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Edson Ice wins in shoot-out

The Weekly ANCHOR during back-to-back games

and games when people are working. This is a working
by Mikaela Kuefler
man's league. We can't get everyone out all the time. A played with each other before,” said Demerais.
During practices, Edson Ice is focussing on their
On December 4 and 5 the Edson Ice played back-to- lot of times, we're updating players while they're on the defensive play as Demerais stated that defensive
back hockey games at Talisman Place. They played the road or in the dressing room because we need everyone mistakes are hurting the club.

Drayton Valley Wildcats on December 4 winning 5-6. on the same page,” said Demerais. To date, Edson is in fourth place in the Senior AA
Currently, Drayton Valley is in fifth place in the Senior Demerais noted that Drayton Valley plays at about the Hockey, southern standings with two wins and seven
AA hockey, southern standings. same level as Edson and that Bonnyville is a really good losses. Next home game is January 9 at 8 pm, Edson
During the first period, Edson had a slow start and team. “They're fast. You can tell those players have versus Daysland, and January 10 at 3:30 pm, Edson
Drayton Valley was in the lead 3-1. By the second versus Morinville, at Talisman Place.
period, Edson came back and tied up the score, 4-4. The
score remained the same until later in the third period
when Drayton Valley scored, making the score 5-4.
With a minute and a half left in the game, Edson pulled
their goalie, enabling the team to have 6 players on the
offensive side. Edson scored and tied up the game again
5-5 with about a half minute to go. After time ran out,
the game went into overtime. Both teams placed a lot of
effort trying to score the winning goal but none
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR succeeded. Shootouts ended this intense game as Edson

succeeded in scoring with most of their shots, while
Drayton Valley scored one goal.
The Next night, December 5, Edson Ice played the
Custom T-Shirts! Bonnyville Senior Pontiacs and lost 14-0. Currently,
Bonnyville is in first place in the Senior AA Hockey,
northern standings.
Edson suffered an 8-0 blow during the first period and
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discounts available leading lead by 11-0, and then 14-0 in the third.
After the game, Edson Ice coach, Brent Demerais
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? stated that it's difficult to do well unless all the players
are present for games and practices. He's had to place
some players in different roles since the team had a
couple of players absent due to injury and personal Zachary Thompson (8), from the Edson Ice, shoots the puck at the Drayton Valley Wildcats’ goalie.
obligations. “It's hard to get everyone out to practices Edson wins the December 4 game 5-6 after shootouts, at Talisman Place. photo Mikaela Kuefler.
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BORN Orcas at swim meet
GOLF submitted Edson Orcas now veteran swimmers,

though are still very
On the weekend of
young, Tavian Johnson,
attended the
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE December 5 and 6 the ‘Cookie A b b y K e n n e d y ,
Edson Orcas went to
Katherine Vick, Rory
Ponoka for there annual
Kwantes, Camryn
Classic’ in
swim meet called the Ponoka and Leslie, Jarrett Schwitz
G a r d eners Cookie Classic. the club ate and Ella and Jacob
It gets it's name as the
Wolfe had a great meet
coach of the Ponoka a lot of bringing home medals
CEREAL team's dad used to be a cookies and a ton of ribbons.
baker and he still loves
There were also some
KILLER!! ESCAPED cooking, so the week of the older swimmers
before he cooks 65
attending and those
dozen cookies for the
swimmers if they swam wonderfully and results were very good
as well. Kaleb Johnson
what they have learned
Spread the Best Dirt achieve a best time. in practice over the short took off an amazing 48
Well the coaching two months of training seconds in total in his six
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 staff of the Orcas was impressive. s w i m s . T h o m a s
commented that the Some of the young Pennings and Josina
twenty eight swimmers stars of the meet were Kennedy swam great
from our club ate a lot of Maddox Bittner, Kyra the whole meet but in
cookies. Broderson, Breanna and the coaches eyes the best
It was the first swim Stevie Kwantes, Eamon was when they qualified
meet ever for over half and Pax Sellar Voll, for provincials in 200
the swimmers that made James Calder, and Kyle IM and 400 free.
the trip to Ponoka so Dickson. The weather was great
there were some steep T h e y o u n g e s t to travel and the cookies
learning curves for swimmers that did a were fantastic at the
those swimmers. The fantastic job for being 6 meet so in all it was a
starts, referee, finishes and 7 years old were great weekend for the
and of course racing had Reyna Katzer and Zoey O r c a s . N e x t u p
to be learned very fast. LaPierre as the strokes December 11 to the 13
The Orcas had quite a are coming along nicely five swimmers qualified
few eight and under commented Emma for the big meet in
swimmers but they Kennedy. Some of the Edmonton.

Edson Recreational Dance held their annual Christmas concert December 7 at
the Edson Recreation Complex. Price of admission was a non-perishable food
item. Pictured are several young dance members with the food donations.
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