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Vocal Variations perform

at annual

Christmas concert

by Cindy Weisser Vocal Variations has bass Denis Baudin, Ron
spent months practicing DeLeeuw, Desmond
On Sunday, December with Crystal Handford as Kilgannon and Wayne
7 at the Christmas c h o i r d i r e c t o r , McEachern. A few of
Reformed Church, accompanied by pianists the songs included
Edson Vocal Variations Cindy Weisser and Liz drummer Gary Kuefler
held their 8 annual Dyck. and the children's choir
Christmas concert. C h o i r m e m b e r s from Sacred Heart
The night began with included sopranos C h i l d r e n ' s C h o i r,
the choir walking in by Pauline Baudin, Sandy directed by Eva Kuefler,
candlelight singing Moore, Nola Preville, joined the choir singing
“Silent Night” and then J u s t i n e S a u l n i e r, “Peace Child.”
invited the crowd to Michelle Saulnier, Holly T o e n d t h e
s t a n d a n d s i n g Sieben and Sonia performance the choir
“O'Canada”. There was Waldie; altos Nicole exited singing “We Wish
also a community sing Bethge, Ester Franson, You A Merry Christmas”
where the audience Eva Kuefler, Charl a n d g r e e t e d a n d
joined the choir in MacPherson and Gail St. audience.
singing Christmas Pierre; tenors Peter
carols. Ganter and Eva Kuefler;

Photo Deanna Mitchener

Members of Vocal Variations entered
holding candles and singing “Silent Night.”

Photo Deanna Mitchener

During a few selections, Gary Kuefler accompanied the choir on drums.
Playing piano is Liz Dyck. Inset photo is pianist Cindy Weisser.

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