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Falun Gong SOS Car Tour stops in Edson

Representatives present concerns about forced organ harvesting in China THE WEEKLY ANCHOR

by Adrienne Tait While the vast majority of those
have been Falun Gong
blind view practitioners and representatives Christians, prisoners of
practitioners, Cai said, House
On August 15, Falun Gong
conscience, Tibetans, and
were in the Edson area to give
window presentations to County and Town Uyghurs have also been victims
of murder for organs.
councils, local MP Jim Eglinski,
Of the report Matas said, “China
and local MLA Eric Rosendahl
regarding the forced organ is not the only country with
fashions harvesting of their practitioners in huge demand for organs and huge
organ-transplant abuse. There is a
money to be made. What is
Falun Gong, also known as
Falun Dafa, is a traditional different about China is it's
discipline which practices mental institutionalized, it's state run, it's
and physical exercise including party directed. It's not a few
meditation, and which adheres to criminals in back alleys trying to
January 4, January 25 the principles of truth, Organ trafficking can be big
make a fast buck.”
compassion, and tolerance.
Introduced in 1992, Falun Gong business. According to Stop Representatives and practitioners of Falun Gong, Olivia Cai and
Organ, corneas
Minnan Liu, attend the Yellowhead County Committee of the Whole
February 15 is outwardly a Qi Gong style of can fetch up to $30,000, $62,000 meeting to appeal for help in raising awareness regarding claims of
exercise and meditation accepted
for a kidney, and a heart between
forced organ harvesting of their practitioners in China.
for centuries in China. But Falun
March 7, 28 Gong reportedly places emphasis $130,000 and $160,000. Cai, “When labeled political it raise awareness, call or write the
According to the presentation,
not only on healing and
organ donation is a culturally
provincial and federal
meditation, but on self-cultivation
gives people the right to be
towards spiritual perfection. Falun taboo practice in China with only indifferent. Falun Gong has no governments to urge them to
130 people who voluntarily
April 18 Gong became an almost instant signed up to be an organ donor political agenda.” condemn the Chinese Communist
hit with millions of followers.
Party for committing crimes
Cai said Canadians may travel
between 2003 and 2009. That
against humanity.
There is increasingly solid
to China for an organ transplant
At the conclusion of the
May 9, 30 evidence suggesting the Chinese number has since risen to due to the short wait times presentation Councillor David
approximately 1,500 registered
government, accusing it of being
unaware they are receiving a
donors. However, the
a cult, and fearing the continued
Russell read a quote from
donor from an non-consenting
investigative report revealed
growth of the movement may lead
Desmond Tutu that summed up
June 20 to political unrest, sanctioned its between 60,000 and 100,000 person. During a follow up his thoughts on the issue, “If you
question Cai said she has learned
transplants have been conducted
of two such recipients from
are neutral in situations of
every year since 2000.
injustice, you have chosen the
Falon Gong practitioners across
The discrepancy in wait times
July 11 the country are participating in the between China and countries with The group asked council to help side of the oppressor.” Braden Maceachern (13), enjoys spending time at the Library. Braden
“SOS Car Tour” visiting 250
a well-developed organ transplant
cities and towns throughout B.C.,
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba system process is another says, "Usually I have to print stuff, so it is great being able to do that at
the library." Kelton McPhail (5) was looking for a good book to read on
August 1, 22 and Ontario in an attempt to raise 2012 the wait time for a kidney August 4. photo Deanna Mitchener
indicator of illegal harvesting. In
awareness of the persecution the
transplant in Canada was between
group is facing in China.
Presenters Olivia Cai and
Sept. 12 Minnan Liu attended the 2 and 5.8 years while in China the
wait time was as short as 15 days.
Average wait times in Australia,
Yellowhead County Committee of
the United Kingdom, and the
October 3, 24 the Whole meeting. Cai said the, United States ranged from 1095 44th ANNUAL MEETING
“unprecedented persecution and
days to 1825 days.
mass killing of the Falun Gong” is
The presentation included
state sanctioned in China and has
November 14 been the subject of investigation. photos of several victims reported Tuesday, August 30, 2016
to have been tortured, and
Cai reviewed highlights from a
claimed over 100 different known
June 2016 report issued by former
methods of torture have been used
December 5, 26? Canadian Secretary of State, with 4,018 confirmed deaths. Anselmo Community Hall
David Kilbour, human rights
Cai said Falun Gong is neither a
lawyer, David Matas, and
journalist, Ethan Gutmann. Their religion or a political belief system Celebrating
research indicates that up to 1.5 and therefore does not believe the 10 years of Amalgamation
million people have been killed persecution to be a political issue.
since 2001 in the state-sanctioned “Organ harvesting is a systematic Between
organ trafficking practice. crime against human beings,” said Three Rivers & Lobstick Gas
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