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Chamber Trade Show even better despite challenges

by Deanna Mitchener

The Edson and District Chamber of Commerce
Annual Trade Show held April 17 and 18 was a big
success said Wendy Holuboch, executive director for
the Edson and District Chamber of Commerce, "This
year's Trade Show was bigger and better than any
other year. I would have to say it was the best show I
ever did. It was the best turnout.”
“This year I hired a new show company. In the past
it was always Superior Show the Chamber used.
This year we tried a new company called Good Key
Show Services and they were phenomenal. We had
115 booths in total and over 3,000 people went
through this year,” said Holuboch.
“They were so easy to work with. I have been
getting non-stop compliments from the vendors
about how good they were to work with. This
service comes in and sets up the whole venue. They
cost $20,000 to come in and set everything up and
dismantle afterwards. It is huge to have a company
come in and do all the set up. They build it from the
ground up with all matching attire, running
electricity to each vendor's booth, set up all the
curtains, and stayed there the entire time,” said
Holuboch has struggled with a lack of volunteer Peter Taylor and Shari McDowell with ACES were at the Edson and District Chamber of
support with the organization and operation of the Commerce annual Trade Show held April 17 and 18. Photo Deanna Mitchener
event and did the bulk of the work from start to
finish. “Most people don't realize all the work that
needs to be done behind the scenes. I had to run the
Trade Show from booking every vendor, to hiring
the show crew. I had to find volunteers to help at the Critter
door. A couple of members did sit in the Chamber
booth for a couple of hours,” said Wendy.
Money raised through the event goes right back
into the next one, with the cost of putting together a
trade show very high.
“A clean-up crew gets hired and this year I hired Contractingtracting
Holy Redeemer High School Students to look after
the front door, they get paid to do it. Port-a-potty
bathrooms need to be rented, and advertising. The
show crew comes in and runs power cords to the Your eavestrough and shingle replacement specialist our eavestrough and shingle replacement specialist
power room that is located between the two arenas.
Then I need to hire an electrician to come in and
hook it all up,” said Holuboch. Specializing In:
The power bill alone is over $4,000 plus the town
charges us $4,500 for the use of both arenas. The
town is talking about wanting to raise prices for next
Asphalt & GAF Shingles
year by another $4,000,” said Holuboch. “If the v
5” & 6” Seamless Eavestroughs
town wants to charge the Chamber more money to v
Custom Aluminum Capping for Doors, Windows, Etc.
use those arenas to host a trade show…we will be in v
Long Life Shingles Available
the red.”


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