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Westhaven School

kicks off

Jump Rope For Heart

by Deanna Mitchener
Christine Yapp with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Amber Sawatzky, Kaylan Bills, Jasmine
On April 7, Westhaven School kicked off their Christie, Brielle Unger, Andrew Vander Haeghe, Zack Lyda, and Dave Goertzen, who is working on
Jump Rope for Heart campaign with the hope of his practicum to go into Kinesiology, were showing Westhaven students some Jump Rope for
achieving their $10,000 goal. Health techniques on April 7. photo Deanna Mitchener
The incentive for the entire school, if they reach
their goal, is to have an extended recess and the school in jumps. here in Edson supporting the Jump Rope for
Principal Stacy McGowan has agreed to kiss a pig. Christine Yapp with the Heart and Stroke Heart."
So, there are three very good reasons to help with Foundation said, "We travel to all the schools that Dave's mom and dad were at the kick-off. His
sponsorship: the students, the pig kiss, and best of choose to participate and we promote getting mom said, "Dave is 22 years old and the degree he
all, for Jump Rope for Heart. active. We also ask them to do some fundraising. is graduating from is in Kinesiology. Dave used to
The event has been taking place for well over 20 They can do it online or in person with their pledge be very involved with the Edson Swim Club and
years. Principle McGowan said, "We do the Jump envelopes, asking family and friends to support the always wanted to stay active with his life. This is
Rope for Heart every second year because we also Heart and Stroke Foundation. We want each student great being able to watch him teaching students
do the MS Read-A-Thon every other year." to learn about taking good care of their own hearts about their hearts and how to stay active."
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS Kindergarten to grade five take part in the event. too. This year, we have 175 schools taking part." Christine and Dave spent time with Westhaven
Dave Goertzen, a Practicum Student at Heart and
CLUB NEWS Jump Rope for Heart takes a few grade five Stroke said, "This is actually my practicum for my students talking about the importance of taking care
students and spends time teaching them some
of their hearts and staying active. There was also a
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada different jumps. Then on the big event day on April degree so I have been with Christine since January short quiz to see how much they remembered.
A GOOD PLACE TO BE 25, the grade five students will help lead the rest of as she is my supervisor. We are really excited to be
Mentoring Program

The Boys and Girls Club is offering a mentoring Largest Saturday audience ever for HRH Dessert Theatre
program for youth ages 12-16. Youth will be
paired with an adult mentor who can offer
support, advice, friendship, and guidance. by Adrienne Tait The junior high production “Teenage Problems”
- really entitled, “The Show Must Go On (During
If you or someone you know would like to be The Holy Redeemer 14 Annual Dessert Theatre the Zombie Apocalypse)” - was performed both
paired with a mentor, please contact the club by was held on April 7 and 8. evenings.
phone at (780) 723 7240 or by email at With the largest Saturday night audience to The play began with the audience being led to
date, the HRH gymnasium was packed with believe the setting was a junior high group of
Teen Program people and extra chairs were being added right up friends discussing their teenage problems. Part
until show time as audience members anxiously way through, it became clear that much more was
We offer a free, weekly drop-in program for awaited the performances and the reveal of the going on as zombies started invading the set.
youth ages 12-16. Join us for activities and snacks! fall production. The HRH drama department and students
For more information, follow our Facebook page: The HRH House Band opened the evening with consistently gave solid performances with an
their renditions of “House of the Rising Sun” and amazing range of performances. This year's one
Stay tuned for more information on the fun “Carry on Wayward Son.” Music teacher Alex act plays were no exception.
activities offered during National Youth Week Giovos joked with the audience saying it took as HRH drama teacher Peter Taylor told the
May 1-7! long for the talented musicians in the band to audience it was the first time every play of the The Holy Redeemer Dessert Theatre saw over
decide which songs to perform as it did to dessert theatre was a comedy.
actually learn the songs. The audience members also enjoyed a wide 600 people attend the two night performances
on April 7th and 8th that featured three one-act
The Friday evening senior high performance
723-7240 was “Double Diners” set in London England in variety of cake choices and the opportunity to plays. One of the plays was entitled Wake-Up
view the HRH Art Department's annual Art Show
Call, which was about a teenage boy who
Proud Sponsor of the 1970 and featured Quinn Larder and Maddy during intermission. The exhibit had more than continually has some very strange dreams.
700 pieces of art on display, ranging in media
The Saturday evening senior high play was from photography to sculptures. Here, Jim (Ethan Handford) has his mother
As is tradition, Taylor gave a clue to the next
“Wake-Up Call”, featuring Ethan Hanford, fall production telling the audience, “It's time for (Rena Fakhreddine) sing him a song to sleep in
the most awkward of ways.
Samantha Darr-Desrosiers, Rena Fakhreddine,
ANCHOR and Dakota Morton. something bigger…” The evening concluded Yellowhead Koinonia
when Taylor announced the fall production will
The dark comedy followed Jim a teenage boy,
be a musical when the drama department
who is caught it a web of series of dreams and
The 5040 3rd Avenue 780-723-5787 nightmarish situations, becoming increasingly performs “The Lion King.” Christian School students
unsure of what is reality and what is a dream.
learn about machines
by Deanna Mitchener
The grade seven and eight class at Yellowhead
KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Koinonia Christian School has been learning about
simple and complex machines.
The students built individual simple machines
Shannon Bouchard is nine years old, she is in grade Brooke Bouchard is seven years old, she attends Vanier Catholic then combined all the pieces to build a complex KMAD
two at Vanier Catholic School. Shannon says, "I School and is in grade one. Brooke says "I like going to school, I machine, the rollercoaster. They worked very hard
would say science in my favorite subject in school. like math class and I made friends there too. My favorite color is and had fun while learning about mechanical
When I grow up I want to be a stay home mom with pink and my favorite food is pepperoni pizza. I want to be a systems and how to problem solve.
one girl. I enjoy skip roping, riding my bike and teacher when I grow up. I like going to my grandma’s. If I could go The students were then able to describe the
playing with caulk. I like soft tacos. If I could travel anywhere for a holiday I would pick where my teacher lived in working parts and demonstrate its function to the
anywhere I would pick Las Vegas to go swimming." Austria. My teachers name is Mrs. Moffat, but her real name is lower grades at the school. DID NOT RUN
Carla Moffat."
Kids Make A Difference is sponsored by: Contributions to “You’re a wizard, Harry”
Sand & Gravel Sales/Hauling “Kids Make A Difference” focusing on youth in our Jason Rand Principal at Yellowhead Koinonia Christian School and Grade seven and eight teacher, of The Weekly Anchor
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