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Q & A with local federal election candidates

Conservative candidate Jim Eglinski, Libertarian candidate Cory Lystang and Liberal candidate Ryan Maguhn took the time to
answer a few questions about the upcoming federal election and their views on the leadership that will be required for the

6) Alternatively, if elected, what would you fight to the country's security, tough on crime status, and by our website to
change or make different in the current federal strong leadership. see just how the Liberal Party plans to put them first.
landscape? Lystang: The mission of the Libertarian Party of
Canada is to reduce the responsibilities and expense 8) What do you see as the number one priority for
Eglinski: I believe we should continue with most of of government. This, so that we may each manage our Canadians and our riding specifically?
the policies. They are working. We have one of the lives to mutually fulfill our needs by the free and
best economies in the world. When compared to G7 voluntary exchange of our efforts and property for the Eglinski: The number one priority in this country is
or G20 countries our economy is strong. value that best realizes our happiness. the need to continue with strong leadership, which
That said, at any given time we must be willing to The Libertarian Party of Canada founds its policy on has a proven track record, this will enable us to keep
look at alternatives. I would be willing to bring respect – respect for the person and property of our our standard of living what it is today or make it
changes if needed. With my history in law fellow citizen. We believe that if government's role better.
enforcement I would still like to work on certain were limited to upholding this respect, our natural Lystang: Government spending is out of control and
aspects of the criminal code. There are sections that tendency to fulfill our needs at the least cost would needs to be dealt with in a transparent manner before
still need to be updated to reflect the current times. ensure an ever-increasing quality of life and the there is nothing left.
Lystang: I would fight for our privacy, the Libertarian satisfaction derived from helping others would ensure Maguhn: The number one priority of the people of
Party promises to repeal C-51. I would fight for a social harmony. this riding is to elect a government that works to bring
smaller, fiscally responsible, and transparent Maguhn: Our party places its key importance on the the concerns of the Yellowhead up to Ottawa; not to
government so we can enjoy a lower tax rate while lives of the Canadian citizen. The people of this great bring Harper and Mulcair's versions of Canada down
more money gets where it belongs. I would fight for country are first and foremost...always. However, it is to us here in the Yellowhead. We deserve a
property rights, less tax, less government, and more impossible to distill all of our platform concerns into government that is aimed at representing the people,
freedom. just a few words. I would recommend that folks drop not the politicians.
Maguhn: The Liberal Party and myself are fighting
for the majority of Canadians. We don't want to see
only the wealthiest Canadians benefit (as the County Fire Department focuses
Conservatives do), or ease the job of separatists to
tear the country apart (as the NDP are advocating for).
It is the role of a Liberal Government to grow the on emergency vehicle training
middle class and reduce taxes for 90% of Canadians
(this does not include) cancelling tax splitting for our by Deanna Mitchener emergency call. The firefighters could be furnace inspected by a
seniors, as Conservative lies would have you believe. training encompasses found at any number of qualified technician and
We are fighting to create a more generous monthly b o t h c l a s s r o o m , community events change the filters. This
Canada Child Benefit, one where you don't get taxed This month the training controlled obstacle providing education, will ensure that it is safe
on it twice (like the Conservative plan). focus for the Yellowhead
We are working to ensure that Canada makes it easy County Fire Department driving, and on road information, and safety to operate. Many gas
for small businesses to succeed by reducing small was on emergency training. We are proud to standby for events such utility companies will
business tax. With a Liberal government we will vehicle operations. have trained eight new as fireworks." perform this check free
ensure that corporations stay in Canada, because Deputy Fire Chief of apparatus drivers back "This month's Fire of charge, all you need to
we've created an economic climate that is appealing Public Safety for on August 22." Safety Tip: With cooler do is call and ask," said
not only on the North American but the world stage. Yellowhead County, "The County Fire weather approaching, do Deputy Fire Chief
Extremely important to the Yellowhead is the fact that Cory Chegwyn, said, D e p a r t m e n t h a s not forget to have your Chegwyn.
the Liberal Party, and myself as your MP, will "One of the leading continued to be busy
tirelessly advocate for getting our natural resources to causes of injury for responding to all types of
market by creating a system of consulting firefighters in North emergencies. Member's FOR SALE
stakeholders that is efficient and impartial in America is fire apparatus time contribution this
developing resource shipping projects. We can and a c c i d e n t s . O u r year has increased 1968 Chev 2 DRHT Malibu project car.
will develop our economy in a way that is Yellowhead County Fire markedly from past
environmentally sustainable, efficient, and profitable. Department ensures that years due to call volume. Looking for a quick sale.
all members who drive YCFD is proud of our
7) What is your party's key political belief? our apparatus go through member's commitment Best offer takes her away. No reasonable
an extensive evaluation to providing a safe offer refused.
Eglinski: Our beliefs are a strong economy, ensuring and training process to community. With it
be qualified to drive to an being summer YCFD Call 1-902-402-0028.

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