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Q & A with local federal election candidates

Conservative candidate Jim Eglinski, Libertarian candidate Cory Lystang and Liberal candidate Ryan Maguhn took the time to
answer a few questions about the upcoming federal election and their views on the leadership that will be required for the

4) What sets you apart from the other Lastly we are the only party that is looking to give dollars being soaked up by bureaucracy in the
candidates? truly free voting abilities to its MPs. That means process.
better, transparent, representation for the people of Maguhn: The Conservative Government has failed
Eglinski: I believe that my conservative way of the Yellowhead, guaranteed to stand up for what's Canadians. It has provided eight years of economic
thinking and being a member of the Conservative important to us in this riding. I stand for real change deficit budgets. It has racked up over 150 billion
party is the same way that most people in the and real fairness. dollars worth of debt. Corruption, misspending, and
Yellowhead think. illegal activities by its members have resulted in
People are prepared to work for what they want. 5) Under the current government, what is numerous RCMP investigations and court cases. All
Our government is there to assist but not carry us. working –what would you defend or advocate to of these issues have been founded on cutting
We must work ourselves if we want to get ahead and maintain? programs and services that Canadians rely on (such
most of us are willing to work to get ahead. as raising retirement age, removing Veterans benefits
Albertans have the opportunity to prosper and grow Eglinksi: Our policies are strong especially with and offices, decreasing support to municipalities,
as we go along. If we all work together we can regards to the economy. There are threats we need poor leadership, and negating our obligation to
make this province and this country a better place. to protect ourselves from both outside and within develop industry in a sustainable way) failing to
Lystang: I'm not in this for a job, I have a great job, our borders. I believe our hard line on crime is the protect our country for our children and their
my motivation is to give my children a chance to right way to go. children. If the Conservative government is
live in a country that isn't spying on its citizens, Lystang: It is hard to point out government successful at working at anything it's their success at
treating Canadians as second class citizens because programs or initiatives that are worth maintaining in failure. They have wholeheartedly sold Canadians
they choose to own firearms, or puts them in jail their current state. Most of the programs that do up the river, squandering a decade of surplus'
because they have the wrong plant in their pocket. have value are so grossly mismanaged, with our tax (previous to them) for a decade of failures.
Maguhn: The Conservatives have eight years of
deficits and have run up over 150 billion dollars of
debt; all while cutting services and misspending
Canadian tax dollars. The NDP are very critical of
the Conservatives but have provided no plan to fix
the economy, they have however - promised to
spend money like it's going out of style. What
Thomas Mulcair has managed to do is pander to
separatist voters in Quebec by promising to make it
easier to rip this country apart. The Liberal Party
and myself are the common sense middle ground. I
represent the economic policies to empower the
middle class of Canada, by reducing taxes for over
90% of Canadians. We will work with our natural
resource industry to get our resource to market in a
sustainable and reasonable way. Additionally, we A few of the Parkland Lodge residents visited the Sandra Block's picnic area near Pinedale. 35 residents
will invest in Canadian companies to ensure that we and volunteers joined in August 14 to play lawn dart, ladder ball, and have a wiener roast luncheon,
stay on the technological top of industry and followed by music with Burt Smith. Left to right are volunteers Brian Boser, and Jean Paschak. Residents
environmental practices, while ensuring that we playing ladderball are Tom Plumb, Alberta Petty, Wilburt Plett, Dan Lubarsky, Alma Keller, Ina McGuire, Ed
continue to be economically attractive to Filmore, Alice Nodeland, Shirley Giedl, Russel Kolasa, Doris Schram, Margaret Paschak, Estelle Tilby,
corporations that want to invest in operations here. Hilda Dykema, and Ruben Adam.

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