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Town moves ahead on facility project We specialize in protecting and maintaining
the appearance of your vehicles
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Oxidation, Paint Swirls, Rub Marksaint Swirls, Rub Marks
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determine what the representatives who sit representative from the houses, advertising, and SAVE $3
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community wants. It's on the working group senior's group. I want a public engagement Renew Your Rideour Ride
not going to be one will not be receiving young person – I might sessions.
Shinetech Power Polishingower Polishing
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Vehicles, Boats, R.V.’sehicles, Boats, R.V.’s
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group.” I want a determined who or how public input but will not received, regional CALL FOR DET
representative from the m e m b e r s o f t h e be relying on surveys or shareholders consulted,
senior's group. I want a working group will be mail outs to determine and proper business
young person – I might determined just that a t h e c o m m u n i t y plan in place the town 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
continued from front w a n t t w o y o u n g cross section of people response. Instead the will then move forward
people.” is desired. “I mean it group will concentrate with a specific project. Address: #101, 330 45 St, 780-723-5353
continued from front Phone:(780) 712-4272 Like us on
continued from front We specialize in protecting and maintaining

continued from front the appearance of your vehicles


Stop paint chips with Xpel Films Deadline for ads is Tuesday, 5p.m.
Computer Generated Kits for the following week.

to Fit most vehicles.


5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
You can pick up a copy of the Weekly AnchorYou can pick up a copy of the Weekly Anchor Crews were out clearing snow the morning of Nov. 27 after heavy snowfalls
at the following locations:at the following locations: hit the area. Heavy snowfall warnings were in effect along with a travel Like us on
advisory with 20-30 cm of snow expected over two days. Photo Adrienne Tait

Entwistle: Entwistle:
Lighthouse Restaurant Lighthouse Restaurant
Entwistle store Entwistle store
We specialize in protecting and maintaining
Evansburg: Evansburg:
EDSON: EDSON: Evansburg Post Office Evansburg Post Office the appearance of your vehicles
Super A Foods Super A Foods
Edson Post Edson Post
Office Box Office Box Niton Junction: Niton Junction: * Shine Tech Shine Paint Protection
Husky Husky Niton Motel Niton Motel * Sprayless scratch repair from $49.00 KROWN
Petro Canada Store
Independent Grocer Independent Grocer Petro Canada Store RUST
Shoppers Shoppers * Xpel Rockguard
Sobeys Sobeys Wildwood: Wildwood: * Detailing packages - priced from $79.00 PROTECTION
Tags North Tags North Wildwood Post Office Wildwood Post Office
Wildwood Confectionery Wildwood Confectionery AND MORE!

5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
780-723-5353 Like us on
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