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Shots Fired at Wal-Mart The Edson Vet Clinic

by Adrienne Tait RCMP Sgt. Jack was due to conflicting location of the vehicle is sad to announce
Poitras said one of the eye witness reports. or its occupants are the retirement of
At approximately reasons for the lack of A n y o n e w i t h asked to contact the
8:40 a.m. on Saturday, clarity on vehicle make information on the RCMP. Dr. SHELLY STEINACHER
April 11, an incident
occurred which resulted
i n a n o f f i c e r We will be hosting a
discharging their Retirement Open House
firearm in the local Wal-
Mart parking lot. Wednesday, April 29: 4 - 8 pm
E d s o n R C M P Kinsmen Hall - 4605 8th Avenue
m e m b e r s w e r e
i n v e s t i g a t i n g a
suspicious vehicle in
the parking lot of the
Edson Walmart. In his
hurry to exit the parking
lot nearly ran over the
investigating officer.
M & M Meats Franchise Because the event

Fantastic opportunity available with M & M Meats at involved an RCMP
a fraction of the cost to build new. Minimum down member discharging
payment of $45,000+/-, with the potential to earn their firearm the Major Please stop by to chat with Shelly
$82,000+/- in your first year. The lease extends to Crimes unit is involved
2027, and the rate is very reasonable. Call Team in the investigation. and have a visit with us.
Hansen @ (403) 343-0824 or email P o l i c e a r e s t i l l Hamburgers and Light Refreshments to see what searching for the
the benefits of being part of the M & M Meats vehicle which is
Franchise is all about.
Visit our website at: Ford or Dodge 3/4 Ton
truck. Police are unsure Check out the All New H.D. TRUCKS!
Check out the All New H.D. TRUCKS!
of the condition of the
occupant(s) or if the An incident occurred which resulted in an officer discharging their firearm in 0 0 % Finance or 0 0 % Lease on
% Lease on
% Finance or
vehicle sustained any the local Wal-Mart parking lot April 11. Photos: Sue-Ann Common
damage in the incident. 2015’sSilverado’s/Sierra’s
blind view Facility user fees subject of

window debate at county council Marinated Sirloin Steaks

fashions by Adrienne Tait same as those previously established by the $13.99
Wildwood Agricultural Society.
Proposed increases to user fees at County facilities
Mayor Soroka said that without charging a fee it
April 27 has prompted council to look at the “philosophy” would make it theoretically possible for someone to Save $5.00!
surrounding their facilities.
rent the facility for free for the entire year with no
During the council meeting on April 14 county
every 3 weeks after that councillors addressed an amendment of fees for the accountability. Sale ends
Likewise the cost of a family pass as well as the
Green Grove pool in Niton Junction as well as Guner punch card pass at Green Grove pool was also the April 23rd
Rehn park in Wildwood. subject of discussion.
Councillor David Russell said, “I'm seeing council
Blind View resisting fee schedules in general,” and asked if the proposed increase in the cost of a family pass from
Councillor Russell expressed concerns with the
Window Fashions matter should be referred to the committee of the $115 per year to $175. “We want families to spend
whole in order to determine a cohesive philosophy
time together and be active,” and added that the
that could be applied across the county. county, and society as a whole, struggles to find ways Address: #101, 330 45 St,
The application to establish the proposed Wildwood “to engage and get people to participate” and cost can
Custom Window Treatments Recreation Complex rental fees was adopted despite be a prohibitive factor. Phone:(780) 712-4272
since 1988 adamant opposition from Wildwood councillor The increase to fees was proposed after
Anthony Giezen. Giezen said, “It's a cost and could administration had researched other outdoor pool
be a paycheck for someone just to get going…. The facilities in Stony Plain, Entwistle, and Mayerthorpe.
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember price to get people involved is prohibitive. Each Council decided to send the matter back to the
780.542.0898 hamlet is individual and has their own needs and committee of the whole for more discussion including This 2-3 year old
desires. What works in one won't work in others.” how to keep things fair across its borders and to sweet girl is Mel.
Councillor Jack Williams pointed out that most ball discuss what the council sees as its primary role for
tournaments, family reunions, and other community its community facilities and programs. She loves car
functions would be able to spread out the cost across
those in attendance. “When you have a ball 15 spin bikes approved rides, walks and
tournament people come out with their campers. sitting beside you
When you split that fee over a number of teams, or if
it is a family reunion between the families, the cost is for Talisman Place getting attention.
miniscule. This wasn't an issue before, why is it with
this councillor?” by Adrienne Tait I'm in favor as long as She is great with
The fees proposed by county administration are the we're not undercutting,” other dogs and
The town council has said councillor Trevor
approved the purchase of Bevan. kids but as she
15 spin bikes for use in T h e t o w n h a d
t h e i r c o m m u n i t y previously been paying spooks a little at loud noises and quick
programming. $10 per session for movements she’d do better in a home with
Councillor Brian Boyce maintenance and usage older children.
P INSTALLATIONS P said that while he of the spin bikes at HRH
disagreed with the but has chosen to
* Furnaces Replacement purchase during last purchase their own after Visit for more information.
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners week's personnel and receiving complaints
* Residential Heating Packages finance committee r e g a r d i n g t h e UPCOMING EVENT:
* Electronic Air Cleaners meeting he has since deteriorating nature of Adoption event at Edson Decor on April 23
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers been persuaded that the the current spin bikes. from 12 pm - 3 pm. Come meet our foster pets
* Furnaces Replacement bikes will not create Town administration told
* Sheet Metal Work
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners direct competition with the personnel and finance and have some lunch at our BBQ.
* Residential Heating Packages local business and would
* Electronic Air Cleaners committee they had been Sponsored by:
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers benefit town residents. informed the school
* Sheet Metal Work “I like the idea. The would not be replacing CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
town does get a lot of the bikes. Satellite TV sales, installs, service
calls. There is a definite The new bikes will be John’s cell 780-723-0147
4640 3 Avenue Phone: (780) 723-3553 need. Some people don't Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
located at Talisman
Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552 like going to the gym. Place.
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