car show.
The Jasper Park Lodge is expected to start chartering large passenger air craft to Edson beginning in May as part of their promotion packages. 
Shine said in conversation with Jasper Park Lodge (JPL)it was discovered that JPL was not aware Edson could take an aircraft as large as a 737 and had therefore previously been diverting their flights to Edmonton.  JPL believes there is enough tourism to provide and promote holiday packages to Jasper from Toronto via the Edson airport.  The vacation packages would also help Edson with the airport statistics for scheduled flights.  Chartered flights are expected to begin in May.
The Edson airport is also expected to be a stop in a contest which will see a 737 land at the airport and 20 BMWs at the airport’s long term parking in mid-May.  Details regarding that day are still being determined.

News: April 10, 2017

Reduced Speed Zone for Fulham School

Yellowhead County lobby efforts result in
province moving forward with 70km/hr limit

   In 2016, Yellowhead County received a letter stating that Alberta Transportation was in the process of investigating a proposed speed reduction zone on Highway 32 adjacent to Fulham School and that they were seeking support from local stakeholders for this pilot project.
This proposed speed limit would only be activated during the dates and times when the school is in session and would revert to 100km/hr outside of school hours. The proposed speed limit reduction zone would be implemented during the school year from September 1 to June 30. The speed limit would be reduced to 70km/hr during these dates and times.
The pilot project would include the installation of variable electronic speed reductions signs in this area that would alert drivers to the current speed limit. Alberta Transportation, based on the Ministerial Order Process for Speed Limit Amendments, requires stakeholder support for the implementation of this speed reduction proposal.
A letter of support from Yellowhead County Council was sent to Alberta Transportation in favour of the proposed speed limit. The lobbying efforts of Yellowhead County to encourage the other stakeholders have resulted in Alberta Transportation moving forward in the speed limit to 70km/hr.
Recent correspondence from Alberta Transportation states that they anticipate all work and the implementation of this pilot project to be completed by the end of summer 2017.

News: April 3, 2017

Town discusses rezoning for proposed
Glenwood mobile home subdivision

by Adrienne Tait
The application to rezone the property at 5A Avenue and 70th Street in Glenwood, as a proposed mobile home subdivision, will be coming back to council for second reading.
During the Town’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday director of planning Ann Dechambeau brought forth some of the information that administration was directed to find following the public hearing on March 21.
One of the questions raised during the public hearing was in regards to Bylaw 2172 and the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) adopted by the town in 2016.  According to Dechambeau the intent in the MDP states that zoning for mobile homes in the R-GR (Glenwood Residential subdivision) would be phased out over time.  Dechambeau said when the town took over Glenwood, in the 1980s, the original intent was that should an older home be removed it needed to either be replaced with a new mobile within six months —and if more than six months lapsed a “stick built” home would be required.  “The goal was that the RGR zoning would become R-1B eventually,” said Dechambeau.
Councillor Boyce said it was important to note that the MDP was not the same as a bylaw. “The MDP is a statutory document not just a bylaw,” said Boyce.
The planning department has also examined the maximum number of lots allowable should the same space be subdivided for single family residential development and discovered that regardless of single family or mobile home zoning the maximum allowed would be under 10.  “With either zoning it would not be more than eight or nine lots,” said Dechambeau.
Administration pointed out that one of the concerns raised by a Glenwood resident was with respect to a development permit that had not been approved while the current matter deals with a rezoning application.  “It is not the same request,” said CAO Mike Derricott.
The matter will return to council for second reading at a regular council meeting.