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Managing unharvested crops in Yellowhead County

County farmers may need to consider burning crops left on fields

Due to the very wet fall of 2016 many Agriculture Financial Services Corporation due to the high moisture conditions this past
producers had significant acres of unharvested (AFSC) will be available to answer questions season.
crops. Deciding how to best deal with these that will help you make the best decision for Unfortunately, some Yellowhead County
unharvested crops can be difficult. Yellowhead your operation. farmers may need to consider burning crops that
County invites producers to come and learn how To register please call Yellowhead County at were left on their fields due to the excessively
to proceed with managing the un-harvested 1-800-814-3935 or 780-325-3782 or in person wet conditions and early snowfalls last year.
crops including harvesting options, residue at either the Edson or Wildwood County Alberta Agriculture's Spring Management
management, burning as well as potential Offices. Options for Un-harvested Crops guide gives
insurance implications. Tips for burning un-harvested crops some straightforward information for
Representatives from Alberta Agriculture and The province has a new guide for assessing agricultural producers dealing with these un-
Forestry, Alberta Environment and Parks and and managing crops that were left un-harvested harvested crops.
The guide looks at insurance considerations,
EDITORIAL COMMENT: the possibility of salvaging a crop, and other
options including burning crops in the safest
Food Bank running out weekly way possible.
For more information contact the Yellowhead
County Agricultural Services Department. The
guide can be found on the Yellowhead County
blind view website or contact the Alberta government's Ag
Info Centre at 310-FARM or visit
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January 23 photo Deanna Mitchener

February 13 Luella Wells, Lorna Ember, Scott Martin, Elder Buchner, Elder Wood, Mary Louise Downer, and Gary 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
Kearise were very busy volunteering at the Edson Food Bank on April 11 just before a long weekend.
by Deanna Mitchener
meat. We need to substitute and fill
March 6, 27 Food Bank to take a photo, I in where we can because we don't THIS WEEK’S FEATURE
With a recent visit to the Edson
want anyone to go hungry."
"Our hours are 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.
actually had a closer look at just and as volunteers, we get here at 8 Mint Homes Ltd.
April 17 how busy the Food Bank is and how a.m. We need people to know that
much they need the support from
we close at 11 a.m. and to please
our community.
come only between 9 a.m. and
You see, usually I pop in take a
May 8, 29 picture and leave but on April 11 as before 11 a.m. because our workers
are all volunteers and would like to
I stopped in to take my regular
go at the end of their scheduled
photo and get an update, I was truly shift. When people are showing up
June 19 amazed and shocked at the same right at 11 a.m. and later, it puts Mint Homes
more work on our wonderful
The place was full and very busy
so I decided to hang around and just volunteers," said Kearise.
Another thing to try and
July 10, 31 wait until everyone was gone to remember while accessing the Food
take a picture. So I sat and waited a
Bank is to try to bring reusable bags
good 45 minutes as they were busy
for your items. If you have a rubber
August 21 enough without me adding to their container, a backpack, or any bags, Needs a
it would help with packing as bags
stress levels.
can be hard to come by and with the
As I sat and waited, I was
constantly hearing from employees increased number of people using it Compact and affordable Three bedrooms,
September 11 that were busy filling bags, "Do we would be greatly appreciated. two bathrooms Large country kitchen c/w
have any more milk? Do we have
With a increase in numbers, the
Food Bank has been opening the
any more potatoes?" and many
walk-in pantry and island Bay window in dining
October 2, 23 other items they were running out last Thursday of each month from area, rear access to deck Optional gas new ad
of. Once the dust settled, I asked
6:45 p.m. until 8 p.m. Now that
volunteers if I heard them right, that
word has gotten around, that shift
fireplace Full basement (optional development
they were running out of food
has been very busy too. "When we
November 13 items? first started the one night a month, plan available) Ample two-car garage
only a couple of people came in but
Gary Kearise a volunteer at the
Food Bank said, "It is a long
now we have close to 20 families
weekend coming up and the place that come in after they get off work. For these plans
December 4, 25 has been non-stop all morning. We So, it is worth being open for that for April 24
have been running just trying to
one night and the Town and County
keep up. We run out of items each
week but this week is even worse residents have been very generous Member of National Home Warranty Program
with their donations," says Kearie.
with a long weekend and we have Hats off to all the wonderful Phone: 780-723-2330
pretty much run out of everything. volunteers at the Food Bank as well
Things like potatoes, carrots, milk, to everyone that help support this Fax: 780-723-5068
all the staple stuff even our meat we much needed service in our area.
ran out of so we had to use canned Email:
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