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Pine Grove’s debate club members from left
to right: McKenzie Parkes, Stephanie Fun
McLaren, Alexa Bodner, Portia Reese, Meher for Kids
Dholakia, Kara Cyr-Deleavey, Caitlyn
Valliere, Jager Hohensinn, Bret Chegwyn,
Parker Bosley, Sarah Dixon, and Avery
ONLY RUNS IF Whitnack. Members missing in photo are
Leora Birkett, Crisha Jagabat, Danica
Palisoc, Liza Tyunina, Maddy Helmer, Alida
Weber and Connor Rowand.
THEY SEND IN Photo: Deanna Mitchener

AN ARTICLE Competitive debate at

Pine Grove Middle School

by Deanna Mitchener

Pine Grove is very proud of the diverse range of extra and co-curricular activities
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS they are able to offer students.
"With athletic programs for sports ranging from basketball to golf, outstanding
CLUB NEWS arts courses in drama, music, visual art and cross-graded classes ranging from Cree
Language to film studies, there is no shortage of ways for Pine Grove Middle School
students to express themselves and explore their talents and interests. Nonetheless,
Pine Grove's newest club seeks to provide opportunity for students to engage
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada themselves in a slightly different way," say Bri Turner, librarian and teacher's
SPRING BREAK: assistant.
Was a blast! Members and staff went to Nova Theatre to "Competitive debate at the middle and high school levels isn't as ubiquitous in
watch the movie Home, travelled to the Whitecourt pool, Agricultural Arts students, Warren DeVries, Mackenzie Simmons, Jordan Canadian schools as it is in many places around the world. Intended to aid students in
bowled at Edson Bowl, enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, crafts Willox, Grayson Campbell, Ty Webster, and Joseph Yemane take a break honing their critical thinking abilities, developing public speaking skills, learning to
and much more! Thanks for spending your Spring Break from building the garden plots. Submitted photo research topics and current events with ease, and being able to speak confidently and
with the Club! convincingly on a range of topics, debate is a great academic resource," says Turner.
"It's not about teaching kids to argue, but rather to see both sides of a topic and
KINDERCLUB: express their thought, knowledge, and idea in a mature and holistic way. Debate also
The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub programming New Agricultural Arts
on all non-kindergarten days. The program is offered has the added benefit of tying in neatly to the Social Studies and Language Arts
8:00am to 3:00 (with the opportunity to join the after- curriculums. Students work in teams of three, with one team arguing for a motion
school program from 3:00pm to 6:00pm). The Club is while the other acts as the opposition. So far Pine Grove's new debate team has 20
starting to take registrations for the upcoming 2015-2016 program at Holy Redeemer kids registered from grades six to eight. In club meetings they will learn the format
school year. We will be offering kinderclub trial days in and terminologies associated with competitive debate, and have a chance to go head
June for pre-kindergarten kids. Submitted a sustainable, perennial select and nurture native to head with one another on a broad range of topics," said Turner.
food garden,” said Becky edible plant species while The club's supervisor, Turner envisions a lengthy future for debate at Pine Grove
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT Gantz, teacher of the new earning high school CTS with the possibility of interschool competition. It is her hope that due to the myriad
The Club is excited to announce that there is a Teen Drop- Nothing beats the taste Agriculture credits in plant benefits of engaging in debate, other schools in the area will soon follow suit in
in program on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This of a tomato right from A g r i c u l t u r a l A r t s propagation, landscaping,
program is offered to 13-16 year olds that want to be part the vine, especially p r o g r a m a t H o l y soils management and beginning their own debate clubs.
of the Club's programming one night a week. The when it was grown by Redeemer High School. i n t e g r a t e d p e s t
program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for you. In addition to being “My goal is for students management. “We have provide fresh, local, food to eat,” said student, on the school garden plot,
youth to get together. Some Teen Night activities: yoga, delicious, growing your t o s e e v a l u e i n organic food options for Warren DeVries. The but are still looking for
dodgeball, air-hockey, floor hockey and of course food. If agriculture and the self- already begun planning of student recipes.” school plans to expand donations of compost, leaf
you or your business wants more information or to own food helps to save our garden space and This exciting new the program in the fall litter, black dirt and old
become involved in this new project please call the Club food waste, and the sustainable lifestyle.” s t a r t e d s o m e s e e d s program has students and w i t h s e m i n a r s f o r straw (in various stages of
at 780-723-7240 or email pocketbook. In this new program indoors,” continued Gantz. s t a f f t e e m i n g w i t h students who wish to decomposition). Please
“I have begun an students will learn about “Food produced by our excitement. “It is really learn food preservation, contact Mrs. Gantz by
BABYSITTING COURSE: agriculture course that permaculture through the garden will be harvested by neat to learn about the canning, and much more. phone at 780-723-7437 or
April 11 &12 : For all youth 11 years old and older who seeks to convert an process of sheet mulching s t u d e n t s ' f a m i l i e s environment in a way that Mrs. Gantz and the b y e m a i l a t
would like to learn the skills to be a babysitter. Please call the school's grassed area throughout summer. Fall Agricultural Arts class becky.gantz@livingwaters
the club to register for the course! unused grassed area of i n t o g a r d e n s p a c e . crops will be used by our will not only save the if you have any
our school grounds into Additionally, students will Foods program teacher to planet, but provide me with have begun construction
OUR WEBSITE: materials to donate!
Please check out and like the Club's Facebook page: Boys
and Girls Club of Edson and District! KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

A good place to be Maddox Bittner is a humorous six year old. Sophia Gillespie is a quiet six year old who
He attends Westhaven School and is in
attends Westhaven School. She says she
723-7240 grade one. Maddox said “I like school so enjoys going to grade one and going to the
far, I sometimes walk home or take the bus
Boys and Girls Club. She really likes to play home or go to the Boys and Girls Club. with toys and all her friends she has made.
The best part about going to the Boys and
Girls Club is that we get to do fun stuff.” Sophia said, “I have thre cats and one dog and
I like purple and blue.”
Proud Sponsor of the Maddox would like to become a policeman
when he grows up, he likes the colors red
Edson Boys & Girls Club and blue the best and favorite food is rice.

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