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The solar electricity hype
County Wildfire

Hazard Very High

April 18, 2016 - Over the weekend crossover
conditions were reached. The wildfire hazard has
increased to VERY HIGH in the Yellowhead County
Fire area. Warm temperatures continue and winds
blind view are stronger than initially forecasted. Winds 20 km/h
gusting to 40 are expected today.
Postpone any burning until winds diminish.
window Remember to check the conditions on your burn
permit. Areas of exposed grass are extremely dry
and under these windy conditions a wildfire will
fashions Conservative spread rapidly. Call 911 to report any fires.
A Fire Advisory continues to be in effect for the
Yellowhead County Fire Management Area.
iews windrows and root piles will NOT be issued until the
Fire permits for machine-piled, heavy brush piles,

advisory is lifted.
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
All existing fire permits are still valid.
Fire permits will continue to be issued for burn
January 4, January 25 barrels and smaller, hand-piled brush piles.
Safe campfires are allowed.
The Wildfire Hazard Advisory will continue to be
February 15 Tiarayne Paul (12), Ashley Bischke (12), and Cecelia Hockett (7) were busy working at their lemonade in effect as long as the current conditions continue.
stand on April 17. As well as selling Lemonade the girls had a few things up for sale in a mini-garage-
Agriculture and Forestry has issued a similar
sale. photo Deanna Mitchener
Advisory in the Provincial Green Zone.
March 7, 28 iews Breaking the stigma of mental illness

April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser by Deanna Mitchener knew I had eaten everything from my two grocery

bags right there in the parking lot,” said Thomas.
“I ran home as fast as I could to make myself sick.
May 9, 30 speaker Lee Thomas come in and speak to students The same as I had done, up to eight times a day, for
École Pine Grove Middle School had guest
six years. This time it was different. All of a sudden I
on April 14. Her talk 'Breaking the S.T.I.G.M.A.'
June 20 is aimed at bringing awareness and starting the had this shooting pain in my stomach; it was the
worst pain I have ever felt. As I was getting sick I
conversation about mental health and mental
saw blood and then I passed out. I woke up and
managed to crawl to bed. I remember thinking; this
Thomas, who grew up in Whitecourt, shared her
July 11 story about living with depression, anxiety, bipolar is it, I'm never going to wake up again.
“My body had just given up. It was so tired of
disorder, bulimia, ADHD, and trichotillomania (a
everything I had been doing to it over the past six
August 1, 22 compulsive disorder to pull out one's hair) years. I did wake up in the morning and the first
beginning at the age of twelve.
thing I did was tell someone. I was afraid to tell my
Lee talked about struggling with feelings of not
friends, and I was afraid to tell my family, so the
Sept. 12 being good enough, pretty enough, or skinny first person I told was a counselor,” said Thomas.
enough. She was able to hide her cutting,
“Since then people have asked me why I didn't get
help. There are a lot of reasons I didn't get help, one
bulimia, and problems from family, friends, and
teachers for six years before her body shut down being I didn't know that I was sick. Now I know the
October 3, 24 on her. All the while, she maintained high said. “You don't need to be afraid of talking about
reason I never got help was because of stigma,” Lee
grades and participated in school sports and
programs. mental illness. Every time you talk about mental
health you are reducing stigma."
November 14 way can be overwhelming and, as in her case, questions from students, opening up a dialog on the Lee Thomas gave a powerful presentation to students
The pressures from society to look a certain
At the end of her presentation Lee took a lot of
and teachers on April 14, at Pine Grove School, about
dangerous to those who suffer in silence.
December 5, 26? on the inside. I didn't want others to know I was a reducing the stigma of mental illness. submitted
Lee said, "I tried to hide what I was really feeling
bad person. I struggled every day trying to put on a
Beautiful Stella is a
happy exterior when on the inside I was hurting and six-year-old blonde NOW TAKING
in so much pain. I felt like I was two different German Shepherd X.
people.” She's a happy girl who MAY BOOKINGS
“When I was 18 years old my life after school was is always smiling and
Over the years I've been called to provide
Blind View to eat, make myself sick, eat some more, make very talkative. my service to your area. Due to distance it
myself sick, then be upset and self-harm and go to
This well mannered girl
Window Fashions bed. I also was nervous making new friends so is good in and outside wasn't affordable.
alcohol became my way of coping,” said Lee. the house, is great off
“Then one day, after shopping for groceries, I was leash and never leaves This May, I'm going to try spending 4 days
Custom Window Treatments in the parking lot and kind of stumbled a little bit. I her foster's acreage. a week in Edson.
since 1988 felt weak and thought this can't be good. I took Stella is good with dogs after a slow
another step and fell down and I remember thinking introduction, is good with cats and
I just have low blood sugar and if I eat something I prefers adults over children, in fact I Hope To Hear From You!
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember can walk home and I will be fine. The next thing I young children make her quite nervous.
780.542.0898 She loves attention, truck rides and her I operate a true truck mounted vacuum
humans. This sweet girl just wants to
make her people happy. and compressor. Professionally built
Could you use a little happy in you life?
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