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Q & A with local federal election candidates

On Sunday, August 2, Governor General David Johnston granted the request to dissolve parliament and Prime Minister
Stephen Harper dropped the early writ to call a federal election.

by Adrienne Tait that sets our campaign apart from the rest is our have faced is having a federal government that is election
dedication to grassroots democracy, or the everyday willing to come to the table and have important
Conservative candidate Jim Eglinski, Libertarian Jane and Joe on the street. discussions with provincial and municipal partners
candidate Cory Lystang and Liberal candidate Ryan about developing a long term (predictable) solution to
Maguhn took the time to answer a few questions 3) If elected, what is one issue facing the sustainable funding issues. Some of the biggest fights
about the upcoming federal election and their views Yellowhead riding you would bring to Ottawa? that occur in our communities revolve around
on the leadership that will be required for the Eglinski: One of the main issues facing this region is intergovernmental partners trying to determine who is
Yellowhead riding. the spread of the pine beetle. This pest is slowly going to shoulder the burden for paying for
working its way into our local forests. Our federal infrastructure and capital development. Edson and
1) What impact, if any, do you believe the recent and provincial governments must work with industry Yellowhead County are certainly not strangers to this
results of the Alberta provincial election will play in to try and hold the beetles at bay. Or work at ways to (both in the past and presently). I commit to bringing
the federal election? eradicate them. forth a working relationship with the federal
Eglinski: Many Albertans confuse the Alberta Lystang: One of the main issues will be property government to ensure that predictable sustainable
Progressive Conservative party with the federal rights whether it be expropriation of land, losing your funding is available to our communities. We are
conservatives. We are two different identities and rights as a law abiding firearms owner, or being able currently in an infrastructure crisis because the
operate completely separate from each other. to sell the fruits of your labour without being over current government has refused to do exactly that.
Lystang: I feel that this shows Albertans are ready taxed and regulated. Ask any community who has had to threaten to throw
for a change and I hope to present a viable option to Maguhn: An important issue that Edson and the keys at its county counterpart. Edson and
voters who value lower tax, privacy, fiscal Yellowhead County (and in fact all municipalities) Yellowhead deserve more and deserve better.
responsibility, and private property rights. not used
Maguhn: The recent Alberta election has
demonstrated that traditionally elected political
parties cannot take votes for granted. The people of
the Yellowhead have shown that they are willing to
put aside their traditional voting habits. This means
that this is an election that is about democracy, and
proving that Canadians should come first; that is
exactly what the Liberal Party is about...putting
Canadians first.

2) Will the provincial election results alter your
campaign approach? If so, how?
Eglinski: Yes, of course. We need to make sure that
people understand the federal party is different. The
one thing we cannot be is complacent in getting our
message out.
Lystang: No, my approach will be the same. To get
out and engage voters - hopefully planting the seed of
liberty while offering a real option to stand against the
three big parties and their tax and spend policies.
Maguhn: I will continue my efforts to put the people
of this riding first. Just a couple of weeks ago I was
in Edson, meeting with business owners and shoppers
on main street. I want people to know that as their
MP I will be accessible and in touch with the needs of
our constituents. I believe the most important thing

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Chatelaine (4), Jean Luc (2), Georgia Sewell (2), and Lucy Sewell (2). It was a great way to spend a hot
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers afternoon playing in the sand and water. photo Deanna Mitchener
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water Cash Jay-Stewart enjoys the train ride at Sidewalk Jamboree on August 13. Look for more photos in
well repairs. our August 24th edition of The Weekly Anchor. photo Sue-Ann Common
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