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Weyerhaeuser updates town on operations

by Adrienne Tait equivalent contractors permitting the process Dietsch spoke to the
a n d i s a m a j o r the application was recovering market
Weyerhaeuser Edson contributor to the local s u b m i t t e d o n place and current
manager Mike Dietsch economy. November 19. economic client. “The
presented town council Weyerhaeuser has T h e a p p l i c a t i o n housing market is not as
with an update on the applied to the province process is one that is strong as we like. It
m i l l ' s c u r r e n t t o r e n e w t h e i r repeated on a ten year was a quick decline and
operations, community E n v i r o n m e n t a l cycle, and provides we're slow getting out
s u p p o r t , a n d P r o t e c t i o n a n d A E S R D w i t h of it.”
e n v i r o n m e n t a l Enhancement Act e n v i r o n m e n t a l The Edson mill
monitoring. approval which would monitoring results, on managed to survive the
The OSB plant has allow for the mill to overview of current down turn when other
been operating in Edson operate for the next 10 operations, changes plants did not. The
since 1983 and has been years. that have occurred Canadian dollar helped
a Weyerhaeuser facility The current permit is s i n c e t h e l a s t mitigate some of the CUSTOM HOME DECOR
since 1989. set to expire in May of application, as well as loss and Dietsch said, AND FASHION
The plant employs 2015. In order to any planned projects “We anticipate 2015 to Marina Baudin
144 people as well as an ensure there are no for the next ten year be better than 2014.” Ph: 780-725-2004
addition 100 full time d e l a y s w i t h t h e cycle.

“Our Children’s Potential in is Our Hands”

Enrich their minds with music

Listen to music - Mary Had a Little Lamb and The Itsy Bitsy Spider or
Christmas songs, but there are so many more musical activities you can
play together to instill a love of music, they’ll carry with them throughout
their lives.

Hit the right note with fun music classes,
making your own musical instruments and
playing musical games. Preschoolers love the
one-on-one time and school-age children can
begin formal training to enhance their musical

Early Childhood Matters Community
Coalition, visit our Facebook page “Early
Weyerhaeuser Edson manager Mike Dietsch addressed town council Childhood Matters”.
during its regular council meeting on November 25 and provided a business
update as well as answered questions. Photo: Adrienne Tait


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