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Vandals strike Tipple Museum

by Shayna Powell, Museum Manager of friends. It sounded simple enough, all you had though I had not quite reached 'revered' status in
Tipple Park Museum to do was knock on a neighbour's door, run like the gang, I had scratched and clawed my way to
the very devil and when they answered the door, possibly 'tolerated' status.
At the risk of sounding like an old fogey, I you had to holler, “Knock-a-door-ginger!” At the conclusion of this debacle every adult
must ask the question,” What is happening to I was then elected to be the appointed door reading this is now thinking, “Where were her
the youth of our town?” knocker and they pointed me towards the door I so called diligent parents?”
Once again, the Tipple Park Museum has was to knock on, while the rest of the gang hid Diligent parents can still be caught unawares
become the victim of vandalism, not once but behind the Malibu. This sounded like a lot of and that is why it is important that we as a
twice in the last month. fun and I was shocked that they would let me community need to band together and help raise
We have had our locks busted, buildings participate, but I was an enthusiastic “in”. our children to be productive, positive,
trespassed upon, artifacts have been moved All would have been just fine, if they had not respectful people that we are proud to call “our
around and broken, some small tools were of neglected to tell me that they had already own.”
stolen, and one day a general path of destruction played this glorious trick on the same door All of our local citizens need to keep an eye
could be followed throughout our out-buildings, several times in the past hour. out for anyone of any age that appears to be
conveniently made by three, six to ten-year-old As soon as my pint sized five-year-old loitering, committing unsafe acts or acting
children. knuckles struck the door, the screen door flung irresponsibly. When you see them, speak up,
All children can get into mischief from time to open pinning me between the house and the share your knowledge of the mishaps with
time. Growing up I was blessed with door. Our truck-driving, beer swilling, swearing others, and continue to be vigilant. It is our duty
knowledgeable and alert parents that kept a giant of a neighbour had answered the door. My as elders of our community to look after those
close eye on my whereabouts and what I did face and trembling body were squished against in need. No one needs to destroy others'
when I was out with friends. Despite this, I still the stucco of the house, I was quite certain that I property, but they have a need that is obviously
managed to get in trouble and occasionally was about to meet my maker. 'This is what it is not being met. The law enforcement agencies
annoy the neighbours. like to die and I haven't even had my sixth cannot be everywhere at once, so it is our
I had the misfortune or the luck (depending on birthday,' I thought. Just then I heard my brother responsibility to help out when we can.
the day) to have a brother that was four years holler, “Hey ya big bozo!” from the safety of his We encourage people of all ages to come and
older then me and he ran with a pack of barricade. visit the museum. Our staff can tell you stories
fascinating friends. They always seemed to be Bozo shook his fist at his adversaries and a of old ladies being run over by trains (and living
doing things that were more interesting, daring deluge of colourful language spewed forth from to tell about it), to encounters with cougars, to
and fun, than my group of friends. One his gargantuan mouth, followed by a slam of the what initiation you had to go through to become
afternoon I noticed them out on the boulevard door. a member of the Evansburg's 'Chicken Club'.
laughing hysterically hiding behind our old My brother and his friends encouragingly Find out about bank heists in Wildwood,
Malibu. shouted, “RUN!” My noodle like legs diamonds found in Enwistle and mishaps on the
“Whattcha doing?” I asked. immediately started moving as I fled across the Pembina.
“Playing Knock-a-door- ginger.” lawn and then across the never-ending expanse Unfortunately, until we can leave our
“Can I play?” of road, until I finally dove behind the safety of buildings open to the public and not experience
“Nope. You're too stupid,” answered my the Malibu. episodes of theft and vandalism, all of our out
brother. I was met with approving accolades, giggles buildings will remain locked. We encourage all
The challenge was on. I gathered all I could and several claps on my back. I wanted to kill of our visitors to come in and request a tour
about the “rules” of the game from his wayward my brother. I had, however, survived and with a staff member from Wednesdays to
Saturdays from 10:00-5:00 p.m.

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