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Edson’s Community

Garden targeted by

vandals ...again

by Deanna Mitchener
Dallis Cartwright
The Community Garden in Edson, that so many stands beside
people have put a lot of hard work into, was s o m e o f t h e
vandalized once again. damage that was
Dallis Cartwright with the Community Gardens done by vandals
and Anne Auriat Manager with the Edson
Recycle Depot and the Community Gardens, in the Community
said, "We are soon going to have permanent Garden in Edson,
camera and solar lighting up in the gardens in on August 17.
hopes of deterring vandalism. If not deterring
them, then in hope of catching those that are photo Deanna
causing damage." Mitchener
"Vandals have cross words off our signs and
wrote over top of them. It is disheartening and BILL MITCHELL
maddening that people have had their cabbages,
zucchini, beets, carrots, potato hills and onions NEW TRUCK SALES
taken," said Auriat.
"Every year it seems to be a different spot that
they go after. Last year the raised beds were Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
targeted and this year random beds have been 26124 TWP Road 531A
vandalized," said Auriat. "If people see things Acheson, AB T7X 5A1
please report it."
That whole area up by Parkland High School
and Pine Grove Middle School has been targeted. MTSI
Parkland had their bottle shed ripped apart. The
soccer building and overhead door was targeted
again," said Auriat. Toll Free 1-800-252-7500
"The garden was torn up and the food wasn't IS LOOKING FOR Phone: 780-453-3452 Cell: 780-984-2224
even taken. Items were ripped out of the ground
and then left in a bag in the wheel barrel. So
whether they forgot to take everything or they
were just out being destructive, we do not know," YOU!!!!!!
said Auriat.
"If these individuals want to come out and learn Photo Copies
about caring for a garden we would love to have
them attend a session or come by during the day
and ask questions," said Anne.
B&W and Colour
The Community Garden is available for those Are you a model looking for more experience?
interested in maintaining a small garden plot at a B&W and Colour
very reasonable cost. It is the responsibility of Always wanted to be a model or an actor,
each plot renter to plant and look after their own
section, then be able to enjoy the reward of their but never had the opportunity?
labour at the end of the season. Do you know someone who could be a model or Colour
Edson has a Food Bank for those that do need a
little extra help, and several churches offer free an actor, but doesn’t know it?
meals regularly. Please be respectful to others
and their efforts to grow a small garden. as low as

Traffic Complaints AUDITION FOR US!!!! 49 cents....

top list of

RCMP calls MUST HAVE SNAPSHOT TO BE SEEN ask for details!

August 14 to 20 saw 132 calls for Email:
service by the local Edson RCMP or call 1-844-803-7077 to book an appointment time At
detachment. Topping the list of calls
was 21 Traffic Complaints.
Other calls included 18 Theft DATE: August 29, 2017
Complaints, 16 Traffic Collisions, 14 The Weekly Anchor
Assistance Calls, 14 Suspicious TIME: 3 to 9 pm
Persons or Vehicles, 8 Mischief or PLACE: Nova Hotel, 5625 2 Avenue, AB
Damage, 7 Alarms/False Alarms, 6 5040 3 Ave., Edson
Wellbeing Check, 5 Fail to comply
w/conditions, 4 Assaul, 3 COME BE A PART OF THE BIGGEST MODEL AND
Harassment/Criminal Harassment, 3 TALENT SCOUT EXPEDITION,
Mental Health Act, 3 Animals Calls, 2 780-723-5787
False/Abandoned 911 call, 2 Firearms and be discovered by top agents. Male/female 8 yrs to 23 yrs of age and all ethnicity
Act, 2 Impaired Operation Motor needed immediately to audition and make a difference to the industry,
Vehicle, 2 Municipal Bylaws, along Assignments/contracts worth thousands of dollars being awarded to local talents.
with various other requests for
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