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Edson Library

closes doors

for remodel

by Deanna Mitchener come and watch. Plus
with our new face life it
Staff at the Edson will be so fresh for
Library are pleased to be everyone to enjoy. We
closing their doors -not are looking forward to
for good! Just for a closing but then looking
couple of weeks to give forward to re-opening
the facility a new the doors on September Lisa Stanton-Martin, Trisha Thurner, Courtney Wild, and Melissa Gagne of the Edson Public Library are
facelift. 8," said Thurner. looking forward to the new renovations. The Edson Library will be closed from August 21 until
The library will be September 8 for the reno facelift. photo Deanna Mitchener
closed from August 21
to September 8, so they
can replenish the old rug
and do some painting.
Trisha Thurner said,
"We are pretty excited
about getting a new
facelift here at the
library. It will take a full
two weeks to get the
new carpet in here, as
we will have to move
everything from the
shelves etc."
Melissa Gagne said,
"We will be at the Edson
Sidewalk Jamboree on
main street set up beside
the CIBC again this year
handing out free books
to all the kids. We will
be there on the Thursday
and Friday from 11 a.m.
until around 5 p.m."
"This is due to a
partnership with First
Books Canada were we
have been fortunate
enough to get free books
to hand out to kids and
the Jamboree is always a
great place to see lots of
kids to give away
books," said Trisha.
"Summer has been
going great with our
s u m m e r r e a d i n g
program coordinator
Courtney Wild. She has
been doing the Big
B u d d i e s R e a d i n g
program on Monday,
Wednesday and Fridays.
As well Fun Times Club
on Thursdays and the
pre-school reading
program on Tuesdays.
We carried on with
Friday Games Night
starting at 6 p.m.
throughout the summer
and will continue to do
so until we close for our
renovations on August
21. The kids keep
coming every Friday
night and want to play
games, so as long as
they keep coming we
will keep getting in
games they are wanting
to play," said Thurner.
"Movie night has been
put on hold until some
time in October. It just
doesn't seem to be that
much fun watching
movies while it is still
day light outside. So this
fall we will be back in
full swing with movie
night for families to
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