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Edson’s water tower demolished

Continued from front
back down. That was
many years ago in the
many Edson long-time 1950's. It's very dear to
residents. The sadness of my heart.”
many locals was felt R e s i d e n t P e g g y
throughout crowd. Not Helstein said, “I wish the
many were rooting for whole town could of
the demolition but were taken a vote on it so we
sad that the town could could of saved it and
not restore it. painted it, anchored it,
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s and it would of lasted
coordinator for the Town another 50 years. “
of Edson, Steve Bethge, R e s i d e n t J e a n
said, “It was built in MacMillan said, “It's
1931 so it's been in the very, very sad. It's been a
skyline for a long time. landmark ever since it
It's got a lot of history went up there. And when
and it holds a lot of we had our reunion there
sentimental value for a was people coming in
l o t o f l o n g - t e r m from out of town and
residents in Edson." they'd said as soon as
President of the Edson they saw the water tower
and District Historical they knew exactly where
Society and town they were. But I know
council member, Jim it's not feasible to keep it,
Gomuwka, said, “As far I hate to admit it. It
as the community goes, would have been nice if
and I think everyone we could. But if it's that The Talisman Place parking lot was filled with local residents awaiting the water tower’s demolition from
recognizes that it's kind unstable then oh well, I a safe distance. Photo by: Ana Manning
of a sad day to see a just didn't want to see it
historical icon bite the gone."
dust, so to speak. But it's The town is aware of
something that had to the historical value of the of the water tower from
happen, because it was water tower and the back in the day. We have
becoming more and Edson and District a l s o a s k e d f o r ,
more unsafe and the time Historical Society plans depending on the
and the work to make it to preserve some of the damage that it endures,
the full word of 'Edson'
water tower's pieces and
blind view safer was going to cost will be in display at the from the water tower. We
the community a lot of
plan to have a full report
G a l l o w a y S t a t i o n
money. So it's just
window something that had to Museum eventually. on the history of the
M a n a g e r o f t h e
w a t e r t o w e r a n d
fashions voiced their opinion on m u s e u m , S h e r i eventually we will have
Surrounding residents
McDowell, said, “The
a d i s p l a y i n t h e
town has provided us
April 27 the town's decision. with a part of the ladder
Local resident Pat Foster
from the water tower as
said, “I have lived in the
every 3 weeks after that Edson area all my life well as a gage. We also The aftermath of the
have two very thick files
and yes I am sad to see
the tower come down, about the history of the water tower. A tree was
but what has to be, has to water tower of when it destroyed in the process
be.” w a s b u i l t , t h e and debris was scattered
Resident Rosa Grant schematics, blue prints, around. The top of the
said, “I'm very sad. My and original inspections, tower shows Graffiti.
husband climbed it which are pretty cool. Photo by Ana Manning
several times, my sons Also, one or two old
had climbed it, and I got pictures of the original
half way up once but I structure. We are having
turned around and came trouble finding pictures
Raya is a seven The Edson Vet Clinic
month old kitty

who is very shy is sad to announce
but coming the retirement of

She is currently FONT ERROR
being fostered We will be hosting a
with dogs, cats Retirement Open House
and children Wednesday, April 29: 4 - 8 pm
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