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Red Scarf Vigil in Centennial Park

by Deanna Mitchener "Our Prevention and Engagement
Coordinator, Stacy Dickerson does
December 1st was National World presentations at the schools in the
AIDS Day with a Red Scarf Vigil region. We serve Jasper, Hinton,
taking place in Centennial Park in Edson, Whitecourt, and into
Edson from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Yellowhead County," said Phillips.
Executive Director of HIV West Dickerson's presentations range from
Yellowhead, Lori Phillips, said, "This HIV 101, sexually transmitted
is the third time we have done the diseases, to safety on the web, and
Red Scarf Vigil here in Edson. It is an diversity.
opportunity for people to come Phillips said, "We also do a needle
together and remember the people exchange in all four communities.
they have lost to AIDS." The day Not just needles, but any of the drug
also celebrates the successful paraphernalia" explaining that disease
reduction of AIDS in many parts of can be spread from even reusing a
the world, although it is still very tourniquet.
prevalent in many areas. "We have an outreach worker [Lisa
"We provide scarf's to everyone that Schwing] in Edson every Wednesday
comes out and they are able to keep at the Provincial Building from noon
them. We hope everyone that comes until 2 p.m. The outreach number that Stacy Dickerson, Lisa Schwing, and Lori Phillips with HIV West
will be a little warmer," said Phillips. people can call or text is 780-712- Yellowhead held a Red Scarf Vigil on December 1st in Centennial
"This year we even brought mittens, 2509. We also do the take home Park. photo Deanna Mitchener
toques, and thermal socks that people Naloxone program. Naloxone is the
can take home." They also brought drug used to reverse Fentanyl
some food and hot chocolate. overdose," said Phillips.
Purses and backpacks campaign

begins for those in need

Many thanks to Dave Gauthier
by Mikaela Kuefler Many thanks to Dave Gauthier
for his $500 Repsol
for his $500 Repsol
employee donation.
The Purses and Backpacks campaign is taking employee donation.
place again to try and collect at least 150 to donate
Edson Senior’s
to those in need by December 14. Edson Senior’s
Transportation Society
Organizer Lana Kirtley said, “We're hoping to get Transportation Society
a few more backpacks this year because there will
be men needing them. It's been a tough year in the
community for economics.”
People can fill gently used purses and backpacks
with hygiene items, socks, note pads, mittens, lip
balm, skin cream, etc. The backpacks could also
contain antiperspirant and cologne. “Things to help
a little with self esteem,” said Kirtley. The bags
can be built individually or by a group. Kirtley also
asks that all bags be closable so the contents don't
spill out.
“If you were homeless, what kinds of things Edson Senior’s
would you want in your bag?” said Kirtley. Transportation Society
Last year, purses were dispersed to women Lana Kirtley demonstrates one of the purses
shelters in the Yellowhead region, the Jasper donated for the purses and backpacks sends out a warm thank
Women's Shelter, the Youth Shelter (Edmonton), campaign for people in need.
the Salvation Army (Whitecourt and Edmonton), you to the Gauthier
the Bread of Life, and Reflections. “I was really
pleased with the results last year. The people who family for their $270
received the bags were extremely grateful,” said capability in Edson,” said Kirtley.
Kirtley. The program was started last year. “I saw the donation from the
The campaign donates the bags outside of Edson idea last year and it spoke to me. I couldn't pass it
because “in this community, our homeless are very by and it kept coming back to me. It was my 'self' proceeds of the “Sophie
much less visible than they are in large cities. indication telling me that I couldn't drop it. I
Maybe it's because our shelters are not within this needed to carry out this process,” said Kirtley. Gauthier Memorial Dart
community. There are also homeless from Edson Anyone who wants to donate a purse or backpack
who travel to the city because there are services can drop it off at Century 21, the Funky Fork, or In Tournament.”
there to help them since we don't have that kind of Your Drawers.
Tree Trimming Party at library a ‘Christmas Extravaganza’

by Mikaela Kuefler Crafts ranged from ribbon and really grown over the last five. We've We've promoted the crafts and have
button trees to card making. People taken the small event and turned it been bringing Santa in. It's been
The Edson Public Library held their could also indulge in snacks and into a 'Christmas Extravaganza'. great,” said librarian Trish Thurner.
annual Tree Trimming Party on beverages and have their picture
December 3. Families were invited to taken with Santa. DOGGED BY BAD CREDIT? I CAN HELP!!!
make crafts to hang on the Christmas “The library has been hosting the
tree in the lobby or at home. party for over ten years but it has Bad Credit?
No Credit? Friendly
Divorce? &
No Cosigner? Confidential
Pay Cut?
Lower Your Interest?

I specialize in helping good people
with bad credit.
I have the car you want
and the credit you deserve.

photo Mikaela Kuefler Call/Text Dave Today

Families attending the Edson Public Library's Tree Trimming Party 780-723-8167
had fun making crafts to decorate the tree in the lobby on December 3.
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