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Lodge Expansion fundraising team updates Town Council

by Dana McArthur

Ivan Strang and Bonnie Pillage from the
Parkland Lodge Expansion fundraising team
gave an update to Town Council at the
Committee of the Whole meeting on December
The presentation was to provide Council
members with an overview of what the team
hopes to accomplish with help from the
Strang gave a historical outline of the
expansion project. "In 1950 we had 37 units
Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence• for seniors and their rooms we only 208 square
Permanent Resident•Photos & more feet. In 1992 we had an addition to the west

end of the building with 18 new units. On
DROP IN AND SEE! March 19th of 2015 the federal and provincial
governments announced their support for the
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson expansion of the Lodge. On January 6, 2017
the Evergreens Foundation board along with
blind view 780-723-5787 the architect had a meeting with lodge
residents and families and then an Open
House, stating that the Lodge residents would
The Weekly Anchor
window fashions be back home by Christmas of 2018." Edson Funeral Home
The new Parkland Lodge facility is now
expected to re-open in August of 2019.
Bonnie Pillage gave an update of what is FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH
2017 Ads currently happening with the Lodge, "I guess Ivan Strang and Bonnie Pillage from the Parkland Lodge Expansion fundraising team gave Must stay on page 7
our seniors won't be moving back in for 2018."
The plans call for keeping the 18 newer suites
on the west end of the building and adding 84 a presentation to Town Council on December 12. photo Dana McArthur As per Sue
new suites for a total 102 suites, explained
Pillage. The lodge will be able to needs to raise $250,000 to furnish the common person(s) or organization." Donations over $20 On right hand side
accommodate up to 110 residents.
would receive a charitable tax receipt.
areas of the new lodge, including tables and
October 23 residents in the old hospital and we have 42 on the larger facility. deadline for donations. Strang responded, "We of the page
Mayor Kevin Zahara asked if there was a
Strang stated, "We now have 67 Lodge
chairs, to accommodate the extra residents in
the waiting list." Strang asked council to Pillage added, "Any donations of $5000 or will be working right up to the move in date to
November 13 "kindly help spread the word" that the team more would have a room named after that meet our goal.”

December 4, 25

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