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Town Council moves to SPRING SPECIAL ON

fly Foster Care flag 5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
decking available.
decking available.
Pure Lodgepole Pine.
8’ at $3.54 each;
8’ at $3.54 each;
Foster Parent Appreciation Week coming in October Pure Lodgepole Pine.
10’ at $4.43 each;
10’ at $4.43 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
14’ at $6.93 each
14’ at $6.93 each
by Adrienne Tait Council was told the county had been
invited to view the machine being considered Yellowhead
Alberta Foster Parents Association delegate, and liked it as an option. Wood Products Inc. 780-723-9525
Wood Products Inc.
Jim Toner, came before the town council, Concerns were raised by council members
during the meeting on August 23, to discuss as to how best to pay for the machine with
Foster Parent Appreciation Week which falls several options including lease or buy, and
during the third week in October. transferring money from reserves were FOR RENT
Toner, the Regional Foster Care Supervisor, discussed. Council approved the purchase Immediate Possession
said it is important to “recognize this special price funded from reserves subject to county
group of people who open their hearts and approval. As New 2014 Mobile
homes and welcome children in need.” Council approved the purchase of a new
This year the local group has requested a photocopier for the community services 3 Bed, 2 Full Bath
flag raising ceremony to which they plan on department. Manufactured Home
inviting all foster and kinship families as well The council meeting for September 6 has Deck and Yard
as town and county councils. They also been cancelled. Located in Creekside
intend on recognizing a local family at the
The request was well received by council. BILL MITCHELL $1,195 DD and
It was moved, and carried, that the town of Sales Representative $1,195 Rent
Edson flag be removed at the Galloway No Smoking
Station Museum and Travel Centre in No Pets
Centennial Park for the week and the Alberta Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd. Ask about rental incentives
Foster Parent Association Flag be flown in its
stead. 15205 - 112 Avenue 780-723-3110
Edmonton, AB T5M 2V7
Public hearings
Town council held two public hearings at
their regular council meeting on August 23. Beginning August 25
The first public hearing meeting was in
regards to bylaw 2183 which proposed to Toll Free 1-800-252-7500 Fax: 780-447-5317 JANE LEUGNER
close a road allowance which abuts the CN Phone: 780-453-452 Cell: 780-984-2224
Rail and new hospital within the Lion's Park will be hairstyling
Summers Drilling
Adjacent land owner, Jason Krywulak, Summers Drilling with the
submitted a written objection and attended
Water Well Drilling
the public hearing where he cited concerns Water Well Drilling Eclipse Team
about what the closure would to do the value
and potential future use of his land.
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
Council was told that reopening a road A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Specializing in
allowance once closed would involve Summers Drilling specializes in water well colors and
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
obtaining Alberta Transportation approvals, drilling and water well repairs. cuts, upstyles
drilling and water well repairs.
surveys, and could be a lengthy process. and color
The bylaw was referred back to correction for
administration for further information and Ladies, Men
review. and children.
The second public hearing was for bylaw
2184 for the closure of a portion of road right
of way within the Lion's Park boundaries. Appointments
The matter will be sent to the Minister of
4405 50 streeteet
Transportation for signature prior to second 4405 50 str 780-963-1282 780-723-1888
Stony Plain, AB
and third reading. Stony Plain, AB www
Purchase approvals
Council approved the purchase of several IF a Postal Lock-out or Strike occurs You can pick up
pieces of equipment including a 1998
International S series truck from the Town of a copy of the Weekly Anchor at the following locations:
Hinton for the amount of $10,000. The truck
is equipped with a sander and plow, and will
-Peers Food Mart inside
EDSON Red Street boxes beside:
be used during snow removal season both on EDSON Red Street boxes beside: -Peers Food Mart inside
or -Red Box beside
the streets and at the airport if needed. -Edson Post Office -Royal Bank, or -Red Box beside
-Edson Post Office -Royal Bank,
Director of operations, Darin Borysko, said Peers Food Mart
Peers Food Mart
-Treasury Branch -Medical Centre
hiring a contractor to help with the trucking -Treasury Branch -Medical Centre
-Wildwood Red Box
of snow can cost $1,000 per day and the -Wildwood Red Box
beside Post Office
Also Available inside:
purchase of the truck should help alleviate Also Available inside: beside Post Office
those costs. -Independent Grocer -Niton Red Box beside
-Niton Red Box beside
-Independent Grocer
Council also approved the purchase of the
postboxes near A&W
Schmidt CJS runway maintenance equipment -Shoppers postboxes near A&W
-Evansburg Red Box
-Sobeys -Tags North
in order to replace the obsolete equipment -Sobeys -Tags North -Evansburg Red Box
currently at the airport. The demo unit cost is -Weekly Anchor office beside Post Office or
beside Post Office or
-Weekly Anchor office
$504,162 but will be shared 50/50 with the
inside Super A Foods
county. additional papers available at various inside Super A Foods
restaurants, and businesses throughout the area
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