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Lack of bids on town tenders concerning

by Adrienne Tait on sidewalks that are 30 years old that are better than Councillors Boyce and Chouinard said the package
the new ones. I think we are getting what we pay should then be changed prior to being put out for
Concerns have been raised during the last several for. You don't have to go more than two blocks and tender.
town council meetings regarding the lack of interest the cement is falling apart. Why is no one else The recorded vote resulted in councillor Bevan and
from contractors and the continued high bids for bidding?” Mayor Pasychny voting against recommending to
municipal contracts. The contract for the 2016 Pasychny said he would like to see the project go council the contract be awarded while councillors
sidewalk and gutter replacement program was no out as requests for proposals to find out what other Boyce, Chouinard, and Gomuwka voted in favor of
exception at the Town's Committee of the Whole companies would charge. sending the tender to council for ratification.
meeting on April12. Councillor Boyce disagreed with the Mayor and The pavement patching contract only received one
The town received only one bid for the project, said, “I don't see the problems that he is seeing.” tender as well, and the concerns regarding lack of
something councillor Gomuwka said was not Boyce said in order to be fair to the contractors the interest were reiterated.
unusual for that particular type of project. project was advertised and believed the town “would
Councillor Chouinard raised the initial concern be setting a dangerous precedence” to not award the
regarding lack of interest but Mayor Pasychny had tender.
other concerns and questions as well. “What about Mayor Pasychny said, “There has to be a reason no
warranty? What is his warranty? I can think of one one else is bidding. Just because that is the package
intersection in town that has been done three times we have had for 20 years, or 15 years or 10 years,
and needs done again,” said Pasychny, “I am doesn't mean that is the package that should be put
concerned about the quality of work. I have walked out.”

As part of volunteer activity week in Edson, Parkland Seniors Lodge held their volunteer tea for those who come
out to assist with various lodge functions. Volunteers were treated to sandwiches, coffee or tea and a celebration
cake along with door prizes to thank them for their contribution to the seniors of the facility. Photo Carlo Klemm

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