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$130,000 Spray Park loan hindering

Kinsmen from taking on new projects

Town receives $1.3 million facility for $90,000 in assistance

by Adrienne Tait presentation the town municipalities. cents according to the Park opened in August September and is free of
agreed to contribute Both the Kinsmen mayor. “We have not of 2011 and is open from c h a r g e f o r t h e
The Kinsmen Club of $90,000 as a grant to Club and the Town of decided on any special l a t e M a y u n t i l community to enjoy.
Edson has long been help cover the annual Edson have received project of any sort
actively engaged in payment. some negative feedback although we would like
community events and That annual payment r e g a r d i n g t h e to make a decision. Do
projects, and often has prevented the club contribution with a we have recreation Weekly Anchor
helping out other non- from taking on other perception that by facilities that need
profit groups. projects and once paid supporting the park the i m p r o v e m e n t s ?
“Everything we do is for would allow the club town has taken away Absolutely. What that Spring Egg Hunt
for the community,” said t o l o o k a t o t h e r funds that would looks like I don't know,”
Kinsmen representative community needs. o t h e r w i s e b e p u t said Mayor Pasychny. See page 25
Craig Daniel, “Not just “We are so grateful to towards other projects. In the meantime the
the town but for Peers, the town and people for That perception is one Kinsmen are working to
Marlboro, and Robb. helping us out. We are t h a t M a y o r G r e g pay off the remaining GLENWOOD
putting togethe
We don't care if you live Photo by Deanna Mitchener r a Pasychny said is unfair. $130,000 balance of the
in the county or town. proposal for the county “The Fieldhouse or any loan and are seeking PARK
We have no borders –we and are hoping they will recreational facility is donations in order to do
are about serving stand behind us like the multiple millions of so.
community needs.” town has,” said Daniel. dollars. $90,000 is not One such donation
One of the largest and The park is estimated going to affect that came from Patterson
most visible projects the to see up to 300 kids per decision. The Kinsmen Parts supply in the form
group undertook was the day during the summer have provided citizens of a new lawn mower for
Edson Spray Park. After months. Schools trips, with a spray park and Vision Park. Daniel May 2 at 11:00 a.m. sharp
fundraising efforts and summer camps, and turned the keys over to said that the Kinsmen
government grants the community events often the town. At the end of have been putting
Kinsmen only needed take place at the park for the day the town has everything they have *Hot dogs, Popcorn,
$500,000 to fund the kids to enjoy. paid $90,000 for a $1.3 towards the Spray Park,
$1.3 million facility. With approximately million facility.” and because of that, any *Face Painting,
W h e n t h e g r o u p half of students in Edson T h e d e c i s i o n equipment they would
approached the town for schools currently living r e g a r d i n g a n y normally have to
aid in February the loan within the county recreational facility has purchase would have *Egg Decorating,
had approximately borders Daniel believes not yet been made and is taken away from paying
$220,000 left owing. the facility is used one that will likely come down the loan. *Captain Red
After the Kinsmen equally between the down to dollars and The Kinsmen Spray


Edson Kinsmen Club would like to thank
Edson Kinsmen Club would like to thank

Don Patterson with the Patterson’s Part Supply
Don Patterson with the Patterson’s Part Supply

for the donation of a $7000 riding lawn mower
for the donation of a $7000 riding lawn mower

to maintain the 160 acres of grass at
to maintain the 160 acres of grass at

Kinsmen’s Vision Park.
Kinsmen’s Vision Park.
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