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Louis Gladue sits outside Parkland Lodge enjoying the fresh air before they
move over to the old hospital while their facility undergoes construction. Louis
will be 96 this year. photo Deanna Mitchener
Town requests more TOP RIGHT HAND

info on Kinder CORNER

Morgan Right of Way

by Adrienne Tait proposed right of way as presented OF PAGE 2.
and said, “They should have a
Town council sent a right of way better, more complete plan.”
agreement with Trans Mountain Council said it appeared there was
Pipeline regarding the Kinder a “chunk missing” from section 20.
Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion The total compensation offered
project back to administration for through the agreements is
more clarification at the town $230,000.
council meeting on April 4. date. It’s all about the ride AS PER SUE
It will return to council at a later
Councillor Jim Gomuwka
Misadventures expressed concerns with the (780) 723-5775
Town to apply

for official crest Sid's Safety

by Adrienne Tait believes that money would be
saved by not having to change out & Janitor al
Town Council approved a motion uniform crests etc. with future
to apply for a grant of Amorial marketing campaigns.
Bearings. If granted by the The Canadian Heraldic Authority
Canadian Crown, the official coat designs and creates the crest which
of arms could be incorporated into is registered at the federal 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8 Sid’s Safety
town letterhead, official government level. Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
documents, and brand. Communications director Steve Email:
Mayor Greg Pasychny spoke in Bethge said there is a $435 fee at Run this ad
favor of the motion to apply to the the time of application and the
Chief Herald of Canada for amorial town would submit a history of Protect against spills with our April 3 & 10
bearings and said, “Our marketing the community, financial
logo has changed three times since statement, annual report, and
I have been on council. Amorial documentation of the council absorbent pads, kits and
Bearings would be an official crest resolution with the request.
or insignia.” A coat of arms is centred on a recycling programs.
There are three categories of shield and may be displayed with
armorial bearings: coats of arms, a helmet, mantling, a crest, and
flags, and badges. motto.
Mayor Pasychny said that cost is The entire process can take up to
likely to be around $2,400 but 10 months.

Assistance calls,

theft complaints top

list of RCMP calls

March 27 to April 2 saw 112 calls Collisions 7, Alarms/False Alarms
for service by the local RCMP 5, Harassment/Criminal Harassment
detachment. Topping the list of calls 4, Animal Calls 3, Assault 3, Drugs
was 21Traffic Complaints. 2, Fail to comply w/conditions 2, For After Hours Service call
Other calls include Theft Fraud 2, Liquor Act 2, Lost/Found
Complaints 17, Suspicious Persons Property 2, along with various other
or Vehicles 12, Assistance Calls 11, requests for service. 780-517-6575
Mischief or Damage 10, Traffic
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