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Carrot Creek 4-H Club News: Club begins a new year

by Cameron Coady and Tristan Witschen: Club Reporters District Events (by Tristan Witschen) there to give out awards for the last 4-H year, 2016 –
Weigh In: When? At 1:00 on November 1, 2017. 2017. Who? Everyone in the District 4-H clubs,
Club Start Up (by Cameron Coady) Why? So everyone with a steer project could enter except for the ones that couldn't make it. Where? It
It is that time of year again when the Carrot Creek into the 4-H year. Who? Everyone in the district happened at the Niton Hall. What happened? They
4-H Club starts. The Club has new executive, new with a 4-H Steer was there. Where? Titan Land & had awards, a tug a war, karaoke, there were 100
members and new steers. Let me introduce you to Cattle Feedlot. What happened? They weighed all cupcakes to celebrate 100 years of 4-H and we
the new members: Hanna, Ty, and Brycen. the steers and got them vaccinated. collected 130 pairs of socks for the homeless.
This year there are 22 members in the Beef portion 4-H District Awards Night: When? It was at 6:00 This is just the beginning of our 4-H year. We will
of the club and six Cleaver Members. The Beef pm on November 19, 2017. Why? Everyone was have lots of work and news to report through out the
Leader is Zane Davis, General Leader is Cheryl year.
DeLeeuw, and the Cleaver Leader is Carolyn Coady.
The members voted in a new executive: Colson
Davis President, Kaitlyn Coady Vice-President,
Alexis DeLeeuw Treasurer, Tailyn Davis Secretary.
The Club Reports are Cameron Coady and Tristan
Witschen. The club also voted on a new banner
At the beginning of the year we had an ultrasound
clinic at our Leader Cheryl DeLeeuw's house. We
got to see inside a pregnant cow with an expensive
tool. Veterinarian Anne Rogers said, “This tool
sends sound waves” which let you see inside the
pregnant cow's belly. The waves send a picture to During the Yellowhead District 4-H Awards Night on Nov 19 at Niton Hall, the Carrot Creek 4-H Club supplied over 100 cupcakes
an iPad, but the picture is made up of white lines to celebrate 100 years of 4-H in Alberta. Members also collected over 100 pairs of socks to donate to the homeless.
and dots so it is hard to tell that it is a baby calf, but
it is. It was a cool clinic.
We made a list
We made a list

and checked it twice ...

Misadventures and checked it twice ...

You're invited
Parkland Lodge... You're invited

'cause you're so nice!
Hi everybody and welcome back to another article
in Micah's Misadventures. Today I'm going to talk
about the wonderful time I had volunteering at the 'cause you're so nice!
Parkland Seniors Lodge. On Saturday, December 2
there was a tea and bake sale with silent auction at
the Lodge, and hope you like this article about my
time there. DATE
It all started when my teacher stood up in class
and announced the following: “We need volunteers
Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
for the Parkland Lodge's tea and bake sale. Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
Normally H.R.H. would be volunteering but they
are working on the play.” A lot of kids put their
TIME: 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.
hand up, but only a few were chosen, including
myself. Our teacher sent us over to the office to call TIME: 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.
our parents to see if we were allowed. I called my
step-dad and when I told him the details he said he
would work it out so I could go. The others who
volunteered with me were Peyton, Colby, and
The next day at 1:30 pm I pulled up to the old PLACE
Edson hospital, which the seniors have taken over
while the lodge is getting renovations. I noticed
The Edson Recycling Depot
Colby walking on the sidewalk and so we went in The Edson Recycling Depot
together. A nice man (I didn't get his name) was
waiting for us in the lobby. We looked at his paper
(5237 1st Avenue)
and noticed Peyton and Danika were already there.
The man showed us to the bake sale where my first (5237 1st Avenue)
job began. I was to bag the items people wanted and
Free Draws, Goodies,
tell them how much it cost. I served about ten
people. Free Draws, Goodies,
After a while the customers stopped coming and
then I helped put away tables. The cashier offered
Coffee etc.
us a bake sale treat for free. Colby and I tried to say Coffee etc.
no, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. I let
Colby decide and he chose one of the most
delicious chocolates you could ever imagine.
We decided to take a break and get some tea. We will sort your recycling
When we got to the area where tea was being
served, we met up with Peyton and Danika. We
decided to switch jobs so my second job began.
Westhaven Choir: 12:00-12:30 pm
I was to go to tables and collect people's garbage, Westhaven Choir: 12:00-12:30 pm
fill up their cups, and take the dirty dishes away to
be cleaned. I switched with Peyton and went to help
count up the bake sale money. I don't remember the
exact amount.
At three o'clock, we had to go around and flip
over the silent auction sheets and collect all the
pens. Then the man gave us goodie bags and Peyton
and Danika's mothers took pictures of us. I opened
up the goodie bag to find an Edson shirt pin and a
bag full of chocolate Christmas coins.
I had a really great time volunteering. Until next
Brought to you by “The Edson & District Recycling
time....Bye! P.S. - Thank you Colby, Danika and Brought to you by “The Edson & District Recycling Society”Society”
Peyton for helping out as well!
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