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Phone: 780-723-4800 Toll Free 1-800-665-6030 Fax: 780-723-5066

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Agricultural or Environmental Farm Family Centennial Award

Services Bursaries $500 Deadline for Applications is August 31, 2016.
Deadline August 31, 2016 Are you a farm family who has continued to farm on the same
location over generations?
The Agricultural Service Board of Yellowhead County Is your farm a homestead and land that has been continuously
provides two $500.00 bursaries to students from owned and actively farmed or ranched by your family for a
Yellowhead County enrolled in a post-secondary minimum of 100 years and needs to be approximately 160 acres?
institution pursuing an: Your farm can be recognized with a Farm Family Centennial Award
and sign for your farm.
- Agricultural related program
- Environmental Sciences related program Call today!

Bursaries are awarded on academic achievement,
agricultural background, and community and social Grain Moisture Testers Available

Applications at both Wildwood and Edson County Helps producers monitor the condition of their grain more
offices or on accurately by measuring the moisture of harvested or stored
Call Yellowhead County in Wildwood at 325-3782 or Both large and small farmers can benefit from good moisture
1-800-814-3935 for details on this bursary or any analysis.
other Yellowhead County programs. The four grain testers are held by
local residents who you can contact
and bring a grain sample to for
Contact Yellowhead County
SENIORS BENEFITS Agriculture Services in Wildwood to
get the contact information for the
WORKSHOPS holder in your area. 780-325-3782 or
toll free at 1-800-814-3935.
Significant changes to the Seniors Benefits program this
Explore Yellowhead County's heritage
Come out and learn about the financial benefits available in the Wildwood and Evansburg area!
to seniors and how to access them. Provincial
representatives will be present to answer all of your Heritage Bus Tour -
Wildwood & Evansburg
Good planning will help maximize your available benefits. September 22, 2016

August 31
Evansburg and Mackay Stops will include a historic church, working farm in the Leaman
10 am – 12 pm 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm area, lunch in an old school house, driving tour of historic
downtown Evansburg, and tours of the Tipple Park Museum.
September 14 $40.00 per person. Lunch and refreshments provided.
Peers Registration deadline is: September 12, 2016.
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

CALL: 1-800-814-3935 Light Refreshments will be served Pick-up and drop in Edson, Niton Junction, and Wildwood

For more information contact: Jenny Seibel, Heritage
Coordinator at
New Clubroot Disease Strains in or 1-800-665-6030
Canola Fields
Are you interested in instructing group
Yellowhead County Pest Inspectors will be scouting fitness or other active living courses
for Clubroot disease in canola and other brassicaceae throughout Yellowhead County?
fields throughout Yellowhead County from Aug. 22 –
Sept. 30. Yellowhead County staff will be taking all Our goal is to provide enjoyable recreational, leisure, and
possible preventative measures to limit the spread of wellness related activities to the community. Active Living
the disease. programs include but are not limited to group exercise,
circuit training, Zumba, bootcamp, yoga etc. Other
programming options may include a more culture aspect
Go to on the Yellowhead with art classes, drama classes and general interest
County website for tips on how to help prevent the classes.
spread. for more details or Please submit resumes with desired location and type of
contact the Yellowhead County Agricultural instruction as well as copies of current certification to
Department in the Wildwood County Office at: 5304 or drop them off in
person at the Yellowhead County offices Attention:
Rge Rd 92A or call toll free: 1 800 814-3935! Recreation Program Coordinator in Edson (2716 1 Ave) or
Wildwood (53404 Range Road 92A). For more information
contact Jina at 780-723-4800.
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