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News: November 23, 2015

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Old Time holiday theme chosen for Chamber events

by Deanna Mitchener
   The Edson and District Chamber of Commerce has chosen to go with an Old Time theme for this season’s holiday events.
The Chamber will do doing the promotions a little different this year with draws happening on November 19, December 10, and another draw on December 23.
Participants will not have to be there in order to win. The Chamber board realizes Edson and area has many seniors and young families, and waiting for a draw is not always possible.
There are over 50 local businesses taking part this year. Each purchase made entitles you to one entry into the draw. The first draw will be on Light Up November 19. The chamber will have four draws for $250 Christmas Bucks and one $50 gift certificate from a participating businesses.
The next draw will be Night Owl on December 10, the same draws as before, with both taking place at 7 p.m. in front of ATB Financial. The final draw for will be on December 23 at noon in front of ATB Financial.
Other dates to keep in mind this holiday season are December 3 the Annual Santa Claus Parade; December 5 the free kids movie; and the Chamber is hosting their annual Christmas Party on December 5. Night Owl shopping will be December 10.


News: November 16, 2015

Edson’s new hospital 85% complete

by Ana Manning
An update on Edson’s new Health Care facility was given during the Tamarack Health Advisory Council meeting held on Thursday, November 5 at the Telehealth room in the current Edson Healthcare Centre.
Progress continues on the main building for the new health facility in Edson with construction currently at 85% complete.
The continuing care building has most of the envelope structure in place, as well as internal studding. Proposed scheduled turn-over date for the clinical building is set for February 2016, and the continuing care for April 2016.
Senior operating officer in areas 1-4 of the North Zone for Alberta Health Services, Katy Butler, said, “There are commissioning meetings happening with all departments in regards to what needs to be done and to be moved in when the time comes. The target is June. We can accept some slip in time, so I will not be committing to any specific date at this point. They are shooting for an April turn-over of the keys and from there we’ll see how we can manage resources between there and then in June.”
In regards to the new facility’s budget Butler said, “We know that there are cost overruns and we have gone back to the government about that. We’re just waiting to hear back because that has to do with the building of the new physician’s clinic too. We’ve gone back firmly, as has the Infrastructure, to say that yes that was in the scope of the project and we will be building that.”
The new physician’s clinic is being built by Alberta Infrastructure which is currently delayed at the time, but it is part of the entire project and will not affect the opening of the new hospital.
When asked about the equipment and current active patients and how they’ll be transferred over from the old facility to the new facility, Butler said, “There’ll be some new equipment in the new facility and some of the old outdated equipment currently being used will not be moved to the new facility. I will imagine there’ll be a stagger with transferring patients over. I don’t know how exactly we’ll be doing this. We’ll determine that in the commissioning.”
 “It’s a beautiful building and I think the staff and everybody in the community is pretty excited for the grand opening,” said Butler.


News: November 9, 2015

Thank you to those who serve

by Dana McArthur

We enjoy a lot of freedom in Canada. We are free to choose what we want to be, free to choose where we want to live, free to choose what we believe, free to choose our leaders –we are free to choose most of the things that affect our daily lives.
 But did you know that this freedom isn't really free? Our military sons and daughters have paid the price for the freedom we often seem to take for granted.
Nearly one in ten Canadians who fought in the war did not return, and those who did, carried with them the physical and emotional scars of terrible battles.
The pages of our Remembrance Day edition, in the middle of this newspaper, are filled with the faces of loved ones, many who gave their lives fighting for our freedom. Take the time to look at each one.
These are the people that we honor during Remembrance Day, along with those who served, and those who continue to serve our nation.
On November 11 at the Cenotaph beside the Edson Legion, and in the communities across the Yellowhead County, people will be paying tribute and giving thanks.
A thank-you we should keep in our hearts every single day of the year –it is a small price– for our freedom so dearly bought.

See the November 9, 2015 issue for our special Remembrance Day section.


