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The Scene
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s CHOOL s UMMER for Kids Times s UMMER Balloons pop and cotton candy twirls
at Red Brick's Kids Carnival
Times Fun by Deanna Mitchener helping out at the out. We had extremely better. We were able to

for Kids
expand and bring in
generous donations from
carnival. Only four are
It was a fun afternoon
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS for families and children staff and the rest have a many of the companies Captain Red, more
snacks, and some pretty
in town that made this
good heart for helping
year's carnival even
CLUB NEWS on August 19 during the
second annual Red Brick
Kids Carnival.
Richelle Jesse, with
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada the Red Brick, said, "We
ONLY RUNS IF DID YOU KNOW?: The Club has a very popular after-school have the popcorn tent
program! Why? First the Club provides a safe bus and walk
that has cotton candy, ice
system from each school, then provides a healthy after
school snack and then there is a ton of fun and interesting
programming each day! cream and juice, then we
have a craft tent where
THEY SEND IN KINDERCLUB: What does KinderClub do? Well they have we have canvas with
acrylic paints. We have a
gone swimming, bowling, gymnastics, tour of the museum,
story time, crafts, baking, horseback riding…& much more.
Registration is open for the upcoming school year. bunch of games, we have
can knock down, ring
AN ARTICLE week in September, 2 in October and once a week the rest toss, basketball toss,
Kinderclub operates on non-kindergarten days (3 times a
duck pond, balloon pop,
of the year). Its affordable $25 per day for the program.
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: Teen Drop-in program on Thursday and a photo booth where
kids of all ages can dress
nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16
year olds that want to be part of the Club's programming up and have their photo
one night a week. The program will offer a safe, fun and taken. All of the games
comfortable place for youth to get together. Some Teen are named after one of
Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-hockey, floor hockey and
of course food. our sponsors."
R i c h e l l e s t a r t e d
DISNEYLAND TRIP: Tickets are selling for $10 each and you back in May. "To come
can buy yours at Jensen's Lifestyle Clothing store, Just
Frame it and The Boys and Girls Club at 5414 6 Ave. Last here today and see it all
year our raffle almost sold out so get your tickets today! laid out and all the
Draw date August 31, 2015 people is pretty cool,"
she said.
JAMBOREE Burger Booth Fundraiser: 2015. This is one of the
Edson Club's successful annual fundraisers! A BIG THANK Bobbi-Dawn Drader,
YOU! Castle Rentals and Welding Supplies, Boisvert Law also with the Red Brick,
group, Coubrough's Independent Grocery, Helmig Fire said, "We have between
Equipment Inc, Integra Tire, Sobeys, Boston Pizza. Also a
BIG THANK YOU to the many volunteers that helped to cook 16 and 20 volunteers Robyn Brinker helps at the fish pond during the Red Brick Kids Carnival
and serve the delicious burgers! August 19. Photo: Deanna Mitchener
FACEBOOK PAGE: Please check out and like the Club's
Facebook page: Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District!

A good place to be


Proud Sponsor of the

Edson Boys & Girls Club

Kirsty Maskowitz waits while the kids to try and pop balloons during the annual Red Brick Kids Carnival
on August 19. Photo: Deanna Mitchener


Sanya Camillus is a sweet and shy little Kwan Yun is an amazing eight year old
four year old. Sanya said she had fun at boy. Kwan said "I will be going into grade
the Jamboree. With mom’s help Sanya three at Westhaven School. School is okay,
was able to say her favorite color is blue, it's something we all have to do. The best
she likes to eat gummy bears. Sanya part about summer was swimming, I am in
keeps herself busy playing, she likes level four swimming lessons. My favorite
playdough crafting as well playing with colors are orange, red and green. I'm not
her toy medical stuff, pretending she is a fussy when it comes to eating anything as
doctor or nurse. long as I'm hungry".

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