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New hospital

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by Mikaela Kuefler
Edson's new healthcare facility is larger,
modern, and is filled with new technology. It also
has been designed by the renowned interior
designer and architect from Dialog Design,
Michelle Sigurdson.
Michelle volunteered her time to bring just the
right look for the rooms in the hospital. Part of
her design includes pictures celebrating Edson's
diverse landscape. The theme for these pictures
is field and stream, mountains to prairies from
Evansburg to Jasper. Pictures could include
anything in the Yellowhead region.
The idea originated when the Edson
Photography Club decided to contribute, in order
to give back to the community photographically.
They enquired about a gallery in the hospital but
the idea was decided to be impractical. Members from Edson's Photography Club proudly tour the new Edson Healthcare Facility to
When Continuing Care went into design in
2012, ideas were generated to design the interior. view their chosen photographs used to design the interior on August 16. Standing in front of a
Past Community and Rural Hospitals site photo taken by Lockyer Mercer, listed from left to right is Giles Merriott, Lana Kirtley, Lockyer
manager, Wayne McEachern, and the clinical Mercer, Julian Buckwald. photo Mikaela Kuefler
liaison Major Capital Projects, Anjie Kowalsky
pursued to have graphic artistry in the hospital.
“I thought the photos would bring a really nice, used a different process and are laminated on the The majority of the photos are in continuing
natural flavour to the facility,” states Kowolsky. backside of the glass. They take the length of the care and are in higher concentration than in the
They presented the idea to the Edson wall in some places of the hospital and rest of the hospital.
Photography Club to see if they were interested coordinate with the colour of the paint. Originally, the pictures sent by the photography
in contributing images. When members of the “Photos were chosen based on their ability to club were meant to be donated but when the
club consented to the idea, they provided access evoke a sense of rejuvenation and wellness, as hospital also started to use paid-for stock photos,
to their websites and submitted images to the well as a sense of community,” advises Alberta the club decided it was fair to be reimbursed for
committee. Pictures with good quality and Health Services Communication/Advisory their selected photos as well.
resolution were chosen. Council Officer, Sara Warr. “It was a gratifying process, in the end, to see it
“The graphics committee had a very come to life,” admits Buchwald.
comprehensive graphics plan. Their interior
designer wanted different seasons, colours and EDSON DRY CLEANERS
moods for different areas in the hospital.
Numerous pictures were used since the graphics
committee had access to our images from
different sources,” reports Edson's Photography FOR RENTOR RENT
Club President, Julian Buchwald.
As the committee chose more and more P INSTALLATIONS P
pictures to finish up the project, they started to * Furnaces Replacement
request specific images with specific themes and * Furnaces/Air Conditioners Approx.
had two distinct components. Examples of stock
images were provided by the committee which * Residential Heating Packages 1,000 sq. ft.
“was interesting because, as part of the process * Electronic Air Cleaners
and as images were being selected, they were
emailing us these project guides. It showed a * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers 110 50 Street
mock-up of the room with different photos in * Sheet Metal Work
place. That ended up being our check list,” FREE ESTIMATES
comments Edson Photography Club Member,
Giles Merriott.
Photos were sent in high resolution form and Email: 780-5
are predominately landscapes. Pictures placed on
the walls in the hospital are made either of vinyl 4640 3 Avenue Phone: (780) 723-3553 (Da
* Furnaces Replacement
or are under glass. The photo's under glass have Edson, AB T7E 1C2 Authorized Dealer Fax: (780) 723-3552
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
* Residential Heating Packages
* Electronic Air Cleaners
EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY Meet Kash. Just over a year old, he is a
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
multi breed from pug all the way to lab.
* Sheet Metal Work
FREE ESTIMATES He's very well behaved, knows basic
ACCEPTING tricks such as sit, lay, roll over, stay and
is completely house trained. He is good
NEW with children 4+ [hasn’t been around
younger] and is good around other dogs,
PATIENTS and cats. Sometimes Kash gets a bit
over excited but he's good once you sit
in our new him down and pet him for a bit.
Overall he is a great dog with only a bit of
Join us on Saturday, August 20 from noon to 3:00pm
location learning to do!
for our adoption day at Patterson Parts.
5020 6th Ave. Visit for more information or 780-712-6788.
Visit for more information or 780-712-6788.
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For an appointment please call 780-712-9493
Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Fax: 780-723-2213
Call 780-723-9493 for information
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