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TOWN OF EDSON Town of Edson

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The purpose of proposed Bylaw No. 2179 is to amend the Land Use
Bylaw 2070 to allow the side yard setbacks in the R-1A, R-1B, R-1C,
R-2, R-3, R-MHS, R RU and R-GR land use districts to be amended
to reflect a minimum side yard setback of 2.4m for a residence and
1.2m for a detached garage or shed to align with Alberta Building
Code Requirements.

Copies of the bylaw may be inspected by the public from 8:00 A.M. to
4:00 P.M., Monday to Friday, at the Edson Civic Building (605 – 50
Street) by contacting the undersigned, or on our website

Any person claiming that their land will be injuriously affected by the
passing of said Bylaw is requested to file their claim or petition with
the Director of Planning on or before Thursday, April 28, 2016.

A public hearing on the proposed bylaw will be held on Tuesday, May
3, 2016 at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers, Edson Civic Building,
at which time Council will hear representations from any person,
group of persons, or persons acting on their behalf, who claim to be
affected by the proposed Bylaw.

Ann Dechambeau, CLGM
Director of Planning
P.O. Box 6300
Edson, AB T7E 1T7
Phone (780) 723-4402
Fax: (780) 723-3508

FCSS Family/Parent Link Centre

(lower level Red Brick Arts Centre)


Notice is hereby given that the Development Authority has authorized the issuance of the following Development Permits in accordance
with the Town of Edson Land Use Bylaw #2070 as amended:

Permit # Address / Location Development Use Date Issued Zoning
013-2016 4024 – 9 Avenue (Plan 3364 AC, Block 45, Lot 19) Demo old garage, Build new Garage Permitted April 8, 2016 R-1b

Any person who deems to be affected by the issuance of any one of these permits may appeal to the Subdivision and Development
Authority by 4:00 p.m., on the 14 day after the date of issue. On Permitted Uses, grounds for appeal must relate only to interpretation,
variance, or relaxation of the Land Use Bylaw. On Discretionary Uses, all aspects of the proposed development may be challenged upon
appeal. Written notice of appeal, accompanied by the appeal fee as established by Town Council, shall be filed through the Office of the
Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board at Box 6300, Edson, AB T7E 1T7.
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