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Got thistle? Get weevils

If you're looking for
an option to control
Canada thistle besides
using herbicides, hand
picking or mowing, this
biological control
method may be right
for you.
The Canada Thistle
Stem Mining Weevil
(Hadroplontus litura)
was introduced from Brian Drysdale branch manager for Northern Metalic with Edson Boys and
Europe to Canada in Girls Club coordinator Donna O'Brien. Northern Metalic recently donated
1965 and to the USA in $1,135 to the club. photo Deanna Mitchener
the early 1970's to feed The Canada Thistle Stem Mining Weevil Donation helps Boys and Girls Club with programs
on Canada thistle.
The weevil restricts its feeding to this weed and a few close relatives. by Deanna Mitchener that making the donation day and a new adventure.
Weevil feeding may allow a variety of other micro-organisms to enter the a total of $1,135.00 for It is always interesting
thistle stem, with adverse consequences for the thistle: field studies in Montana Branch manager at the Edson Boys and t a l k i n g w i t h t h e
indicated that underground parts of stems are much more subject to winter kill if Northern Metalic, Brian Girls Club". customers."
the aboveground stem is attacked by weevils during the growing season. Drysdale was happy to When asked what was O'Brien said, "The
- Approved biological pest control of Canada thistle since 1960s let Donna O'Brien the best part about being Boys and Girls Club is
- Highly specialized diet (only Canada thistle, and a few plumeless thistle coordinator for the Boys the branch manager v e r y g r a t e f u l i n
species (will not be an agricultural pest) and Girls Club know Brian replied by saying, receiving this donation.
- Permanent, self-perpetuating, chemical free, weed control they were matching the "The customers make it The money will be used
- Will overwinter, and migrate to other thistle patches money that was raised fun. We sell a variety of towards programming,
For more information, call Tina at Stewardship Alliance for Conservation during their annual supplies and every day field trips, and activities
Agriculture (780-727-4424), before the August 14, 2015 deadline. Pickup date at barbeque event. you have different for the kids. It helps the
West Central Forage Association office will be Tuesday, Sept 1, 2015. Drysdale said, "The customers coming in to club offer new and
Go to for more information on these weevils and barbeque brought in be served. That makes exciting opportunities
to see before and after pictures of weevils in action. $567.50. We matched each day a brand new for the kids to take part


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