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Dear Santa, my name is Jayden, I am 7 Dear Santa, my name is Megan, I am
years old. I love playing at school. For 8. My school is A.H. Dakin, my grade
Christmas I want an Xbox please. How old is Dear Santa, There are a few things I is 3. I am a Beanie Boo's collector. For
your oldest reindeer? How did you become want for Christmas this year but first I Christmas could I please have some My
Santa? Why do you like cookies so much? have a question for you. Why do you eat Little Pony's please and could I please
where do the elves that have kids live? What so many cookies? Don't you get a belly have a puppy that is perfect for the
is Mrs. Claus' first name? Do the reindeer ache? I mean I would. Ok! Now I'll tell house. How old are you? Do the
talk? you what I want for Christmas. I was reindeer talk? Where would you go on
Jayden Kenndey hoping to get some clothes that have a holiday? How many elves do you
really neat design on it. Oh I was also have?
hoping you could bring me some
Chocolate cookies that have mint inside.
Thank you so much.
Yours truly, Avery Debruyne

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like
Dear Santa, For Christmas. I have a pet. Not just any pet a puppy! A baby
questions for you. Do your Elves make puppy. I have always wanted a puppy.
all the toys that children ask for? I want Cute, small, a pretty little puppy. By the
a mini Ipad and books. My mom will try way now I am going to tell about what's
to give you cookies. You are a good man happening in my life. Well nothing
Santa. And I also want beats. Thank really exciting is happening. Now I am
you. Dear Santa, my name is Marissa and I go already 8 years old. Guess what else?
Yours truly, Taya Gargus to A.H. Dakin. My age is 8. I want a kitten This year we have lockers at school.
and a bein-boo named Magic. Why do you This will be the best Christmas ever!
like cookies so much? How did you get Merry Christmas!
your first name? Do the girl reindeer have Yours truly, Ivy Peng
magical powers. Is plain milk or chocolate
milk your favorite? How did you become

Dear Santa, I have been Dear Santa, I want a Dear Santa, I have been very
very good this year and some Xbox360 please. Could you good this year and some
things I would love for bring me some games and things I would love for
Christmas are Spiderman kit four controllers so my friends Christmas are a toy farmer
with camera, binoculars, could play. My family would and a farm and animals for the
telescope. Love from Tavin like to have a hdmi tv. farm. Love form Piper
Carter Gladue
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