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Honest Liars put in an ‘honest’ effort during the charity ball tournament held
at Vision Park in Edson on August 22 and 23. Photo: Deanna Mitchener

The Weekly ANCHOR

Team ‘P’ took 2nd place in the C division at the charity ball tournament held in
Edson on August 22 and 23. Photo: Deanna Mitchener

by Deanna Mitchener Charity Ball Tournament,” said Chris.
“The Benevolent Fund helps to
A group of avid ball players got assist families that are not financially
together recently and decided to host able to purchase the special needs
their first charity ball tournament in equipment for their home or have
Edson. problems getting grants through the
Chris Valliere-Kowalchuk, one of government for materials and aids to
the organizers, said, "Basically we all daily living,” said Chris. “Stuff they
love to play ball and we play in the might need to have their children
regular leagues here in Edson. A lot of participating and having a bit easier
people were really sad that league time with every day activities,” said September 5 & 6, 2015
games ended and it seems ball season Chris.
comes to an end to quickly. Then you “We did very well for our first
have the Kinsman and Peer's Gold charity ball tournament so we will be
Dust Tournaments – and it is pretty having another one next year. We still
much over for ball." have a couple of bills to pay before we
"We figured let's do a ball know the finally tally,” said Chris.
tournament here in Edson, as we were Wins in the A Division went to Rally
looking at going to other community Killers in first place, Jager Bombers in
ball tournaments around Alberta. But second, and third went to Brewers. In
trying to get the whole team together the B Division, Jabronis took first,
to go play out of town was really Havoc took second, and Redds took
difficult,” said Chris. third. In the C Division, Octane took
“We decided to raise funds for the first, Team P took second, and
Benevolent Fund. We approached the Swingers took third. In the D Division
Day Care Society because they are the first place went to Designated
ones that started the Benevolent Fund, Drinkers, second place went to We Got
and we got a plan together for this The Runs, and third place winners 2 km south on Willmore Road, Edson
were Sexy Pitches.


Logan Blackett (5) enjoys going to the Boys Caylyn Blackett (6) is excited about going into
and Girls Club, He said "I like it very much grade one at the Westhaven School. Caylyn said
because I get to see my best buddies here. I "it will be fun to see all my friends every day
get to go to kindergarten soon at again. This summer I had fun at the carnival,
Westhaven, I like green and eating candy. swimming pool, played at the Boys and Girls
When I grow up I want to be a Goo Guy, so I Club. I really like the color purple and pink, I like
can make all my own sticky goo to play with to snack on bubble gum. When I grow up I want
when ever I want. to be a chief and a human. I want to have a
restaurant, a pet store and a dog, a ambulance
so I can be a fixer girl like a doctor.”

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