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continued from front PAGE 2 MONDAY AUGUST 8, 2016 THE WEEKLY ANCHOR
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continued from front Concerns raised with Caribou Range Plan
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continued from front recommendations on a caribou facility is estimated at $60 million
protection strategy in the province. alone". That's a lot of taxpayers'
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A key highlight of the Little money to save 67 caribou," says
Smoky and A La Peche Caribou Stelter.
Range Plan includes increasing the "I believe this figure to be way too
fragile boreal caribou population, low. Once started, the province will
and reducing reliance on wolf likely spend over $1 million
control, through a caribou-rearing taxpayer dollars per caribou -and at
facility that will enclose 100 square the end of the day it won't work,"
kilometres of forest. says Rick. "How can that be
Rick Stelter, local taxidermist, and justified in today's economy with
President of the Edson chapter of thousands of Albertans struggling to
the Alberta Trappers Association make ends meet?"
says, "The plan to fence off 100 Stelter suggests instead of
square kilometres for the caribou to spending millions to poison wolves
live in won't work. Who do you and killing thousands of non-target
think will be waiting at the gate wildlife, for government to work
when they release caribou every so with local trappers to humanely and
often? Bears and wolves have effectively target wolves. "In the
successfully dug under high wire past, government has said trappers
fences -even when predator could not harvest the same number
proofed." of wolves that were poisoned
The plan calls for the continuation annually. Last winter, the Edson
of the wolf cull in the area, which local of the Alberta Trappers
has been going on since 2005. Association have humanely taken
Controversial helicopter shooting more wolves than the poison
and poisoning have been the program has averaged, and without
methods chosen as the most shooting bait animals from choppers
effective. or poisoning non-target wildlife."
While Stelter says the presentation In addition, Stelter says spending
of the plan at a recent Yellowhead millions on seismic line restoration
County meeting was informative, is not necessary, "Restrict ATV and
some interesting facts were left out. commercial travel on these lines and
"While it is true the province has they will naturally reclaim
poisoned more than 1000 wolves themselves in three to five years."
over the last nine years -what was But until caribou recover, predators
left out is several hundred moose will have to be controlled.
and elk have been shot from "As anyone who spends time in Caribou in the open, feeding along a logged area.
choppers for bait for these poison the bush or lives outside of town
stations. And after nine years the knows, times have changed
caribou population has not dramatically in regards to cougar
significantly risen," says Rick. numbers. Remove the ridiculously
Concerns have been raised across low cougar quota. This quota was Sid's Safety
the province with using bait laced put in place many years ago when
with strychnine. The poisoned bait the cougar population was very
is consumed by, and kills, other low," says Rick. "I believe it's just a & Janitor al
animals -not only wolves. matter of time before someone is
Secondary deaths also occur when killed or seriously injured by a
other animals feed on the poisoned cougar." 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
wolf (and other poisoned animal) "Grizzly bear numbers will need Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
ANCHOR wildlife, including eagles and done with a limited hunt or a more
The eekly carcasses. to be controlled too -a very Email:
"Hundreds of birds and other
controversial subject. But it can be
Covering Edson and the Yellowhead County grizzly bears, have been poisoned as expensive live catch and move. Your one stop for
collateral damage," says Stelter.
However, in many cases the
circulation 5898!!
"The wolves have been unfairly grizzlies come back or travel till
blamed as the main caribou they end up in human conflict," says all your safety needs
DOWNTOWN BACK TO SCHOOL predator. The ever-increasing avoid creating large clear-cuts in the
"Logging should be planned to
grizzly bear and cougar populations
likely kill more caribou than
SALE! wolves," adds Rick. caribou's range, and work with the
"The cost of this program was left oil and gas industry to minimize
out. I quote Mr. Denhoff "The disturbance and reclaim areas back
DETAILS With Sidewalk and Back Alley program won't come cheaply. to caribou friendly landscapes.
Caribou need old forest growth to
Restoration of the seismic lines and
Issue Date: 1 Specials and Tables! establishment of the caribou raising live," concludes Stelter.
August 15, 2016
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Aug 9, 2016 AM

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DISPLAY AD July 25 to 31 saw 132 calls for service by the local RCMP detachment.

SALE The Edson retail merchants are organizing another Topping the list of calls was 17 Traffic Complaints, 14 Alarms/False
exciting and entertaining spectacular featuring a
Alarms, and 11 Cause Disturbances.
FOR THIS back to school Sidewalk and Alley Sale and many Other calls included Animal Calls 3, Assault 8, Assistance Calls 8,
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Stolen Property 2, Suspicious Person or Vehicles 7, Theft Complaints 10,
advertising needs. Traffic Collisions 9, Trespassing 2 along with various other requests for
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