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Live fire training and demos at Yellowhead County

by Deanna Mitchener they are working on their training, assist when it comes time to rescue people that are trapped in
so it is excellent for training extinguish hazardous fires that crushed vehicles, and they save
The Yellowhead County Fire purposes," said Chegwyn. threaten property and human lives," homes. Fiefighters work closely
Department held some training and "We have an excellent sponsor said Chegwyn. with other emergency response
live fire demos at station #51 on Blue Wave Energy and they provide Firefighters rescue people from agencies to ensure the best possible
April 9. all our propane for the training and dangerous situations such as a measures to ensure everyone is kept
Deputy Chief of Public Safety have been a really good community collapsed or burning building. They safe.
Cory Chegwyn, said, "Today is partner with us. We have a car
week four of our recruit training simulator fire prop, a gas meter
program." simulator, a large propane tank
"We are doing live fire runs with prop, and a gas barbeque prop that
different propane props, with are all centrally controlled where
training starting at 8 a.m. and going we can shut it off in an instant if
until 5 p.m. today. We are able to there is a problem, or build the fire
safely do multiple runs in a row higher," said the Deputy Chief.
with different props available to If you have ever thought of
practice on that are clean burning. It becoming a firefighter it is not to
Weekly Anchor Copy Depot doesn't damage our gear and there is late, you can start at age 18. Both
no smoke involved to annoy the men and women are welcome, and
PASSPORT PHOTOS & MORE neighbors when we are using them. they offer great training. "This
Just a really safe set up that can be station has 30% women working in
Digital passport system photos will be easily shut off if there is a problem. different positions. We can never
ready in 5 minutes while you wait! Safe but realistic and the crew have too many firefighters to help
really likes seeing the real fire when
Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence•
Permanent Resident•Photos & more


5040 3rd Avenue, Edson 780-723-5787

The Yellowhead County Fire Department held some training and live fire
demos at station #51 on April 9. Deputy Chief of Public Safety Cory Chegwyn
oversaw the training with recruits and hopes to get more recruits. Seen here
firefighters practice extinguishing a simulator of a gas meter fire like what you
would find on a house. photo Deanna Mitchener

“Child care workers

deserve a living wage”

submitted meet or exceed the standards of the
Canada Food Guide. Fundraising
“Our child care workers are also supports replenishing or
trained professionals who deserve replacing art and craft supplies and
to earn a living wage,” says Joan toys and equipment that are worn
Olson, Programs Manager for the out through constant use by large
Day Care Society of Edson. numbers of children. Through
At their last meeting the Board of generous community support of
the Day Care Society moved to fundraising efforts, such as raffles
increase the minimum starting wage and business donations, program
for child care staff to $15.00 per quality is maintained without
hour effective April 1, 2017. This increasing the parent's financial
increase will apply to the Society's burden.
programs in Hinton and Whitecourt, The government plan calls for
as well as Edson. increasing minimum wage to
The Day Care is a non-profit $15.00 per hour by October 2018
society and does not receive but the Day Care Society feels that
government funding. The planned staff need to see the increase
wage revision will avoid increasing immediately to maintain a
fees to parents by continuing reasonable quality of life.
fundraising efforts. Fundraising For further information call the
supports the cost of providing daily Day Care Society of Edson office at
nutritious snacks and lunches that (780) 723-6444.
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