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Mountain Pine Beetle Spring Program begins in County

Program aims to remove100% of beetles found by survey crews

Mountain Pine Beetle property owners upon surveys and will consist Control Program Grant. Consultants Ltd. by Agricultural Services
s u r v e y s w i l l b e request. of tree removal or F o r f u r t h e r phone at (780) 817-3230 Supervisor at 1-800-
conducted on pine trees Follow-up control removal of beetles from information contact or Jennifer Benson, 814-3935.
within Yellowhead activities will be the trees. Only trees that Harry Ullrich, Deci-con Yellowhead County
conducted in April and
blind view County during the May until all the have been heavily hit by
beetles will be removed.
months of April and
required work has been
May. Survey crews will
Funding for the
window require access to private completed. Control program was provided
activities will aim to
property to conduct
b y t h e A l b e r t a
r e m o v e 1 0 0 % o f
A g r i c u l t u r e a n d
surveys and will be able
mountain pine beetles
fashions Conservative to provide official found through the Forestry through the
Mountain Pine Beetle
i d e n t i f i c a t i o n t o
iews Agricultural Plastics Roller
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
available from County
January 4, January 25

February 15

March 7, 28 iews

April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser


June 20 Weekly Anchor
Weekly Anchor

Once again it's time for
July 11 spring cleanup around and for the environment," K i r c h n e r M a c h i n e Spring Scavenger Hunt
Spring Scavenger Hunt
says Jennifer Benson,
Plastics Roller. This pull-
Agricultural Services
the farm! If you have
type Roller is ideal for
S u p e r v i s o r o f
piles of used agricultural
most Ag plastics. This
August 1, 22 plastic lying around be Yellowhead County. Roller requires a 50hp+ Kinsmen Park
at at
"Yellowhead County
sure to call and book your
tractor with hydraulic
Agricultural Services is
Kinsmen Park
appointment to use the
For questions regarding
Sept. 12 agricultural plastics expanding the current the Plastics Roller or to
Agricultural Plastics
r o l l e r f r o m t h e
May 28, 2016
Program to include a
make an appointment for
Yellowhead County
Wildwood Office! Plastics Roller." rental please call the May 28, 2016
October 3, 24 looking to make smart Agricultural Producers Yellowhead County We have changed the date in order to have some warmer weather.
"Farmers are always
Yellowhead County's
Wildwood office at 1-
can now access a
choices for their farms
800-814-3935 or 780-
November 14 The buzz on 325-3782. Melissa’s Bouncy House Fun,
Melissa’s Bouncy House Fun,
Captain Red, Spray Park Fun,
December 5, 26? beekeeping W Captain Red, Spray Park Fun,
Hot Dogs, Popcorn,
For only $5000 move into your
Yellowhead County Agricultural Services is now For only $5000 move into your Hot Dogs, Popcorn,
offering an intermediate beekeeping course to
Juice, Face Painting,
compliment the Beekeeping Basics courses that were Juice, Face Painting,
new home in 2016.
Blind View held in 2015. The Buzz on Beekeeping will go over the new home in 2016.
several main facets of beekeeping. "Patty Milligan who
Window Fashions taught the Beekeeping Basics Courses will be joining us *Some conditions apply Colouring...
again, this time to dive deeper into the aspects of what it
Fun for the whole family!
really takes to be a beekeeper," explains Yellowhead This wonderful home Fun for the whole family!
County's agricultural services coordinator Melissa
Custom Window Treatments Marquis. "This class is meant for those who attended wants to welcome you.
since 1988 Accepting Donations for the Food Bank...ccepting Donations for the Food Bank...
one of our beginner courses in 2015, or for those who You will appreciate the
have already tried their hand at beekeeping and need open concept, three
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember some more information." If you would like to help sponsor contact Sue-Ann at 780-723-5787.
780.542.0898 The Buzz on Beekeeping will go over: spring and fall bedrooms and two full
management; dealing with swarms; splitting hives;
problems with queens; detailed steps for registering bathrooms. The master
your bees; diseases; details about the harvest; and the bedroom can be your F
time frame. This class is only recommended for those
who have previously taken a beginners course; have special retreat.
Watch for more details...atch for more details...
tried beekeeping in the past; or for those who are
currently beekeeping. Attendants with 1 – 3 years of W
beekeeping experience will benefit the most from this Don’t hesitate.
intermediate course.
The course is being held on Sunday, April 24 at the Let’s make Creekside
Peers Multiplex. Snacks and refreshments will be your new home in 2016.
provided throughout the day.
Please pre-register before April 11. For more
information or to register please contact the Yellowhead
County Wildwood Office at 1-800-814-3935 or 780- Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110
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