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s UMMER s CHOOL “Parkland

Fun Times 'Numbers' students Perspective”
Like a scene from
A Student View
the TV series
for Kids
from Pine Grove
s UMMER EDSON BOYS & GIRLS School used math
to save their
school principal
from a mock-
Fun ONLY RUNS IF ADVENTURE AWAITS Summer Camp 2016 kidnapping. From
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
left to right are
for Kids
some of the math
students: Tristan
A variety of activities fill the camp day to
Close, James
keep your child interested and entertained
all summer long. Randall, Brayden
Marchand, Seth
AN ARTICLE Call the club for more information ! Longmore.
Registration Opens May 1,2016

Submitted photo TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT Friday nights from
6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to
12-16 year olds that want to be part of the
Club's programming one night a week. The
program will offer a safe, fun and
comfortable place for youth to get together. Pine Grove math students to the rescue!

MENTORING PROGRAM Mentoring matches
have proven to enhance the child's self- submitted had the staff play along. “It was a welcome break
esteem, increase social skills and self- to the ordinary routine of math class and the
confidence and improve school performance Grade 8 students at École Pine Grove Middle students really enjoyed seeing their math
and attendance. The Club provides youth School were presented with an elaborate math applications be used in a life scenario, real or not.”
with the opportunity to be matched with an
adult volunteer who will meet for one hour a problem that they would be tasked to solve in
week . groups in an attempt to save their Vice Principal
Mr. Russ Keating.
Call the club to find out more information. The grade 8 math students were called down to
Ask for Sarah, Mentoring Coordinator the gym in a panic Monday morning and informed
that their Principal, Mr. James Randall, had
BABYSITTING COURSE: kidnapped Mr. Keating and locked him in a
An upcoming babysitting course is booked cylindrical tank in a location somewhere between
for 14-15 May . From 10 -2 , please call the
club to register. Cost 30$ , 780-723-7240 Peace River and Slave Lake.
The students were told that it was of dire
importance to calculate the volume of air his tank
A good place to be would hold, and what percentage of that air was
oxygen. With that information they then needed to
723-7240 calculate how much oxygen a human consumes and at what rate.
The evidence from Mr. Randall's cell phone
indicated that he had locked him up the evening
Proud Sponsor of the prior, and together, the 120 students needed to
figure out how much time he had left to be
Edson Boys & Girls Club rescued.
The students were successful in their
calculations and concluded that Mr. Keating could
be rescued with 1 hour and 57 minutes to spare.
The creative role play math problem was
presented to some of the Pine Grove staff at a
teacher's conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Ms. Erica Servold helped organize the scheme and


Alyse Mitchell is nine years old and is in Amelia Goransrud is nine years old and is in
grade four at the Westhaven School. Alyse grade three at the Westhaven School. Amelia
says "My favorite subject in school is when says "My favorite subject in school is math,
we have gym class. My favorite color is my favorite color is blue and chocolate is the
blue and favorite food to eat is spaghetti. I best thing to ever eat. I like playing sports
have two sisters and one brother, they are and staying active. I hope to be a heart
all older than me, I'm the youngest. I like surgeon when I'm all done school. I like going
when I get to go to the Boys and Girls to the Boys and Girls Club because it is lots
Club because we do lots of different things of fun and we get to do crafts. I have one
there that are fun". younger brother and sister".

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