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Town passes interim operating and capital budgets

by Adrienne Tait maintenance, parks and trails, planned vehicle revenue sharing agreement from the Yellowhead
and equipment replacements, and water well County is expected to be transferred into reserves
Town council approved both the 2017 capital exploration. in its entirety.
and operating interim budgets on December 6. New projects proposed for 2017 include a fire Councillor Wilkinson said the 3% CUPE wage
The final budget will not be approved until training structure for the local fire department, increase is, “As it was agreed upon. We are
spring when both the Evergreen's and school Unit 602 replacement for the fire department, honoring our contract commitments.”
Blind View requisitions are known. self-contained breathing apparatus sets for the While all of the councillors spoke in favour of
Window Fashions Highlights of the capital budget include fire department, and entrance signs. the budget, Councillors Boyce and Gomuwka
ongoing projects such as a “minor administrative The interim operating budget calls for a 0% tax both expressed concerns regarding the 0% wage
project” for the Westend sewer line, the increase, 0% wage increase for management and increase for management and out-of-scope
previously announced waste water treatment out-of-scope employees, a 3% wage increase for employees. Councillor Boyce said, “I think the
plant upgrade, and Hillendale park. CUPE employees as per their current collective way it is presently set up is unfair, unwise, and
Custom Window Treatments Some of the ongoing annual capital projects bargaining agreement, an increase in dental and sends the wrong message. I am sure we can
since 1988 that have been approved for 2017 include road extended health care benefits of 9%, and the come up with enough to treat our non-
representative people fairly.”
Councillor Wilkinson said, “I think it is the
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember Evansburg's Grand Trunk High honorable thing to do. It would be irresponsible
to take a big increase at this time.”
780.542.0898 Councillor Chouinard said with the current
School plans for Holiday season economic situation a zero per cent increase
makes sense, “Everywhere around us people are
blind view The month of November has flown by and it's available at the schools during the tournament. taking cutbacks and roll backs. There are
companies taking 10% and 20% roll backs.”
The Grand Trunk High School Student's Union
hard to believe we are into December already.
Any unforeseen or significant changes may be
We are looking forward to the holiday season has planned a long list of activities to celebrate the addressed prior to the mill rate being set in the
upcoming holiday season: Hot Chocolate and
window and the many activities that come with it. new year.
Grand Trunk High School started their annual Coffee Day, Winter Hat Day, Breakfast Day, Door
food drive on November 22 with a food donation Decorating, Red and Green Day, Cooke and Milk
fashions goal of at least 500lbs. The students and staff of the Day, Event Day, Ugly Sweater Day, Candy Grams, NORTH BILL MITCHELL
school will work together this year to see if we can Pajama Day, and Movie Day.
All the activities are a part of a theme put
surpass our previous year's food donations.
December also sees the beginning of the together by the students' union to help to bring
basketball season. The senior teams will play their holiday festivities to Grand Trunk High School.
opening tournament here at home on December 2 Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
and 3 with games being played at both Grand Correction: Dec 5, 2016 issue "Town proposes zero 26124 TWP Road 531A
Acheson, AB T7X 5A1
January 4, January 25 Trunk High School and Wildwood School. Games increase in budget" — A sentence in the story read:
will start at 12pm at Grand Trunk with the Senior
Councillor Wilkinson noted that as the collective
High Teddies Girls' team playing against Onoway.
The boys will kick off their tournament at Grand bargaining agreement has not been reached... (It
should have read: Councillor Wilkinson noted that in
February 15 Trunk with a game against Onoway at 1:40 p.m. future collective bargaining agreement negotiations...) Toll Free 1-800-252-7500
To clarify, a collective agreement is in place. Our
Information for all other games and times will be
apologies for the confusion.
Phone: 780-453-3452 Cell: 780-984-2224
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