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Dead fish at Millers Lakee
Dead fish at Millers Lak

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The original plan was for a trial period only on a Lake resident, Alton Hunter, said Millers Lake is
portion of Alberta lakes but at the request of the stocked with 12,500 rainbow and brown trout annually
Minister of Environment and Parks the ACA and it appears to be a total loss of survival this year -
proceeded to implement the new system at all the lakes something which concerns Hunter as a taxpayer and
they would normally aerate. resident first, but added as business owner. “I stand to
Paul Kindiak, a concerned resident, said, “The lose over $30,000 in sales this year for Millers Lake
government should be held responsible for this total alone,” said Hunter. “That is mothers coming in with
loss. It is devastating to the people that built homes their kids to buy fishing rods, and tackle, and
around the lake and fish it. It is also devastating to all fishermen coming into town planning to spend a day at
other fishermen that fish the lake since there were the lake.”
trophy sized rainbow and brown trout in this small Hunter said, “When they did the surface aeration
lake." they would go to the edge of the lake and the oxygen
"Fishermen came from various parts of the province, levels would be the same at the edge as at the aerator.
and as far away as Calgary, to fish this lake. I had You would expect it to be less but it did the whole lake.
fished this lake for years when the Alberta Fish and We have never had a problem, it has always worked.”
Wildlife first started stocking it and then aerating it to Hunter believes that while the intentions may have
prevent winter kill due to lack of oxygen in the water been good, the call to implement the system without Likelihood of total fish loss at Millers Lake.
since the lake is small and fairly shallow with a the trial at a loss to the fisheries and the environment
maximum depth of about 25 feet,” said Kindiak. was not.
Ron's Outdoor Source for Sports owner and Millers Concerns raised

County set to review noise bylaw with speed limits

by Adrienne Tait and during calving season they work 24 hours a in County estates
day. “Provincial regulation guarantees me the right
The Yellowhead County council is set to review to farm. I am not sure how this is going to work.” by Adrienne Tait
their noise bylaw following complaints from Councillor Fred Priestley-Wright said it could be
residents at Miller's Lake. challenging to define what types of noise would Councillor Dawn Mitchel brought forward
Councillor Dawn Mitchell presented the issue to constitute an infraction. “You have coon hounds concerns from some Miller's Lake residents,
council and said she had been receiving calls from howling all night – is that a noise? A railroad regarding the speed limit within their estate
residents, concerned about a neighbour, and would track? A sawmill? I'm next to a feedlot with cows boundaries, to the Committee of the Whole meeting
like to see a bylaw in place. Mitchell suggested bellowing, you hear railroad tracks and dogs on is April 19.
implementing an 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. noise bylaw barking. You just have to deal with it.” The current speed limit is 60 km/hr but a request
may be appropriate. Councillor Berry said any noise bylaw that limits has been made to lower the speed limit to 30km/hr
The bylaw as it is currently written applies only the application to hamlets and subdivisions does or 40 km/hr in part due to the number of families
to hamlets. not address concerns of the “clusters” of residential with young children.
Discussion between the councillors at their homes not formally within a subdivision or estate Mayor Soroka asked, “If the residents are not
Committee of the Whole meeting in April 19 such as those in Wolf Creek. obeying the 60 km/hr speed limit how are they going
Asphalt Parking
ranged from the logistics of enforcing such a bylaw Councillor Jack Williams said, “It is unfortunate to obey the 30-40 km/hr speed limit.” &
to whether or not it should be applied specifically we have to make a bylaw because of a couple of Councillor Mitchell suggested putting up a sign for
to Millers Lake, or to all estates, hamlets, and people who don't have respect for their children at play while councillor Cherniawski
multi-lot subdivisions, or county-wide. neighbours.” suggested speed bumps. Lots & Patching
Several councillors including councillors David The bylaw as currently written has not been As the traffic in the area is local traffic with no
Russell and Fred Priestley-Wright identified issues reviewed since 2001 therefore council directed through roads CAO Jack Ramme said, “These are &
with a county wide bylaw. Councillor Russell said administration to find out the call volume of noise people that actually live there. They are aware that Asphalt Driveways
his farm is within half a mile of Shining Bank Lake complaints and look into possible amendments there are children in the area.”
required to the current noise bylaw. Those Both Mayor Soroka and Councillor Williams
amendments may include adding specific times, suggested that rather than reducing the limit the Call Doug at
attaching the bylaw to zoning, or other direction. peace officer may be asked to increase patrols in the
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