News: November 2, 2015

Garage destroyed by fire in Edson

Fire trucks impeded by vehicles blocking access to fire
by Adrienne Tait
Edson fire crews responded to a structure fire near the Edson Legion on Friday, October 23 at approximately 6 p.m.
According to Edson fire chief Al Schram crews arrived to find an older garage on fire.  The structure was completely destroyed by the fire.
A neighboring garage sustained some damage from the fire but Edson crews managed to save the structure, “Our guys did a fantastic job of knocking the fire down and saving the garage,” said Chief Schram.  Neighbors of the property owner were also on hand to help as the owner was not home at the time of the fire.
While the desire to help protect a neighbor’s home is admirable the fire department encourages people to keep their distance in order to let the fire department members work unimpeded.
“Our fire trucks had to wait for other vehicles to get out of the way before we could reach the fire.  This was a high profile fire.  It happened pretty much right at 6 p.m. and because it was an old garage it burnt quickly and people could see smoke from blocks away,” said Schram.
Often times with larger or newer structure fires they burn more slowly and the department is able to arrive before the onlookers.
Despite having to manoeuvre through the crowd the first truck arrived on scene within four and a half minutes and water was being applied within eleven minutes of the department receiving the 911 call.
Schram said there have been fewer structure fires within town limits this year and this latest marks the first since April.
Although there have not been as many structure calls the department has been kept busy responding to collisions and alarms.



News: October 26, 2015

Royal Canadian Legion Edson Poppy campaign begins

   It is once again the time of year that our branch prepares for the upcoming Poppy Campaign. 
The campaign will commence in Edson and across Canada on October 30.  Our Legion members will start delivering poppy trays to town and county businesses on the first day of the drive, Friday, October 30 and will also be visible in several local establishments during the campaign.
To make it a success we need your help to deliver these trays so if you can drive or assist in any way contact the branch.  We will also have the support again of our local 874 Tiger Moth Air Cadet Squadron who go door to door selling poppies.  You should see them out and about on Saturday, November 7.
Remember Them
They heard the call, they answered yes,
They proudly wore the battle dress,
For us who live they gave their all
That our great flag would never fall.
Let us this day remember all
Who answered yes, who heard the call,
Who gallantly opposed the foe;
On them let us our praise bestow.
They bravely died that we might live,
Unselfishly their lives they did give
For King and Country and all men,
That we might live in peace again.
Let us with praise these men and women salute,
Let peace and love be our pursuit,
Let’s daily lead a life humane
That they will not have died in vain.
by D. Ross Campbell
Our Remembrance Day service will again be held at the Joe Wynne Branch as always we welcome everyone to attend.  There will be music available during the afternoon and the evening as well.  A meal will be available at 5 p.m. and tickets are available at the bar in the lounge.  Come and visit with some veterans.
Also, our lunch program is up and running Tuesday to Friday with daily soup and sandwich items. 
Our programs are open to members and guests so you need to be signed in.  It costs you less than $4 per month to be a member so that’s $45 per year, and if you’re a senior it’s $35 per year. 
There are many benefits to having membership and that information is available inside the main door.  There are lots of social activities such as crib, pool, shuffleboard and darts just to name a few.  Our door is open so come down, get signed in and take part in Legion activities as you see fit.
We will also be holding our annual Lobster & Prime Rib and tickets will be going on sale shortly as New Year’s is coming up fast.  Keep an eye out for the ads that will be in our local papers shortly.
Let’s not forget the reason we are here.  This branch of The Royal Canadian Legion was started by the veterans and we are sad to say these men and women are fewer each year.  We are now a legion of peace keepers, retired military personnel, their families, and let’s not forget our RCMP and other first responders.  We as associate members (the largest group) of the Royal Canadian Legion owe it to those who have passed and those who continue to serve to keep the Legion going following the protocols they set out.  Please join us in helping to keep their memory alive. 
There is a rich history here in this local branch so drop by and have a look.  Bring your children down to view the memorabilia, pictures of our deceased members as well as those serving today.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Edson and District who have supported us through the years and look forward to that support in the coming years.
Gerald Forbes
President, Joe Wynne Branch 51


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