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AHS explains ambulance challenges
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continued from front operate any dedicated interfacility caused patients waiting for long
continued from front transfer trucks in the northern term care to occupy regular hospital
continued from front zone," said Huckabee. Ambulances beds. The lack of regular beds
continued from front are used for interfacility transfers of causes a back-up in patient
continued from front patients (emergency or non- admitting, and hence EMT staff
continued from front emergency transfers), as well as must remain with their patients
continued from front emergency calls. longer before they can be admitted.
continued from front With 61 thousand events per year, "It's a dominos effect, a situation of
continued from front AHS has faced many challenges 'no room at the inn', said Barone.
continued from front included a very large territory with Mayor Soroka said, "It's
continued from front sparse population. interesting there is a great deal of
continued from front "We are experiencing a lack of concern with patient care in a
Advanced Life Support Paramedics hospital when there are patients
as well as system capacity issues," outside with potentially life
said Barone. "For the last six to threatening injuries, with no
eight years staffing has been a ambulance available, because it's
concern, particularly in the northern waiting at a hospital."
zone. We have seen a 35 to 40% Barone explained that EMS
reduction in paramedics in the north services are moved in from other
zone." areas when there is a void, based on
"In an effort to keep ambulances the resources available and AHS Director of EMS Clinical Operations North Zone, Dan Huckabee along
on the road we have been filling probability of an event. "It's a with Rob Barone the Associate Executive Director gave County Council an Photo Copies
those vehicles with Emergency moving target with an aging overview of ambulance services on August 22. photo Dana McArthur
B&W and Colour
Medical Technicians [Basic Life population and increased demand Both Mayor Soroka and COA Jack whether STARS or a ground crew
Support], "said Barone. AHS has for services," said Barone. "Could Ramme asked about who is takes the call. "In the event of grey B&W and Colour
made efforts with hiring and that be wrong, Murphy's Law says it ultimately responsible for initiating lines a transport physician is
retention including making the two will be sometimes." (or cancelling) a STAR air brought into the call and ultimately Colour as low as
year training courses available County CAO Jack Ramme asked if ambulance call. "On the human they will make the decision," said
through some northern colleges. an EMS technician could be side, it's a combination of the Barone.
A increase in interfacility patient stationed at a hospital to take charge dispatch manager and the Mayor Soroka thanked the AHS 49 cents....
transfers has also been a challenge of a number of patients, releasing supervisor. But it's driven by the members saying, "We have a better
for AHS. Mayor Gerald Soroka ambulances back into service faster. FLEX tool [computer-aided understanding now. It hasn't ask for details!
asked about the reasoning behind Barone explained they are trying dispatch software]," said Barone. answered all our questions, but it
ambulance staff having to remain patient consolidation, but, as Based on real-time probabilities the appears to be system that is very
with a patient even after they patients are scattered throughout a system can aid predictions based on complicated with a lot more At
arrived at the destination hospital. hospital for different services, that past events. involved. We were concerned with
"Until the hospital takes over care, system has not been very Mayor Soroka asked who is how this worked, and you have
the care of the patient remains the successful. ultimately responsible deciding answered that to some degree.” The Weekly Anchor
responsibility of the EMT. We have Scheduled air patient transfers and
look at this at length, and there is no advanced notice of ground transfers 5040 3 Ave., Edson
magic solution," said Barone. has had some success in lowering
A lack of long term care beds has EMS wait times, explained Barone. 780-723-5787
Sid's Safety

& Janitor al

5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567

continued from front Now offering In House Tank Truck,
Composite and Industrial Hose Assembly’s Sid’s Safety runs:
Repairs and Hydro Testing
August 28

September 4, 11, 18

Sarah Bowman the FCSS summer student has been doing a lot of park play
and crafts with youngsters. Sarah said, "This has been the first season they
have done park play and I feel very fortunate to be able to come and hang out
in the park with the kids. We even get some games going with items from the
Green Shacks. If the weather is rainy, I head back to the Parent Link Centre
and help them out there. photo Deanna Mitchener
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