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PC West Yellowhead Candidate Robin Campbell

It has been an honour Museum, and the Edson and District Boys and Girls other province. A couple earning $120,000 with two
to be the MLA for Club. children would pay at least $1600 more in any other
West Yellowhead In the last three years I've served in various roles province and up to $4000 more in Ontario.
since 2008. Over the within government including Minister of Aboriginal The plan will increase support for working
last number of years Relations, Minister of Environment and Sustainable families and the most vulnerable in the community.
I've been able to Resource Development and most recently Minister The Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit will be
address several issues of Finance and President of Treasury Board. enhanced so families can earn up to $41,250 before
that have been As you know, we are facing significant financial benefits begin to phase out. We've also introduced
important to the challenges in the province due to the sudden drop of the Alberta Working Family Supplement. Families
riding. When I first world oil prices. This is not something that we can making under $41,222 will be able to receive this
MLA Robin Campbell
ran to become MLA control but it made clear that our fiscal framework credit. This will provide $85 Million in direct
the top issue I heard in Edson was the replacement needs to change. We've introduced a fair and support to 75,000 working families.
of the Edson Hospital. I promised that it would be balanced approach to get us off the rollercoaster of We are all familiar with the boom and bust cycle
addressed and in 2011 we announced its energy prices, while saving more for the future. I do in the riding with people losing their jobs and
replacement. After consulting with the community not believe we should burden our kids and grandkids families being challenged to make ends meet. One
the project was expanded in 2012 with the addition with the challenges we have today, nor should they of my main focuses is to ensure that Albertans and
of a renal dialysis unit and 26 additional continuing have to pay our debt. The budget plan that we've especially residents in the West Yellowhead keep
care beds for a total of 76. It is scheduled to be introduced will double the size of the Heritage Trust working. While getting our fiscal foundation fixed
completed in 2016. Fund by 2024 while protecting frontline services and is a top priority, so is protecting jobs. I'm going to
Our government also has announced funding for pay down our debt for needed capital infrastructure. continue to support diversification of our economy
the replacement of A.H. Dakin School and Our plan will do this through reasonable and including a vibrant forestry sector and expansion of
expansion of the Parkland Lodge in Edson. Work on measured approaches that will protect frontline tourism in this constituency. We have opportunity in
those projects is underway. services and keep Alberta the lowest taxed these areas and we must seize on them to keep our
I've supported many projects in the community jurisdiction in the country. In fact, in any other communities strong and prosperous.
over the years including the new Seniors Bus, the province you'd pay several hundred dollars more in Robin Campbell is the former president of the local
Edson Spray Park, the Community Garden Project, taxes. If you are an individual earning $60,000, United Mine Workers of America and Appeals
the Edson Recycling Centre, Galloway Station you'd pay at least $900 more in taxes this year in any Commissioner with the Workers Compensation

Wildrose West Yellowhead candidate Stuart Taylor

Not long ago, Alberta even about oil. It was about good government. Some might ask, “How?”
was the envy of the nation. Regrettably, successive PC governments erased the We'll eliminate 3,200 upper-level, loaded,
Our provincial Alberta Advantage. Jim Prentice's recent budget was government management positions. The Alberta
government respected the final installment in a ten-year slide. His budget government has roughly one manager for every five
taxpayers and showed that calls for record high debt ($30 billion by 2019), the workers. In the private sector the worker to
respect by balancing the biggest overall tax hike Alberta has seen, and policies management ratio is often 20-to-1 or higher.
budget. In 1998, oil that will protect and shelter government inefficiency, We'll end corporate welfare. None. We'll eliminate
dipped below $15. In the rather than expose and fix it. sole-source contracts that have enriched so many
last decade, more than To cover the interest on $30 billion worth of debt, friends of the PCs, and guarantee open-bidding
once, oil dipped below every family in Alberta will be required to pay processes on all major government contracts. We'll
Stuart Taylor
$30. During many of these between $1,700 and $2,000 per year in taxes, every end “March Madness,” the bureaucratic spending
years, Alberta's infrastructure spending was three year, year after year after year. spree that wastes millions when government agencies
times the national average. Interestingly, the only party in the legislature that's empty bank accounts at the end of the fiscal year,
The government's objective was to empower people taken a stand in defence of taxpayers, and in defence fearing their budgets will be trimmed.
so individuals, families, and businesses could work, of the Alberta Advantage, is Wildrose. We will Wildrose will terminate the PC practice of
save, invest, and prosper. The rest of Canada knew balance the budget by 2017—without raising taxes, politicized infrastructure spending. Never again will
the Alberta Advantage wasn't about geography, or and without cutting frontline services. the PC Party run around at election time saying,
“Vote for me and I'll build you a _______ [fill in the
blank]. By requiring full public disclosure of
infrastructure priority lists, including costs and the
reasons for the timing of each project, we can
dramatically improve efficiency.
Wildrose will roll back the 30% pay hike that PC
Cabinet Minister gave themselves, and the 8% pay
hike MLAs pocketed. We'll ban MLAs from being
elected under one party, and then crossing to another
without facing first facing a by-election. We'll
implement true fixed election dates.
Healthcare is a mess. Wildrose will redirect savings
from extravagant AHS executive pay, perks, and
severance, toward cutting wait times. And we'll
expand patient-based funding. Funding should go
with the patient, to the service provider of the
patient's choice. This process alone could encourage
community-based service providers and non-profits
to enter the field. In education, Wildrose will ensure
that new school projects and modernizations are
aligned with priorities determined by school boards,
not the Minister.
My name is Stuart Taylor. I'm the Wildrose
candidate in West Yellowhead. I'm a forestry
professional who recently retired. I am an elected
member of Hinton's Town Council, where some
people say I have earned a reputation as a listener,
and as a principled fiscal conservative. When I
retired, I was a manager with the Province of Alberta,
providing oversight to key aspects of the coal,
forestry, oil and gas industries in the Foothills Area.
I'm running for the legislature because I sincerely
believe Albertans deserve better government. If you
agree, I welcome you to vote Wildrose.
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