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Evergreen School’s

volunteer appreciation,
s CHOOL no ordinary lunch

Times Evergreen School hosted Knoops said, "Many of
P r i n c i p a l Wi l m a
by Deanna Mitchener
our volunteers have been
On April 15, the
coming and helping out
a volunteer appreciation
truly appreciated. We are
lunch for their many for years now, and are
volunteers. But this was lucky here at Evergreen
no ordinary lunch! to have over 100
The gymnasium was volunteers who give
all decorated with generously to our school.
pictures students had We want to say thank (Left to right) Grade five students Jada Rupert, Emma Farkas, Haley Bishop, Tayson Watson, Jack
done, tables were you because you truly
beautifully set, and make a difference in our Pfeifer, Tyler Freeman, and Stryker Janish help show their school's appreciation to their volunteers on
students came to serve school and in the lives of April 15. photo Deanna Mitchener
the guests. our students.”
Many of the students “Your work helps contributions and help
did a performance ensure we can provide for our students every
thanking the volunteers, opportunities for our day. Thank you for Sid's Safety
some were in the form of students that we may showing our students
a poem, others were in otherwise not be able to. that you value them and Color ad
songs. It was a fantastic You are the backbone to education. You are
way for the school to be many of the special showing our students & Janitor al
involved and a part of programs we offer,” said how to give back to the
saying thank you for the principal. community and what a
e v e r y t h i n g t h e i r “You are so special wonderful message that
volunteers do. w i t h a l l y o u r is," said principal 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
P.A.R.T.Y. program Email:

Carrying a complete line of
only takes a blood
“Parkland alcohol level of 0.05%

Perspective” o r h i g h e r t o b e
considered a risk. If
A Student View convicted, persons
could receive a $1000
fine and a license
Submitted by Hailey Student crash victims
Pratt, Grade 9 Parkland free. suspension of one year.
Student Next, we went to the All young adults who
only have a learners
Edson Funeral Home
On Wednesday, April L t d . F o o t h i l l s permit must always
13, grade nines from Crematorium where have a blood alcohol
Parkland Composite Robert Joy was really level of 0.0%. Victim
services also spoke
High went to the n i c e , c a r i n g a n d
PA R T Y P r o g r a m friendly. He taught us about their role as they
help support family
(Prevents Alcohol and about how the business
Risk-Related Trauma in was passed down to him losses of tragedies and
also assist in high- stress
Students at lunch reenacting disabilities and how it can affect the simple job Youth) at the Edson from his dad and what situations.
of eating: Tyler Campbell [blind] – Chastyn Arndt [mute] – Lucas Nixon his job entails. He also After participating in
[quadraplegic] – Easton Weber [quadraplegic] – Christopher Hemsworth The day began with a gave us a tour of the this day-long event, I am
[nerve damage to hands]. Photo by teacher Nicole Berube reenactment collision funeral home where all convinced that drinking
scene where the EMS the urns, caskets and and driving is not worth
and Fire Dept. used the offices are kept. For After Hours Service call
'Jaws of Life' where they The RCMP who were the consequences that
come with this decision.
pried the door open and also present, spoke
the roof off and then about the consequences Knowing that this is a 780-517-6575
choice, I choose not to
pulled the Parkland for impaired driving. It
drink and drive.
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