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continued from front PAGE 2 MONDAY AUGUST 7, 2017 THE WEEKLY ANCHOR
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continued from front Kinsmen Slo Pitch Tournament cancelled
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continued from front with pulling a liquor permit. But in the end AGLC "Yes, we made some mistakes and we take full Calgary than Edson."
continued from front [Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission ] said if responsibility for that. We tried cutting where we The Kinsmen Club of Edson stated they will
continued from front there was a new name on the permit, it could take could to make this tournament a go, so we could refund the 90 teams that registered for the event.
continued from front weeks to process," said Pasychny. "We did pay people back some of the money we owe," said The Edson Rotary Club that operates the adjacent
continued from front everything we could." Pasychny. campground will also be refunding deposits and any Diagnostic Company
"Without a liquor permit, we couldn't have the
The Kinsmen Club does not own the Kinsmen
continued from front beer gardens. It wasn't just about breaking even. Slopitch grounds. They are owned by the Town of pre-paid campsites.
continued from front Without the beer gardens there was a high Edson and leased to the Kinsmen for a token sum. When asked what was in the future for the Edson
continued from front probability we would lose money. We have debts "The town took over the park operation this spring Kinsmen Club, in a brief moment of irony Pasychny
stated, "Technically speaking we are dissolved as
continued from front and we simply don't have money to cover any because the club doesn't have the money to operate we were sent a certificate of dissolution." But he
continued from front potential losses," said Pasychny. it," said Pasychny. "The league money has gone to added, "We have to get together next week and Must stay on page 2
continued from front Costs to run the tournament, which attracted as the town this year." figure out what debts have to get paid and figure out
continued from front many as 272 teams in the past, were escalating year Other contributing factors to the decline over the the future of the club."
continued from front to year "Security costs us $22,000. Umpiring costs past few years includes the many new August long "We have lots of volunteers for the days of the
are $35,000 and bussing costs are nearly $10,000 weekend tournaments throughout the province and tournament. But it takes a toll on the two to five
—just to list a few," said Pasychny. "There is into B.C. "There were no big tournaments August members we typically have trying to organize a
liability insurance, permits, and a lot of the costs long weekend, we were the only one," said tournament this size. We just don't have enough As per Sue
smaller tournaments don't bother with. In a manner Pasychny. "Now there are tons everywhere, and big members," said Pasychny. "Jobs and family have a
of speaking, we became a victim of our own ones. Leduc, Pine Lake, and even Revelstoke that way of taking priority and there just aren't any new
success. It seemed everyone wanted a bigger piece has a 128 team tournament and they are closer to volunteers stepping up.”
of the pie." (SEE RELATED COLUMN PAGE 6)

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