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Clubroot prevention is key this harvest season

blind view New pathotype of crop disease discovered in province

window remember that clubroot is in Yellowhead County. machinery, vehicles and off-highway vehicles; overcome resistant varieties of seed, termed
of this disease happens by soils falling off
With fall approaching it is a crucial time to
Pathotype 5X. Dr Stephen Strelkov at the
Clubroot is a soil-borne disease that reduces wind and water erosion are also factors. University of Alberta looked at samples collected
fashions yields of cruciferous crops such as canola, prevent the severity of clubroot. Continuous levels of infection than expected in some
from several fields and was able to verify higher
Rotation of crops is highly recommended to
mustards and some vegetables. The disease
clubroot resistant varieties. “This is a different
causes galls or clubs to form on the root systems
cropping of canola may increase the likelihood
of infected plants, which then restricts the and severity of an infection. There are no pathotype that none of the commercially
nutrient and water uptake of the plants. It could treatments currently available for clubroot- available clubroot resistant varieties in Western
potentially reduce the overall yield of crops infected fields or plants, so prevention practices Canada is effective at managing,” says Strelkov.
The Canola Council of Canada has advised that
depending on the severity of clubroot infection in are necessary to combat the disease. canola growers and agronomists scout their
January 4, January 25 Inspectors will be scouting for this disease in clubroot are as follows: clubroot resistant varieties this summer with
the soil.
Preventative measures to lower the risk of
Please note that Yellowhead County Pest
extra effort and vigilance. A focused survey in
Check fields regularly and look for
February 15 canola and other Brassicaceae fields throughout abnormalities such as galls and clubs on roots, the Edmonton region has been underway to help
better understand the pathogen's prevalence and
Yellowhead County from approximately August
premature ripening and wilting plants
22 to September 30. Scouts will be taking all
Sanitise machinery, vehicles and equipment
possible preventative measures to limit the
Please see for more details or
before moving into a new area with a solution of
March 7, 28 spread of the disease. one percent bleach and 99 percent water contact the Yellowhead County Agricultural
Department in the Wildwood County Office at
Equipment sanitation is essential to preventing
Use clubroot resistant varieties of seed for
53404 Rge Rd 92A or call toll free: 1 800 814-
the establishment of clubroot, as the primary way planting
In 2015 a new clubroot pathotype was
April 18 this disease spreads is by soil movement from confirmed in the Edmonton region that can 3935.
infected fields to non-infected fields. The spread
May 9, 30 Protect Your Investments and Use a Local Grain Tester
Understanding when a field is ready to harvest
means that moisture content at various stages of
With harvest season upon the farming
June 20 community in the county, Yellowhead County's is one of the critical components of maximising growth, harvest and sale can mean extra dollars
yields. The introduction of moisture testers to
for the season. For example, grain stored too wet
Agricultural Services Department has four grain
farming replaces guesswork and is a valuable
will spoil. If the grain is too dry the nutritional
testers available for use throughout the County.
The grain testers measure the moisture of tool that accurately measures moisture readings value declines. Both large and small farmers can
July 11 harvested or stored grain, which will help knowing grain moisture is important, but the benefit from good moisture analysis.
right in the field. There are several reasons why
Producers can take grain samples to one of the
producers monitor the condition of their product
main reason is to protect investments.
four testers held by residents located within
more accurately. The use of a grain moisture
Moisture content is almost universally used as a Yellowhead County.
August 1, 22 tester will assist the farmer in making informed price determinant when trading grain. This
harvesting decisions that save time and money.
Sept. 12 Grant approval Disappearing flowers
October 3, 24 for Marlboro in Wildwood
Flowers that are meant to keep the
November 14 wastewater system Hamlet of Wildwood looking routine maintenance.
The plants are always gone, never
just ripped out and left behind. The
beautiful are being stolen from the
December 5, 26? by Adrienne Tait budget, the county could take streets and are likely being County is assuming that the flowers
are being translplanted since they
transplanted for personal use.
are dug up carefully without leaving
Since early June 2016, several
any damaged plants behind or
lagoon from the county's sewer
containers that are part of the
The wastewater system in its share of the cost of the flowers have gone missing from damaging the plants themselves.
Marlboro has been an ongoing reserve. Hamlet beautification done by The missing plants are 30
issue for county council and the Council debated the benefits Yellowhead County. The first thefts calibrachao in red, soft pink,
Blind View cost to residents, property lines, and drawbacks to a low occurred sometime between June 6 orange, yellow and purple, as well
as three rudbeckia, two orange
and June 10, and have continued to
pressure system versus a
Window Fashions right of way issues, and lot lagoon and councillor take place regularly since then. bidens and a single begonia.
alignment have proven to be
challenges in moving forward Priestley-Wright said he The Yellowhead County staff, Please contact Yellowhead
with the construction of water believed the residents should who plant and maintain the flowers County's Enforcement Services
and wastewater systems. have a reliable potable water in Wildwood, noticed the left of the Department or local RCMP with
any information regarding this theft.
flowers each time during their
Custom Window Treatments In 2013 a conceptual design system before a wastewater
since 1988 was prepared by AMEC Foster
Wheeler for a low pressure Councillors Williams and
sewer system for the hamlet. Russell spoke in favor of a Edson Forestry Co-operative Ltd.
Council submitted a request for lagoon but each expressed
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember funding to Alberta some concerns. Councillor Notification of Herbicide Application
780.542.0898 Transportation under the Alberta Russell urged caution with
Municipal water/wastewater regards to AMEC Foster
partnership program. On June Wheeler due to their work in EDFOR's herbicide proposal to employ aerial
applications of glyphosate (VisionMax) to control
6, 2016 the county received a Cadomin. deciduous and herbaceous competition in our
letter from the Minister of Councillor Williams harvested cutblocks has been approved by Alberta
Agriculture and Forestry (AF). Herbicide application
Infrastructure, Brian Mason, questioned some of the line will commence on or about August 23rd in the Tom
confirming grant approval that item costs in the proposal Hill Tower and Oldman Creek areas. Signs will be
will cover up to 75% of the including $140,871.60 for posted on roads and quad access trails within the
immediate vicinity for a minimum of 72hour prior to
estimated cost of the project. mobilization and application to ensure public safety.
The estimated cost of the demobilization and $111,500
lagoon construction is for tree salvaging and Herbicide application will occur in the following
$2,163,000; therefore grubbing. - Section 26, 34, and 36 of Range 15 Township 57
$1,622,250 would be covered by The request for development - Section 15, 16 of Range 16 Township 57

the province and $540,750 by of a lagoon system will come We are pleased to receive any of your concerns by
Yellowhead County. before council on September Tel: 780-723-5808 phone or at our office, located at 6602 4th Avenue.
While not included in the 2016 13. Our office hours are 9-3 Monday to Thursday.
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