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Discovery of Rainbow trout dramatically

escalates culvert replacement costs

by Adrienne Tait the unexpected capture of the rainbow trout realize how much it costs but it can infuriate people
approximately one kilometer upstream of the culvert. who don't believe what it costs… With regards to this
The discovery of ten rainbow trout living upstream of Councillors Mitchell and Velichko inquired about the project it is a small area and not that many vehicles.
a planned culvert replacement on range road 140 usage of the road and number of residents impacted How do you justify that cost for six people?”
prompted a review of the project during County's should the project not move forward. Councillor Velichko said the road is also a bus route
committee of the whole meeting July 20. Councillor David Russell said, “The amount of and can be used as a bypass if needed should
something happen on highway 32.
The 1.2 meter culvert collapsed resulting in a
blind view roadway side slope failure and is putting the road money it costs to repair a culvert never ceases to obtained permits, design, and tenders.
Administration was directed to move forward with
astound me, but doing nothing is not an option.”
Councillor Williams suggested that the county
surface at risk.
window approximately $730,000. consider following in the province's footsteps and
Initial estimates to replace the culvert were
placing signs at the location of large projects, “Another
fashions $1.395 million after an aquatic assessment resulted in Yellowhead County project culvert replacement $1.3
The estimated cost of the project was increased to
Mayor Soroka said, “Publicity is great so people
July 20 County dust control policy remains unchanged

August 10 by Adrienne Tait lowering the cost for those on fixed incomes but it was
Some support from council members regarding
County council reviewed their dust control policy
August 31 and more specifically the cost to county residents later decided that the application and administration of
such could be prohibitive.
Councillor Cherniawsky inquired about changing
September 21 during the July 21 committee of the whole. from a 50/50 split to a 60/40 split. B
Councillor Dawn Mitchell said, “You chose to buy a
property. You chose to buy the property on a dirt road
Councillor Russeel said, “The total cost, the big
Sizzling Summer Savings
October 12 if you want pavement move to town.” She added, “I number, is not that significant when you look at our Sizzling Summer Savings
feel the dust keeps the speed down.”
total budget and what we spend money on.”
Councillor Russell advocated for increased dust
Councillor Velichko agreed with Councillor Russell
November 2 control at less cost to county residents. “A lot of and said, “If we went down in price we'd have a lot of FULL LOAD LEATHER, LOW KM, GM WARRANTY
November 23 people have lived there for years. Some have lived satisfied residents.” WAS 61,999 A15-335
there and seen their roads go from seeing maybe five
In the end council decided it was not the policy itself
NOW 59,499
vehicles per day to significantly more than that and
December 14 even industrial traffic. It is incumbent upon us to that needed changed and
therefore the policy
develop a county that is safe to live in.”
remains unchanged at this
Under the current policy the cost to apply the time but is scheduled to
calcium dust control is shared between the property return for review in 2017.
owners and the county.
Play Dates Are Important
Blind View $2M upgrade for Wildwood Play is crucial for your child's social,
emotional, physical and cognitive
Window Fashions wastewater facility growth. It's your child's way of
learning about the world around
Custom Window Treatments by Adrienne Tait problems with the current The construction tender them. Think of play time as more
than toy time, playing is really any enjoyable activity that involves people,
since 1988 facility during periods of was awarded to Nu Edge
County council voted in heavy rain wherein the Construction Ltd. in the objects and movement. Let your child choose activities and control the
favour of proceeding with system backs up and amount of $1,616,712.80 direction of play, you can suggest new ideas and options, but your child should
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember u p g r a d e s t o t h e f l o o d s r e s i d e n t ' s b r i n g i n g t h e t o t a l be the one in control of the play. After all that's one thing your child is an expert
780.542.0898 Wildwood wastewater basements. estimated cost of the at already, having a good time. Invite others over with children the same age, or
facility. Upgrades will The existing pipeline is project to $2,131,920.80. go to their house. If you do not know anyone, choose to attend play time at
include a new force main undersized and will be The project will be FCSS or the many free Rotary Sunday's in the park to meet others.
and the replacement of increased to an eight inch directionally drilled and
the existing sewage line and the current therefore will not result in Recognition from Early Childhood Matters goes out to FCSS and Rotary
pumping station. pumping station is extra road work and is Sunday's in the park, for having free events for all families to come and enjoy
The county and hamlet e x p e r i e n c i n g b o t h expected to be complete and to meet others.
h a v e e x p e r i e n c e d groundwater infiltration by the end of January. Visit our facebook page - Early Childhood Matters
and structural issues.
My name is
Mittens. I love
snuggles and pets
more than anything
else. I’m very well
behaved and calm
for a kitten. I like
The family of I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those kids, love other
The family of
who I have had the pleasure to work with during my years
cats and am
CARL CARL as the Pharmacist/Owner at Shoppers Drug Mart in getting used to
Edson. I have enjoyed my role as a healthcare provider,
these things called
STITZENBERGERSTITZENBERGER business owner and employer in this community ‘dogs’. I always try
my best to be a
wish to
wish to My family has made the exciting decision to relocate, and good girl and
although this brings new opportunities, I will dearly miss
promise to be your best friend if you let
invite you
invite you all of you who made the past eight years of my career here me! Xoxo Mittens.
in Edson both enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. It has
to the
to the been my absolute pleasure, and privilege, to have worked Mittens is available for foster-to-adopt.
Her adoption fee is only $125. Visit our
and developed close relationships with customers,
Pioneer Cabin on patients, staff and other members of the healthcare and website at
Pioneer Cabin on
for more information.
business communities in Edson.
August 8
August 8 Edson will always be my hometown, so I am confident Visit
this does not mean goodbye! My partner, Kendra Watt,
1-4 pm
from 1-4 pm will continue as the Pharmacist/Owner and I am certain Sponsored by: for more information.
you will continue to receive the same level of professional
to celebrate Carl’s
to celebrate Carl’s service, attention, and care from the entire Shoppers Drug CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
Mart team.
Satellite TV sales, installs, service
80th Birthday
80th Birthday Sincerely, John’s cell 780-723-0147
Jodi Cunningham
Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
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