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Welcome Back

to School!

GYPSD is proud to offer specialized Kindergarten programming in all of our schools and work
directly with speech pathologists and occupational therapists to meet the individual needs of
your child. We offer programming from part-time to expanded full days over a five day week.
Studies over the last several years have shown that children placed in an expanded full day
program are more socially and academically prepared to enter grade one the following year,
and helps them prepare a solid foundation for future success.
For more information on the right Kindergarten program for your cihld we welcome you to
contact any of our elementary school principals or the Education Services Centre at

PALISADES PARTNERSHIP Grande Yellowhead actively encourages new and innovative partnerships with our loca lmunicipalities, provincial and federal governments. The Board of Trustees is
proud of our partnership with the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre and Marmot Ski Basin in Jasper National Park. The curricular programs offered involve all Grande Yellowhead youth
from our urban and rural areas, diverse cultural demographics, and socio-economic backgrounds. Improving student learning continues to be one of the Board’s three main priorities: providing
alternate and exciting educational curriculum for our students increases the likelihood of their high school completion and opens their eyes to a whole new world of career opportunities.
CTS PROGRAMMING Our Career and Technology Studies (CTS) classrooms within GYPSD benefit with up-to-date equipment that our students use for their learning needs including Mechanics
and Fabrication shops, Construction shops, Foods, Fashion and cosmetology labs. We also proudly offer work experience opportunities and participate in the Registered Apprenticeship Program
(RAP) - lots of ways for students to excel in their trades career planning!
FAMILY SCHOOL LIAISONS The Family School Liaison Program is a service provided by Grande Yellowhead to assist students and their families. Support is provided to ensure that students are
able to benefit from educational programs, and have access to the resources they require to access the school’s Family Liaison (FSL). Family School Liaisons are trained in social work,
psychology, youth care and other human services, and have the professional expertise to work with many difficult issues affecting students and families.
3V TECHNOLOGY Grande Yellowhead has been using “Video Voice adVantage”, dubbed “3V” by the division for over 14 years. GYPSD uses 3V technology to offer courses and enhance
students learning. Partnerships with groups such as the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia and the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio provide courses in Puppetry and Art for students in
our division. Other courses taught in our schools by 3V include Math, Cree, guitar, and Wildlife Studies. 3V technology also enriches education by providing access to experts and locations that
students cannot visit in person, such as paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller and Holocaust survivors from the Holocaust Memorial in New York. Students get to sit in on
human autopsies and open heart surgeries from hospitals in Chicago, visit the Smithsonian Institution, NASA, and marine centers from Florida to Alaska. 3V technology is used in classrooms to
benefit all students form Kindergarten through to grade twelve.
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