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Fire destroys local home Blind View

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Local firefighters were called to a house fire on Range Road 171. One firefighter was injured on scene and was
treated and released at the Edson Hospital. photo Deanna Mitchener
July 20 by Deanna Mitchener Services Unit to attend. injured on scene by a f r o m E d s o n F i r e
"One firefighter was
Department for a water
Victim Services assists us
August 10 with the Edson RCMP with anyone that's a falling wall. They were supply location to fill
Cst. Doug Topolnitsky
tankers hauling water to
transported by AHS
victim of a crime or any
August 31 Detachment made a unfortunate event such as Ambulance to the Edson the scene. The Edson Fire B
Department provided one
Hospital, treated and
this," said Topolnitsky.
statement on July 30 after
unit and two firefighters,"
released shortly after,"
"I believe we have
September 21 local firefighters and first seven fire apparatus, said Bahri. said Bahri. Sizzling Summer Savings
Sizzling Summer Savings
responders were called to
County firefighters
three members from the
"We had things
a house fire on Range
October 12 Road 171. RCMP, ambulance, and wrapped up by 22:20 with were confronted with a 2015 CHEV TAHOE LT
fully involved structure
the Yellowhead County
Yellowhead County
"We responded to assist
November 2 Yellowhead County with peace officers at the responding to the scene fire, with flames venting FULL LOAD LEATHER, LOW KM, GM WARRANTY
through windows and
scene," said Topolnitsky.
with a standard structure
a structure fire. When we
WAS 61,999
doors and a partial
NOW 59,499
Albert Bahri, director
November 23 arrived on scene we of Protective Services, fire response of three collapse of the roof. Fire A15-335
engines, three tankers,
found a single family
crews immediately went
said, "We received and
two Special Service
home that was fully
December 14 involved in flames. The paged out the call at 18:12 vehicles, one peace to a defensive attack, with My name is Polar and
exposure protection
officer vehicle and 28
with Yellowhead County
fire department has been
working at extinguishing Fire Department, The Yellowhead County being top priority. I’ve been waiting sooo
long for a family. I’m a
the fire and getting it Edson Fire Department, firefighters on scene, and "This fire was very friendly boy who will
under control. We are Ye l l o w h e a d p e a c e one Yellowhead County advanced and required a always brighten your
here to help keep the o f f i c e r s , F o r t i s , peace officer," said Bahri. well-coordinated effort to day. I LOVE people,
peace and help out the Yellowhead Gas, RCMP, "Yellowhead County extinguish. The many dogs, kids and am
f a m i l y . We h a v e AHS, and RCMP VSU F i r e D e p a r t m e n t hours that Yellowhead warming up to cats.
contacted our Victim and SRD." requested mutual aid County and Edson
f i r e f i g h t e r s s p e n d Getting attention and
t r a i n i n g a n d t h e i r belly rubs are my
dedication to protecting favorite thing. A great
How do you see your County parks the community truly hiking buddy I can even
carry supplies in my own backpack. I do love
showed during this call,"
and open spaces developing? said Bahri. to go on adventures so I need a good fenced
yard or dog run. My furever home needs to be
" T h e a g e n c y
We want to hear from you regarding your cooperation with the a family who has a lot of patience while I
RCMP, AHS medics,
County Parks and Outdoor Spaces Yellowhead County Gas, learn my boundaries and who want a great
companion full of affection to share. I am
Fortis, and SRD in this neutered, up to date on vaccines, and my
Yellowhead County has started a process to update our existing parks community are second to adoption fee is only $250.
and outdoor spaces in each of the county’s hamlets. none," said Bahri.
"The fire is currently
Over the next several months, an assessment of the existing open under investigation and Visit
spaces in our hamlets will be completed. Residents will have the deemed not suspicious. for more information.
opportunity to provide input on what’s working well and what could be Timelines on cause Sponsored by:
improved. determination are based
The completed plan will provide direction for new or upgraded facilities, witness statements, and Satellite TV sales, installs, service
county budget considerations, and project implementation any exhibit testing that John’s cell 780-723-0147
considerations. may be required," said Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
Community consultations dates and locations for the Parks and Outdoor Spaces
August 19 Marlboro Marlboro Community Hall 12-1pm (lunch) Travel tips for FUN Summer Vacations
August 19 Brule Brule Community Hall 7:00-8:30 pm 1. Pack clothing you don't mind getting stained or
August 20 Cadomin Hole in the Wall Café 12-1 pm (lunch) 2. Pack snacks for family members. Pick out special
August 20 Robb Robb Multiplex 7:30-9:00 pm “travel food” for fun.
3. Set aside preferred toys now so that they are
August 26 Wildwood Wildwood Rec Complex 3:30-5:00 pm exciting again come trip time.
August 26 Evansburg Evansburg Arena 6:30-8:00 pm 4. Give your child a small amount of $ to buy something from the Dollar Store to take on the trip,
don't play with it before the trip.
August 27 Niton Niton Community Hall 12-1 pm (lunch) 5. Container with lid to hold toys, books, coloring items, stuffies, Lego etc…
August 27 Peers Peers Multiplex 7-8:30 pm 6. Coloring can be less messy with white boards, Crayola Color Wonder and water coloring
7. Dole out the activities one by one so that the novelty lasts longer and things get put away.
We will be providing lunch at the Marlboro, Cadomin and Niton 8. Travel I spy Bingo. You can find them on line for free.
meetings. The other locations will have light snacks and refreshments 9. Wet wipes (who doesn't travel without those!), Kleenex box, water bottles, hand sanitizer, bug
provided. spray, sun screen and Itch be gone, extra bags, ziplocks, can all fit in the vehicle console or
side door areas.
A public survey will also be available soon for those not able to attend 10. Don't forget the favorite blanket or teddy (remember it may get dirty!)
one of the open houses, so please visit 11. Favorite kids music CD – helps calm the entire car down (parent may need ear plugs).
parksurvey for more information and to let us know your thoughts. 12. Technology as back up plans when weather is poor or to reward great traveling.
Recognition from Early Childhood Matters goes out to Galloway Station Museum for handing out
items to children when they visit.
For more information please contact Yellowhead County at 780-723-4800 Visit our facebook page - Early Childhood Matters or email us at
or 1-800-665-6030. to share ideas.
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