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Budget 2015: What it means for you and for all Albertans

Our government is Our government's municipalities in our preservation of existing
taking action to get long-term 10 year plan Robin Campbell, MLA r e g i o n . M S I a s s i s t e d l i v i n g
Alberta's finances off will minimize the investments have facilities. As well, the
t h e o i l p r i c e impact of energy prices West Yellowhead historically supported P a r k l a n d L o d g e
rollercoaster and bring and allow us to protect projects such as roads, expansion in Edson and
public spending in line c o r e g o v e r n m e n t regional waterlines, fire 48-bed expansion at
with the national services, pay down our Capital Plan for a total road and bridge work on h a l l u p g r a d e s , H i n t o n ' s G o o d
average. We will do so capital debt and put of $198.4 million in Highways 16, 40 and maintenance equipment Samaritan Mountain
u s i n g s o u n d , more into the Heritage provincial support; 47; and the many other View Centre will
conservative fiscal Trust Fund. It will also S u p p o r t i n g o u r M o r e t h a n $ 4 . 5 essential services our continue; and
principles. allow us to maintain and children and their million for upgrades to communities need to Library boards across
Albertans understand continue building the education with funding v a r i o u s w a t e r - thrive; the constituency will
our fiscal situation and infrastructure we need for the A.H. Dakin wastewater projects $10.3 million is see operating grants
w a n t a b a l a n c e d now and into the future. School replacement in through the Alberta earmarked for court and maintained or increased
approach to address the West Yellowhead E d s o n a n d t h e Municipal Water- correctional services, in comparison to last
$7 billion gap in Constituency Budget modernization of the Wastewater Partnership public security and year.
revenue. Budget 2015 2 0 1 5 H i g h l i g h t s G r a n d e C a c h e Program; Crown prosecution in Going forward, we
uses three levers: include: C o m m u n i t y H i g h Helping to meet our region to help build have much work to do
spending restraint, C o n t i n u e d School; community growth safer communities; and I believe this
enhancing revenue and construction of the I n v e s t m e n t s i n pressures by investing No reductions to the budget brings stability
using our savings to Edson Healthcare p r o v i n c i a l $ 1 2 . 8 m i l l i o n i n Alberta Seniors Benefit to Alberta's public
achieve a more solid Centre with $82.5 transportation networks M u n i c i p a l i n c o m e s u p p o r t finances and will secure
fiscal foundation. million in the 2015-20 with more than $55 Sustainability Initiative program and over a prosperous future for
million in funding for (MSI) funding into $250,000 for the the West Yellowhead.

Wok Box brings ‘freshest taste of Asia’ to Edson

by Adrienne Tait Edmonton on Jasper the country. Michael's favorite dish actually.” Fridays and Saturdays.
Avenue and 101st Michael and Chanchal is the Singapore Cashew Prior to Tuesday's trial After four years of
E d s o n ' s l a t e s t Street. With a goal to believe the store will but the best-selling Wok opening they had living in Edson Michael
franchise, Wok Box, is “Create the freshest appeal to local people Box dish is their Butter practiced serving family said, “I felt the town
now open. Owners tastes of Asia using top looking for somewhere Chicken. and friends to ensure a needed something. We
Michael Samuel and quality and nutritious new as well as travellers So far they have not good flow. Following are creating something
Chanchal Chanchal ingredients, while passing through that had trouble finding Tuesday's success the for the town. This town
opened the doors to making them easily recognize the name. staff. Michael said they decision was made to has given us a lot so now
customers for the first accessible, convenient “They know the product. have a lot of school kids start regular hours. The we are trying to return
time at 2 p.m. on March and affordable” the They have seen and tried es p ecially in th e Wok Box will be open something they can
25. company has now it in the city and won't be evening, “They're really from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. enjoy.”
The owners, and their expanded to include afraid to stop in here,” excited to work and they Sunday to Thursday and
s t a f f , h a v e b e e n over 60 locations across said Michael. a r e r e a l l y g o o d 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on
working hard to train
and prepare for the
opening with franchise
t r a i n e r s a n d
management coming to
Edson to lend a hand.
Michael was a kitchen
manager at Original
Joes before deciding he
would like to own his
own restaurant.
“I thought about what
the town needs. We
have most pizza, Julienne Preeult a resident at Parkland Lodge loves to have company,
burgers, and those especially the dog done cute kind. Julienne said, “This is Ben and he comes
things.… I thought we up to visit us here at the lodge sometimes. I enjoy his company and cuddles.”
should have oriental or Please contact Parkland Lodge first at 780-723-3522 to discuss the protocol
Asian food and the first before bringing your furry visit. Photo: Deanna Mitchener
thought that clicked in
my mind was Wok
Box,” said Michael.
For Michael and
Chanchal the appeal of
the Wok Box franchise
is it is a well-known,
established franchise
that offers a fresh
alternative to fast food.
The original Wok Box
store was opened in Owners Michael Samuel and Chanchal Chanchal along with their staff are now open for business at Edson’s newest fast food
2004 as a single store in franchise Wok Box. Photo: Adrienne Tait


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