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Community garden Marlboro Elders

taking root Culture Camp

food around to waste is by Deanna Mitchener cement foundry and
by Deanna Mitchener not cool. We have some s e e i n g t h e o l d
cameras that are going Robert and Vicky foundations. I never knew
Anne Auriat, manager to be donated soon, so Wa n y a n d i e g a v e a they were there,” said
of the Edson and District t h a t s h o u l d h e l p demonstration on how to Eglinski. “We enjoyed the
Recycling Society, was alleviate the problem,” make a drum during the stew and such friendly
a guest speaker during said Auriat. Elders Culture Camp in p e o p l e i n t h e
Marlboro on August 22.
the weekly Edson "I was asked to do a There was good turn out for the Marlboro Elders Culture Camp featuring drum making held August 22.
Rotary meeting held d r u m m a k i n g
August 25. demonstration here in
Looking back on the Marlboro for the Elders to
community garden s h o w t h e y o u n g e r
project, Anne said, “Just generation how to make
one year ago there was their own drum. I
nothing there –just prepared 20 drums to be
grass. For it being our assembled by those
first year I feel we have wishing to make one, so
done really well, but we some of the work was
also have room for done ahead of time,” said
improvements as we Robert.
"Drums are a very
move forward.” sacred instrument. They
“The community are blessed and smudged
gardens are being used before use. I was told at a
by town and county young age that when we
people. I know many drum and sing the people
seniors that have moved that have gone before us
to town from the county come; they come and join
that are very much you. You don't see them
involved with the but they come to be with
garden. It is a place to you. The drum carries
grow and connect with your prayer to the creator
each other,” said Auriat. and sends the message,"
"Kids have come and said Robert.
"In our culture I have
build bird houses been gifted to be a sound-
t h r o u g h d i ff e r e n t maker, drum maker, and a
schools that have lead singer,” said Robert.
p a r t i c i p a t e d . T h e Shari McDowell, with
gardens are so colourful the Edson and District
with all the different Historical Society, said,
greens and flowers. We "We partnered with the
just put in a solar pond Marlboro Elders to apply
with small fountains," for the New Horizon's
said Auriat. seniors grant. It is a
"Next year we hope to federal grant to assist the
start having nature elders in sharing their
b u i l d i n g d a y s o r culture with the young
appreciation days for people.”
There was a wiener
our environment. We are roast planned for lunch
looking at courses from and for supper a stew
May to September. Two cooked over an open fire
times a month for kids to w i t h b a n n o c k w a s
come and drop in. They prepared.
can paint pet rocks or “We have activities
build birdhouses or bat planned until the end of
houses to help keep the March. It has been fun and
bugs away. We had worth it –a good learning
kindergarten classes e x p e r i e n c e , " s a i d
c o m e w h e r e t h e y McDowell.
released hundreds Jim Eglinski, Member
ladybugs,” said Auriat. of Parliament for West
“We hope to start using Yellowhead along with
his wife Nancy came to
t h e g a r d e n s f o r the camp and tried the
educational purposes.” drum making.
"Down the road in a Eglinski said, "My wife
couple of years we are and I enjoyed spending
hoping to have harvest the afternoon out at the
days where people can Culture Camp learning. I
come and pick apples joined forces with Shari to
a n d l e a r n a b o u t help her make her drum. I
preserving them. One think we must have
thing leads to another picked the thickest piece
and it's building a of hide there because we
stronger community for both really had to work at
that drum.”
all of us. What was once “It's very interesting to
a dream is starting to see the old traditions of
form. I think we had 300 how to make a drum and
students come and help to see just how well these
put down mulch,” said drums play all the
Auriat. different tunes from the
“There has been some different thicknesses of
vandalizing going in the hide," said Eglinski.
gardens. If someone was "The other thing I found
hungry and wanted to extremely exciting was to
eat the food that may be wonder through the old
f i n e , b u t j u s t t o ruins of the Marlboro
vandalize and throw
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