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The solar electricity hype
Changes coming to Municipal Assessments

by Adrienne Tait will be market modified. review currently being conducted by the provincial
The market modified cost approach will use government could have on industrial assessments.
Edsonites may soon notice changes to their provincial market manual to code similar properties “Centralization in industrial assessments has been
property tax assessments although the biggest the same but values will then be adjusted up or down brought forward as an option. This is a concern.
difference this year is likely to be in the industrial as each municipality has its own market. The Centralization would take that autonomy away from
sector. previous assessments were done using formulas council to deal with that particular assessment one
With a new assessment group at the helm, from 1984 and therefore considered out of date. on one,” said Steblyk.
Compass Assessments began their appointment by Steblyk stressed that the evaluation process will be Currently Weyerhaeuser, Edson's largest rate payer,
reviewing the previous process and has determined repeated on an on-going basis in an effort to keep up could be affected by centralization assessments. It is
that changes were required. with market values and remain fluid but warned the unclear what the ramifications would be to industrial
Compass Assessment's Aaron Steblyk reported to council, “Brace yourselves. You are probably going rate payers but the proposed centralization is
town council during their regular council meeting on to get quite a few inquiries from rate payers.” presented as a way to stop facilities from being
April 19 that their process review revealed “missing Steblyk also provided some information as to the assessed at different values in different
information” and the previous assessments were possible impact the Municipal Government Act municipalities.
“really inconsistent.” “We found similar properties
next door to each other that had no relationship with
each other when it came to assessment values,” said
Industrial and commercial properties within the
municipality, with a few exceptions, will no longer
be assessed on a cost approach analysis but will now
be assessed using the income approach.
Evansburg RCMP investigate most non-residential properties with a few
“We have moved away from the cost approach for
fatal train/car collision exceptions such as larger parcels and subdivisions,”
said Steblyk, “We changed to an income approach.
It is the most recognized way of valuing non-
On April 12, 2016 at residential real estate.”
approximately 7:00 Capitalization rates were determined by property
p.m. Evansburg type and based off sales.
Compass Assessments began their re-evaluations
R C M P w i t h and physical assessments with the commercial sector
Emergency Medical as well as a few properties on the east end of Edson
Services were called and plans to carry the assessments forward to the
to the scene of a remaining residential sector in the coming year.
collision at a railway Stebylk said the changes represent, “A fair,
crossing on Range equitable, and defendable approach to property
R o a d 7 2 a n d assessments. The biggest thing is the inconsistencies
Township Road 534 are, or will be, gone.”
between a train and a Residential real estate within the municipality will Ethan Jonker (8), Brody Jonker (5), Brandy Jonker, and Ellie Jonker (3) enjoying a family bike ride on
car. A 22-year-old continue to be assessed using the cost approach but April 17. Brandy said, "This is our first time riding on this trail [near 13 Ave.] so we will see where we end
male and 20-year-old up." photo Deanna Mitchener
f e m a l e b o t h
travelling in the car
Weekly Anchor
The crossing was Weekly Anchor
fully identified with Wildwood and District
t r a i n w h i s t l e s
Spring Scavenger Hunt
activated. An RCMP Spring Scavenger Hunt
Collision Analyst Ag Society update
attended the location at at

Kinsmen Park
submitted by Carol Riehl Kinsmen Park
Spring is here! And so is the fire season. Take care burning
May 28, 2016
those leaves and other debris as we clean our garden patches and May 28, 2016
Speaking of garden patches, I hope you are planting seeds with
plans to enter some of your harvest in the Wildwood Annual Fair. We have changed the date in order to have some warmer weather.
The society is diligently making plans for another successful fair.
Melissa’s Bouncy House Fun,
We are asking for your help – we need one convenor and one Melissa’s Bouncy House Fun,
helper to convene goats, sheep, poultry and rabbits. Doesn't that
Captain Red, Spray Park Fun,
sound like a fun job that you could do? Call Wilma @ 780-325- Captain Red, Spray Park Fun,
2424 for more information or to volunteer.
Hot Dogs, Popcorn,
There are more volunteers needed in other areas as well—so Hot Dogs, Popcorn,
your help is needed.
Juice, Face Painting,
Your drawing for the cover of the Fair Book has not yet been Juice, Face Painting,
received. Remember the drawing/artwork must be in black and Colouring...
white and vertically done. The theme is Feathers Flowers and
Fun for the whole family!
Old Fashioned Fun which gives you many options for designs, Fun for the whole family!
Another reminder is to the convenors—if you have any changes Ac
Accepting Donations for the Food Bank...cepting Donations for the Food Bank...
you would like to see to the Fair Book, please get them to Wilma
as soon as possible. The Fair Book will be dedicated to long-time If you would like to help sponsor contact Sue-Ann at 780-723-5787.
member Ken Carlstrom. What a deserving candidate.
Four of this society's members attended the volunteer
appreciation gala sponsored by the Yellowhead County. Thank FREE
you YHC for a wonderful evening honoring our many
community volunteers.
Watch for more details...atch for more details...
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